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Nicole had a white towel across her chest as she walked out of the bathroom after having a much-needed shower.

She threw her towel aside, making her stark nude. A habit, Trinity had warned her against severally, considering the fact she had grown up brothers.

Still basking in her nudity, Jake barged into her room without knocking, as usual.

"Fuck" He groaned, using his hands to cover his eyes.

Nicole let out an ear-splitting scream as she hurriedly covered herself with her towel. Jake had to place his fingers into his ears when Nicole wouldn stop screaming like one whos possessed.

Jace came first before Trinity. They met Jake at the entrance with his fingers still in his ears.

"What happened?" Trinity asked. She was looking worried. Jake didn reply, rather he nodded towards her room.

"Nic what happened?" Jace asked, crouching beside her. She was fully dressed then.

"Talk to me Nic" He groaned

"He saw me nude" she cried. Trinity exchanged glances with Jace then turned back to Nicole.

"Who saw you nude?" She asked.

Jace had already formed a fist in readiness to bash the intruders face.

"Jake of course. He barged into my room as usual. Ive told him several times to knock on my door then wait for my response before he comes into my room, but he wouldn listen. Now he saw me stark naked" she groaned.

"Why are you smiling?" She glared at Jace. The smile on his face disappeared that moment.

"Im sorry" he mumbled. He had loosened his fists the moment he learned it was Jake.

Jake knocked on her door this time around, which she refused to answer to. He knocked for the second time, still no response, so he turned the knob.

"Whats the need of knocking when you wouldn let me in?" He scoffed.

"Get out this moment" Nicole screamed. She grabbed her pillow, then threw it at him.

"Just apologize and let this lie low" Trinity said

"I don see why shes pissed. Whats it that she have that other girls don ? Moreover, I didn try anything. I just caught a glimpse" he smirked.

Trinity turned to Nicole then said, "Jakes always naughty, please forgive him"

"For your sake though" she was still glaring at Jake.

Trinity left in the company of Jace leaving both of them to settle their difference.

"What do you want?" She scowled.

"Chill dude. I didn mean to see you..." He left his words hanging, seeing the large scowl on her face.

"Okay fine. Ill change".

"What do you want?" Nicole snapped. She wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible.

"I need a dress for Tori"

"Ask her to come over" she snorted. Jake nodded, he was heading towards the door when she called out to him.

"I ban you from entering my room until you learn how to use your knuckles on my door"

He chuckled in response. Nicole can be childish if she wanted to, but she was his sweet little badass.

It was past noon, yet Tori hadn had anything since the previous day. Her tummy was growling in protest, but she was lost on how to approach Jake.

She was staring into space while Jake issued commands to his secretary at the hotel.

When he was done, he turned towards her direction. Her brow was knotted as she twisted her fingers.

"I guess you

e hungry" he smirked. It was as if he gave her the permission to rant.

"Why won I when you aim at starving me to death" she scowled.

Jake fixed his gaze on her 53" frame. She could fell his gaze hot on her skin, but she couldn see his eyes because of his hair, which acts like a mask.

"Lets go" he growled

Tori smiled inwardly, she was finally going to feed her protesting worms.

Jake drove past several eateries. He never thought to pull up in one. She was about to question him when he pulled up in the garage of a Shopping Mall.

"This way" he snorted

Tori had to follow him, else she was going to get lost. She hadn been to that part of the city before.

The lady at the counter was all smiles when Jake walked in. Tori thought her smile was not sincere when she barely saw her teeth.

"What can I do for you today?" She asked.

Jake pulled Tori to the counter with a smile, he said, "Any recommendation where Ill find good clothing for her?"

"Of course. Excuse me" she punched some numbers on the telephone. When it connected, she had a quick conversation with the person at the other end.

"Please exercise a little patience, the sales manager will be here any moment" she smiled at them.

Tori felt her intestines forming a knot. All she needed was food at that moment, not clothes. When she couldn bear the pains anymore, she poked his sides.

"What?" He asked.

"Im hungry" she clutched her tummy to drive home her point.

Jake chose to ignore her, but that was a decision he regretted. Tori fell on her knees, then began to groan loudly. Her little drama attracted some people close by.

Jake had no choice but to take her to a nearby eatery. The moment a plate of steamy noodles was placed before her, she began to stuff her mouth.

"Stop eating like you

e starving" Jake growled at Tori who was still shoving noodles down her gullet. Her mouth was filled with food, so she couldn reply.

But when she swallowed, she replied, "As if thats not the fact" she scoffed then continued eating. Tori finished three plates of noodles before she was satisfied.

"Can we leave now?" Jake growled. They had spent almost an hour in the eatery.


When they returned to the mall, the lady at the counter had to call the sales manager for the second time. After which they were led to the teens section.

The next few hours were spent getting new clothes for Tori. Placing the clothes in the paper bag was not a welcomed idea, so Jake got a box where all her clothes were neatly folded for easy carriage.

"Thank you" Tori said as Jake placed the key in the ignition.

Jake looked her over, making her wonder if it was a crime to thank someone for the good he had done.

When he shifted his gaze back to the road, she scoffed then muttered under her breath "Jerk"

Jake chose to ignore her. He had better plans for her. He was going to deal with her for calling him names.

Having nothing to do and not wanting to be ignored, Tori dozed off. She only woke up when Jake stepped on the brake, causing her to bang her head on the dashboard.

"Ouch!" She groaned, grabbing her forehead.

"Next time, remember to fix your seat belt" he retorted, leaving her inside the car.

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