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The clocked chimed, indicating it was exactly midnight. The Hendrixs were now settled in their new apartment, but their mind were not.

Jake was in the confines of his room staring into space when his phone beeped, indicating he had a message.

Come alone


He was still staring at the screen of his phone when the clip popped on his screen.

He was barely halfway through the clip, when he threw his phone across the room, smashing it on the wall, thus breaking the silence that invaded the house.

Jace was the first to arrive at his room, followed by Nicole.

"What happened?" He asked, searching his face for a clue.

"Power sent a clip. He raped Tori" he scowled with a clenched fist.

"Thats horrible" Nicole gasped

"Only that? He didn tell you where to find him?"

Instead of answering Jace, he grabbed his car key, then bounced out of his room. Nicole made to go after him, but Jace held her back.

"Stay in, Ill go after him" he said.

She gave his hand a soft squeeze then forced a smile.

Jakes presence was announced with a gun battle alerting Power and Vince, his aide.

"Ask everyone to hold their fire. Then lead Jake to the hall. Ill be waiting for him there" Power smirked. Vince nodded, then left to do as he was told.

Power shifted his gaze towards Tori. She was awake and was coiled up at the end of the room, sobbing silently.

He was still staring at her when he heard Jakes baritone ringing through the hall.

Her eyes lit the moment she heard his voice. Without thinking twice, she dashed out of the room.

"Get the girl" Power yelled, cocking his gun.

Despite being non-athletic, Tori was able to outrun the guards who were up on her tail. But she couldn outrun Powers gun.

"Ja…" She filtered off when a bullet found its way into her shoulder. She rolled down the stairs while Power laughed at the scene before him.

Ignoring his laughter, Jake caught her before she could bang her head on the tiled floor.

"Help me! I don want to die" she mumbled as he scooped her into his huge arms.

Toris skin was pale by then, and she was still losing blood rapidly.

In his bid to get Tori to the hospital as soon as possible, he didn see Power aiming at him.

"Not so fast" Jace smirked. He had his gun on the head of Powers son.

Hardin and Champion held the guards hostage while Nicole was brandishing her knife before his wifes eyes.

"Go" Jace said to Jake, tightening the grip on his trigger.

"Papa! Hes going to kill me" Powers son cried while his wife stared at him with a pleading eye.

Whatever Power was playing to do had to be placed on hold if he still valued his family.

"Tell my dad I love him" Tori gasped. She was breathing heavily, which scared the life out of Jake.

He had a hand on the wheel while the other grasped her hand that was almost cold.

"You gonna be fine, okay" he groaned trying to keep his attention on the road while speeding to the hospital.

Her heavy breathing were replaced with gasp before she finally passed out.

"Tori please… Not yet… Fuck!" He groaned. The car had run out of gas.

The only solution to the problem at hand was to call Jace to hurry, but he smashed his phone earlier.

His pulsating nerves calmed a bit when he discovered she still had a pulse. He scooped her into his arms, then began to head towards the hospital that was still far away.

He walked for over thirty minutes before Jace pulled up beside him. Without a word to him, Jace opened the passengers seat where he placed Tori.

It was past 3am by the time they got to the hospital. At first, the nurses on duty were sluggish. This got Jake angry. He grabbed one of them by the collar, then threw him across the wall.

The others didn need to be told what to do before they began to attend to her.

Hot tears kept streaming down her cheeks as she tried frantically to open her eyes. When she finally did, she sat up, resting her banging head on the soft pillow.

On the couch was no other person than Jake, who was sleeping soundly. Mark of tiredness were visible on his face.

Not wanting to disturb his rest despite her thirst to soothe her parched throat, she went back to sleep.

It was noon when she woke up, but she still had her eyes shut, so she could listen to the conversation Jake having with the doctor.

Immediately the doctor shut the door behind himself, she asked

"Am I pregnant?" This startled Jake, who had his back to her.

He had no reply to her question, so he walked up to her. Taking her hand in his, he gave it a soft squeeze.


e you feeling?" He asked.

"How do you expect me to feel when Im going to be a teen mother" she scoffed

"No one said you

e pregnant. You better stop…"

"You can say whatever you want just because you weren the one who was raped" she grabbed his shirt then began to yell, "Why did you bring me to the hospital? You would have allowed me to die with the child. Im not ready to be a mother yet"

"Calm down" he cooed. This angered Tori the more, because she began to hit his broad chest with all her might.

Tori spent the next few weeks in the hospital not because of her wound, but because she wanted the doctors pregnancy report.

Her heart sank when the door creaked opened and Jake walked in with an envelope.

"Whats the report?" She whispered.

"Positive" he scoffed, throwing the envelope at her.

Two large tears fell from her eyes that instant as she stared at the envelope lying inches away from her.

Jake ignored her all the while she was crying. He had his hands inside his pockets, staring at the environment through the window.

After what seems like an eternity, Tori picked up the envelope. She didn know what came over her, but she felt a great urge to see the result herself.

Storming towards Jake, she threw a punch at him, which he ducked.

"I hate you with every fiber of my being" she yelled at him.

She raised her hand to slap the smile off his face, but he caught her hand then spurned her that her back was to his broad chest.

"You look adorable when you cry" he cooed, biting her ear lobes.

Getting angry with him was no use. He was still going to find a way to earn her forgiveness.

"The thought of being a teen Mom is killing" she groaned in response

"I understand. I was glad seeing a negative result"

"Thank you for everything" she pouted.

"Pleasures mine" He took her hand leading her towards the door. It was time to return home.

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