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The loud music kept blaring from the speaker, some swayed to the beat while others sat round a table drinking and talking into the night.

Chance fell in the category of those discussing. He had a lit cigarette in between his fingers and a glass of Martini on the other hand. On his left sat Power, who was binge-drinking vodka.

There was a comfortable silence between the duo before Power decided to break the silence by turning towards Chance.

"You don have to relax" Power said.

Chance didn reply that instant, instead, he took a deep drag of his cigarette then released the smoke through his nostrils.

"He hasn made any move yet" he replied

"Thats because he has big plans, and we need to counter those plans before it materialize"

Pulling his chair closer to the table, he threw the cigarette stub into the ashtray. It was time for a serious talk.

"So, what do you suggest?" Chance asked with a serious tone.

Power pretended to think for a while, "Lets join forces with Donald. Remember, they aren in good terms after their last clash"

"Are you sure involving Donald is a nice idea?" Chance asked. He never liked the thought of working with Donald.

"Yea" Power affirmed. And that settles it.

It was the weekend and Jake was home with Tori and Nicole. Only workaholic Jace was at the Hotel.

While Nicole binged watched her favorite TV series, Jake sat opposite Tori while they played chess.

Engrossed with the game, Jake didn hear the sound, which sent cold shills down Nicoles spine.

"Jake" Nicole called almost in a whisper. He looked up at her, wondering why she was whispering all of a sudden.

Whoever was firing the shot didn let her talk before releasing another bullet into the air that shattered the glass in the living room.

Without thinking twice, Jake grabbed Tori by her wrist. He took her to his room, then made her sit on his bed.

"Stay here. Don leave whatsoever" he instructed panicking Tori.

"Chill! Youll be fine" he cooed, patting her head. Pushing his wardrobe aside, a door came into view, just like the one at Denver.

He spent a few minutes inside the room, loading his empty pistol with bullets.

"Be careful" she called after him, which he reciprocated with a little smile.

Tori died several times as the gun battle went on downstairs. She placed her fingers in her ears, but the noise was still defeaning.

"Oh Lord, please help Jake and Nicole" she mumbled countless times. Her eyes were tightly shut and hands clasped together as she kept muttering her prayers.

Suddenly, the gun battle stopped, making her take a deep breath of relief. It was past ten minutes after the last shot was fired, and Jake was nowhere to be found.

Her mind began to run wild. Thoughts of him or Nicole bleeding, badly injured or even dead clouded her mind.

Curious to find out what was going on, she unlocked the door then stepped out of his room. She had barely taken two footsteps before someone grabbed her wrist.

Tori gasped when she was greeted with a hard face. His gray eyes were icy and showed no emotion.

Acting on impulse, she did what she knew how to do best. Her screams were ear-splitting, which attracted Jake lurking outside the mansion.

He was searching frantically for Power, who invaded his home with Nicoles help.

"Thats Tori" he said to Nicole who nodded at once. He dashed into the house to find out what was going on, but it was too late since Power was gone and Tori was nowhere to be found.

"Shit!" He groaned, flopping on his bed. He shut his eyes tightly, trying to think of all Powers hideouts.

"You got to do something really fast or Tori corpse will be sent here" Nicole cried.

Of course, Nicole was right, but he was lost on what to do.

The moment Nicole hanged the call, Jace dismissed the meeting he was having with the departmental heads.

A journey of an hour took him just 45 minutes, or even less than to complete.

No one needed to tell him the situation of things when he got home.

Broken glasses, windows, bullets, torn draperies, those were enough to tell the whole story.

He hurried inside on seeing Nicole with no injury, he took a deep breath of relief.

"Wheres Jake? I hope hes not hurt?" He rapped. Nicole didn reply, she shrugged, wiping the corner of her eyes.

Without wasting time, he flew the stairs to his room. On arrival, Jake was staring hard at the floor.

His eyes were bloodshot. Jace only worry that moment was if he had been drinking.

Before dusk that day, all gangsters were in Jakes home after hearing about the attack.

Despite their presence, Jake refused to leave the confines of his room. He was brainstorming and at the same time hoping Power wouldn hurt Tori.

The City was already covered with a black blanket when he left his room to speak with his family.


e relocating" he said from the top of the stairs.

"Now! We need to leave as fast as we can" he added before returning to his room.

With the help of the gangsters, they were able to pack almost all their belongings within an hour.

The hired truck, they were expecting, arrived a few minutes later. Soon they were on the road, heading to their new apartment at the other end of the town.

Meanwhile, Power had taken Tori to his home. His guards took their positions from the gate down to the entrance of his home.

The sight of Powers guards, who were all huge, sent cold chills running down her spines.

Knowing fully well she wasn going to escape or even attempt to, he didn bind her with anything.

If not for the life threatening situation she found herself in, Tori would have gushed at the beauty his house was screaming.

"So, pretty girl" Power smirked while he played with her hair.

Irritated by his actions, she moved backwards then bumped into Vince, his aide.

"Please let me go. I swear I won tell anyone" she cried.

"Not even Jake?" Power smirked. His hand which held her face was now on her tank top.

Cold chills ran through her spine as she thought of what they were going to do to her clouded her young mind.

"Jake got good eyes. Come on, I won be… "Power left his words hanging when Tori slapped his hands off from her breast.

"Really?" He asked.

"Don you ever touch me again, pervert" she scoffed. The guards present exchanged glances before roaring into loud laughter.

Tori was scared when they stopped laughing at once and Power grabbed her wrist.

Pulling her close to himself, he tore her tank top before he started to kiss her roughly.

Having had enough, with the last strength she could muster, she pushed him away.

"Leave me alone" she cried, using the pieces of her tank top to cover her bare chest.

"I need a video of this" Power said to Vince who nodded in reply.

"Please don **** me. Ill do anything you say. I swear, please believe me… Please" she screamed as loud as her lungs could when Power penetrated, breaking her hymen in the process.

Satisfied with the girl, he ended his violation with a slap on her face.

She tried to sit up, but it was no use when Vince pushed her back in the floor to continue from where his boss had stopped.

The guards present all took their turns violating her, until she fainted.

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