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Brocks family had just finished having dinner when Jake walked in. No one needed to tell them who their visitor was.

Ignoring their stares, he sat on the couch nearby, then crossed his leg across the other.

He had his phone in his hand while he dialed someones number. He glanced over his shoulders, then let out a chuckle.


e still not coming?" Brock asked at the other end.

"Instead of coming for my mom, Ill rather keep your family company" Jake smirked, winking at Pearl who had been staring hard at him since he walked in.

"What the **?" Brock yelled. His hand was shaking as he tried desperately to keep his phone to his ear.

"The ** is if you touch my mom, all four will go down with her" he smirked. He was referring to his wife and three kids.

Brock signalled his henchmen to untie Trinity, which they did without wasting time.

"Done! Please leave my family alone" He barked.

"Not yet. You took my mom from my home, right? Take her back".

"Fuck you" Brock muttered under his breath. If care wasn taken, he was going to explode with anger.

Trinity was sitting on her favorite couch when Jake got home. Flanked on both sides were Tori and Nicole, who wore a worried look.

When he walked in, Nicole hurried towards him. Wrapping her hands round his waist, she moaned, "I was worried sick when you didn return on time".

"Like seriously?" He chuckled, causing her to pull away with a frown on her face.

"Stop that act, Jake. I do care about you" she scoffed.

"But Tori doesn " he winked at Tori who scowled back at him in return.

"I really don know the steam between you two, but its fun watching you guys. Reminds me of you growing up with Jace" Trinity chuckled at the thought.

Tori eyes lit up at the mention of his childhood. That was a story shell gladly pay dollars to hear every bit.

"I guess he was worse than this" She said, leaning close to listen to every drop.

"You can say that again. But he was protective over his brother despite their constant tussle".

Flopping beside her, he placed his hand round her neck, which she slapped off almost immediately.

"Don touch me" Tori scoffed, moving to join Trinity on the couch she sat on.

Later that evening, the twins sat in the balcony under the watchful eyes of the full moon.

"Man, mom needs to leave at once. She shouldn be used to settle our scores" Jace said, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"No" Jake snapped at once.

"But why? Look, I know you see it as cowardice, but its not cowardice Man"

Jake remained silent. In as much as he loved to go with Jace suggestion, he would rather not voice it out.

"Even if you don let mom leave, Ill call Grandpa and let him know about things over here" Jace threatened.

"Fine" he scoffed, trying hard not to roll his eyes.

Preparations for Trinitys return to Los Angeles began in full swing. By the weekend, she was set to leave.

The moment Jace alarm rang indicating the time was 4:00am,he hurried to his moms room.

Trinity was up and was stroking Jakes hair while he slept peacefully on her bed. She had cuddled him all night on his request.

Jake woke up when she planted a kiss on his forehead. It was time for her to leave.

"Will you stop saddling mom, her flight is set to leave by 6:30, its past 6 already" Nicole scowled at Jake.

"Take it easy on him, sis" Jace chuckled. Of course, it was hard letting go of someone you want to return to see each day.

"Whatever" she scoffed. Hands across her chest.

Tori thought she saw tears in his eyes when Jace pulled out of the garage, heading towards the airport.

Nicole confirmed what she saw when she hugged him, "Stop crying like a baby, okay. Moms not 6ft under the ground" she cooed, tapping his messy hair.

With Trinity out of the scene now, Jake was set to proceed on his next step of action.

Brock was the least of his priorities. He went for Alfred, who walked willingly into his territory several weeks ago.

He didn do that alone, neither with a member of the RATTLESNAKES, rather he used Tori to accomplish his mission instead.

Not suspecting anything, Tori dressed up according to Jakes instruction. Nicole helped her with a light makeup, then tied her hair up in a neat bun.


e smoking hot" Jace said with a little drama when she appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Thank you" she smiled shyly as Jace poked drooling Jake who couldn take his eyes off her.

"Lets go" he managed to say.

By the time she got to the garage, he was already behind the wheels. She shrugged before slipping into the seat next to him.

In as much as Tori wanted to respect his privacy, she kept to herself. The drive lasted for thirty minutes, after which Jake pulled up in front of a bar.

It was then it dawned to her that she was there for another operation. Her heart sank that instant.

Meanwhile, Alfred was already seated waiting for his blind date, which was no other person than Tori.

Unknown to her, Jake had arranged a blind date with an unsuspecting Alfred.

When he began to act all friendly, she knew Jake was up to something. She had no choice to play along, remembering her fathers life was at stake.

"You look more beautiful than the pictures you sent" he complimented.

Toris brain clicked. Drama mood activated! "Aww, thank you so much hunny" she grinned

Her eyes met with that of Jake, who was watching her from the top floor. She scowled at him, then fixed her gaze back to Alfred.

The bartender walked up to them with a tray containing two glasses of martini. He placed a glass in front of them before making his exit.

Alfred was a great talker, and this pissed Tori off. When he asked her to dance with him, she looked at Jake, who nodded.

"How did he know what he said?" She muttered under her breath.

They danced for a few minutes before Alfred began to cough. It was mild at first, then it worsened as seconds went by.

"Are you alright?" Tori asked when he began to cough out blood. She was panicking.

He didn answer, instead he began to gasp for breath. Tori screamed in fear, causing people to turn towards their direction.

When everyone had their attention on the dying man, Jake grabbed Tori by her wrist before throwing her over his shoulders.

"Put me down" she screamed, but it was no use.

He threw her into the passenger seat of his car before speeding off.

"Why are you like this?" Tori yelled, hot tears streamed down her smooth face, there by spoiling her makeup.

She kept talking and sobbing at the same time. Tired of her rant, Jake stepped on the brake. This made her to bang her head on the seat before her.

"Now, put on your seatbelt" he commanded. A command which she obeyed without making a fuse.

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