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Innocent Flame Chapter 3: I'm not a nerd

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"Y-yes, I mean Ive never seen you play before but still, Im a big fan" She chorused.

He raised his eyebrows, "youve never seen me play? You must be a nerd, well good talk, you can leave." He turned for his locker, took a towel, and started wiping his hair.

This was her chance, she couldn ruin it. She actually had a conversation with Luke. It had to be a good sign. She crossed her fingers behind her back. "No, Im not a nerd." She flatly lied. "Im good at sports too. I-I am really athletic."

He turned and gave her another body scan, she reflexively collected her hands together to her front on her hips, the action pinched her breasts together and made them look bigger even when she had a baggy sweater on. His eyes lingered on her chest for a few long seconds then went up toward her face. She was cute and beautiful. She was biting her plump pink lips from nervousness, and her eyes were filled with innocence in them though he wasn sure if it was just her act to seduce him. Part of her hair fell down as she had poorly committed to tying her hair in a messy bun, her eyebrows weren done but they fit perfectly with her cute eyes, and she had no makeup on, hence, though cute, she looked blunt for his type. Not her type at all. He needed to finish this conversation before his friends who were still showering found him with her. Shed stain his so-called good image. Not that he cared, but he did not like what he saw in front of him. The girl kept on speaking every time he tried to end the conversation. Normally he ignored these desperate girls, but how did this girl last this long? A second is all it took for him to dispose of whatever he did not like.

"You?" He instead asked. Crap Ive got to finish up with this chick, he thought.

"Mmm." She hummed.

"Okay." He said dismissively. He then sat on a stool next to his locker and got to his phone. Ana remained standing there awkwardly, This is my cue to leave, why am I still standing here? She thought.

"Do you still have something else to say?" He silently cursed himself for saying that loud.

Not the right time, but theres never gonna be a right time, I am going to tell him right now, Ive got this, she mentally told herself.

"Actually... I am not just a fan, I... know this is so sudden, you just learned my name today so its going to sound weird but... I really like you... I have been for a while..." She skipped the part where she had liked him for three years.


She heard a chuckle instead. She had been turning to face Luke the whole time he moved around during their conversation, her back now faced the wide bathroom entryway that was in the other room next to the locker room they were now in, so she did not realize the presence of someone behind her until he chuckled. She was startled by the sudden presence and panicked right away. She had mentally known how this confession would badly end but thought she could take it coming from him. But, never in her mind did she imagine she would take the humiliation in front of his friend. Wait.....friends. There were other people. She could now hear their voices, she was so caught up in her fantasies for Luke that she didn properly listen if there were other people. They were also coming. Oh no!

"Why is this not a surprise," he went on, "Luke, how do you make girls shamelessly throw themselves to you."

He walked closer to her, and she instinctively went for the door to leave the place but he grabbed her hand and put her between him and a wall.

"Wh-what are you doing?" She stammered.

"Aren you going to wait for his reply?" The blonde guy winked.

"I uh..."


e scaring her." Luke amusingly joined.

"Just helping you out man, I can bear to see you go through this every day." He then turned to her, "Ill need to approve you first, go suck his....well you know where... lets see how creative you can be." He nodded toward Luke.

Of course, she understood what he meant, though she did not see that coming.

"What?" Her mind froze for a moment and remained to stare at him.

"Caleb quit it." Said Luke.

"You know you love it."

What she feared the most was happening. A group of guys from the bathroom had joined and stood to enjoy the show, some snickered and obviously knew what was going on. She didn have to look at them to see their expressions, she was already embarrassed as it was. She just wanted to flee and perhaps never come back to school for a while.

"Not from her." Luke went on.

"You aren picky"

"I am, starting now" He stated while giving her a disgusting look.

It was so clear that he wanted nothing to do with her and she specifically wanted to do nothing with the sucking part either, this was a bad idea, so she turned to leave only to be stopped by Calebs hand. he grabbed her upper arm almost violently, it hurt

"ah, whats the hurry," he pressed on.

She bit her bottom lip to stop herself from feeling any emotions but her heart beat violently against her. This wasn happening. Think, think! She mentally screamed,

"I got his reply, Please let me go." She tried her luck.

"Ah, so you

e a quitter?" He mused on.

What is wrong with this guy? Is he having so much fun? What did she do to him anyways? She wondered. Luke just sat quietly as if everything going on there had nothing to do with him. He was busy scrolling on his phone.

"I doubt! After all, she is Ana, the genius of our class. I bet shell find a way to get Luke. Id be careful if I were him." Someone from the spectator joined in while walking toward them. He looked straight at Ana and smirked, "you never fail to surprise me, I especially liked todays surprise." It was Mark, a guy who always came second to Ana in class and he always hated her for it.

She didn know why but she stared at Luke apologetically who also stopped typing his phone and looked at her. In her mind, all she could think of, was, Im not a nerd.

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