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The sunlight outside the window fell on the old man through the dense branches of the yellow dragon tree.

There is a taste of inheritance in the dazzling brilliance!

After taking these two documents a month later, I wanted to refuse, but I saw the trusting and tired eyes of the old man.

After a month, he finally grabbed the two documents in his hands and said it like a promise.

"I will make the right decision after reading the two documents carefully."

Many of Huiyao's subordinates did not know the existence of Shouyuan Mouse, but only knew that the old man had solved the problem of Shouyuan.

But I don't know that the old man has obtained endless longevity because of the longevity rat.

As long as they are not attacked and killed by strong enemies, the old man will be an immortal existence like the Moon Empress!

However, fatigue is not directly related to the length of lifespan.

The old man paid too much for Huiyao in his life, and even signed a contract with Huiyao's Lumai core for Huiyao.

He bound his soul and body to the radiant continent forever.

Now, after a new person grows up, the old man really wants to take a break.

In addition, Hui Yao's patron saint has changed from an old man to Lin Yuan, and Lin Yuan's time is spent on the expedition of the dimensional world.

As Lin Yuan's master, he should take over the banner as a matter of course.

Tilinyuan is temporarily in charge of Huiyao's large and small affairs.

The two documents brought by Cicada Ming merely put the specific content discussed at the Royal Court Council into writing.

The response to the statement of the Azure Federation and the attitude of the Free Federation Mission had already been decided a month later.

Azure Federation's approach can no longer be described only by cooperation and deep relationship, but has given birth to a feeling of being attached to the Radiant Federation.

It seems that the rescue of the Azure Federation this time has allowed the Azure Federation to see the gap between itself and Huiyao.

Although he did not expressly state the Azure Federation on his own side, the Azure Federation still discovered the brilliance of the extraordinary.

Facing the statement of the Azure Federation, Hui Yao will naturally show an attitude towards friends.

But facing the mission of the Free Federation, Hui Yao has already made a decision.

Naturally, they would not use a good attitude to communicate with the mission of the Free Federation.

After some deliberation a month later, I decided to send Iron Prison instead!

As the saying goes, the wicked have their own grind.

The Iron Prison is a person who expresses his emotions on his face, and the mission of the Free Federation can intuitively express a glorious attitude.

At the same time, as the crown of glory, Iron Prison is not a fool.

When I received the Free Federation mission in Iron Prison, I would tell Iron Prison the plan.

Iron Prison just needs to go according to plan.

The most unsuitable thing to do in Iron Prison is negotiation, especially when the lions on their side are opening their mouths.

However, in the face of the current situation, the Free Federation has reached a state of collapse.

The Iron Prison said that the Free Federation must agree to it!

Otherwise, the Free Federation will lose the chance to be helped by Radiance.

The Azure Federation chose to make a statement based on Huiyao's decision, which made the Free Federation have to face the current endgame on its own once it rejected the request made by Iron Prison.

Chanming looked at Yuehou's hand holding the two documents for a while, and said softly.

"A month later, after I have compiled the information on the thirty-two big cities, I will also hand over the statistics to you."

After hearing the words, he nodded and said.

"Cicada Ming, go and summarize the situation of the city guards in the major cities, and I will put some resources into the city guards in each big city."

"Expand the number of city guards and subordinate legions to deal with all possible emergencies."

Speaking of something that suddenly came to mind after this month, he said in a solemn tone.

"The Free Federation came to us for help, indicating that it has completely broken with the tower code."

"I don't know why the Free Federation chose to break with its perennial partner, Ta Dian."

"But since the two sides have broken up, when we negotiate with the Free Federation, we must ask the Free Federation for the specific reasons."

After a month, Ta Dian's new crimson page strength has been told at the Royal Court Council to the other princes.

This makes all the crowned in a state of high tension even when they have obtained a lot of resources.

Cicada Ming and the old man all nodded in agreement with Yue Hou's proposal.

In the face of a powerful enemy like Ta Dian, who has been hiding in the dark for nearly a thousand years, there is no harm in knowing more about its specific situation.

After returning to Huiyue Hall after the month, he carefully read the information in the document in his hand twice.

Then he called Chef Zun and Zhu Jun to Huiyue Hall.

After a month, I plan to let Chef Zun take the mission of the Glory Federation to go to the Azure Federation in person.

A five-star creator leading the team is enough to show Huiyao's sincerity.

The Azure Federation is in urgent need of a positive feedback from Huiyao.

Hearing that Yue Hou was going to send Iron Prison to contact the mission of the Free Federation, Zhu Jun's expression was startled.

Subconsciously, I denied Iron Prison in my heart.

But Zhujun quickly realized why he made such an arrangement after a month.

I have to say that this arrangement after the month is really wonderful!

The communication with the Iron Prison may not be the most difficult negotiation in the history of the Free Federation!

The iron prison has deep resentment against the Free Federation.

Iron Prison is best at solving things in a straight-forward way, and won't do a little detour.

In the process of negotiating with the Free Federation, Iron Prison will definitely spit out all the dissatisfaction in his heart over the years.

The strength of the Iron Prison is that the Free Federation Mission has no corresponding expectations at all.

The Free Federation stands at a high place and has always claimed to be the master of the master world.

Arrogance has long been deeply rooted in the bone marrow.

The Free Federation took the initiative to propose an alliance with Radiance, and the members of the Free Federation mission are very likely to think it.

In the face of their own intention to form an alliance, they will receive preferential treatment in the Radiance Federation.

Just take this opportunity to let Iron Prison destroy the prestige of the Free Federation mission, and let the Free Federation mission know that time has changed.

The situation had changed drastically long ago.

From now on, Radiance in the main world will no longer hold back its edge, but will stand upright as the ruler in the main world with a majestic posture. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

Zhu Jun would have such an idea, on the one hand, because Huiyao did have such strength under the devotion of Lin Yuan's resources.

On the other hand, it is also because it has always been Zhu Jun's wish to make Hui Yao stand at the top of the main world.

It's just that the Glory Federation and the Free Federation, as masters, will be very different.

After the Free Federation claimed to be the master of the world, it did not protect other weak federations.

In the past, many weak federations had turned to the Liberal Federation for help, hoping that the Liberal Federation could help them out of their predicament.

But in the end, these small federations facing difficulties not only failed to wait for the help of the Free Federation, but even became the possession of the Free Federation under the malicious conquest behind the Free Federation.

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