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"Zheng Xue..?"

Zheng Li spoked as she was speechless she was always compared to Zheng Xue she was better then Zheng Xue in Studys and Martial Art and Beauty so why is she always compared to Zheng Xue, Zheng Lis eyes started to darkened and felt empty and decided to drink her sorrows out as each gulp made her dizzy

Its not fair..why am I always compared to her?.. If I could have a time where Im better then her please..Heaven please let me have a second chance...


By now Song Jiao was smoothly making her way to Zheng Li and took a sit near Zheng Li before buying a poison from the Systems Shop

[ Shop ]

Death Poison: A drop of this Poison can instantly kill a Mortal but even if they manage to survive the poison will still reside in their body for 1 month paralyzing them that they can even speak

[ Price: 100 Petals ]

[ Buy ]

Song Jiao bought the poison and used it as a small bottle appeared in her palm and sneakly put a drop of poison in Zheng Lis drink as she was too drunk and because the crowd was big and left quickly as she smiled she saw a glimpse of Zheng Li drinking the poisoned cup of alcohol

Beat that System!

Song Jiao walked up to Sun Qiu the crowd started to surround them as their only thoughts were Is She Going To Propose To Him? Sun Qiu was about to say no before Song Jiao covered his mouth and spoke

"You didn even let me speak yet, I want to tell you something.."

The crowd were loud as they cheered for Song Jiao just to be shocked by her that even the Dancers stopped moving

"I don Love You Anymore"

Song Jiao smiled charmingly as she said those words with a prideful expression that someones heart could easily skip a beat if not for those heartbreaking words Sun Qius heart started to sour he used to liked Zheng Xue but not anymore so why does he suddenly feel so heartbroken?

"Ah..The Hanfu I almost forgot Ill give it back to you later if you wonder why so sudden?..well remember how I kept trying to court you for 3 years and how Ill love you no matter what?..well I think it finally stop I don love you anymore so can we act like strangers from now on?"

Song Jiao took her hand off Sun Qius mouth and wiped her hand before talking to other nobles to make connections some would try to pick up handsome mens to their harem but Song Jiao wasn really interested in love but more on their mission and survival as she heard a notification


[ Attend the Banquet: 1/1; Reward: 100 EXP 500 Petals 5 Attribute Points ]

Finally the notification finally came now lets see my stats now

A Pink Panel appeared as Song Jiao read it with satisfaction

5 Attribute Points? too low..I mean it is a easy quest so thats fair Ill put it to Vitality and Agility

Name: Song Jiao


[ 100/500 EXP ]


Petals: 2,000


Vitality: 20/20


Attribute Points: 0


Cultivation: Mortal



Martial Arts: 50

Vitality: 23

Agility: 12

Aptitude: 40

IQ: 100

Charm: 200


Title: Zhen Wus blessing, Divine Herbal Goddess, Business Queen


Talent: Eyes of Truth [ LVL 1 ], Heavenly Martial Arts [ LVL 1 ], Azure Medicine Queen [ LVL 1 ], Ultimate Stock Bussiness [ LVL 1 ]


Storage: Beginners Package

By now the Banquet has ended as nobles started to leave the Banquet Hall the exact news Song Jiao wanted came

"Call The Imperial Doctors Immediately Her Highness The Second Prince Has Been Poisoned!!"

"Poisoned who couldve done such a thing..?"

"I better leave there might be a assassin"


Song Jiao make a quick pace to leave the banquet like the others to not seem suspicious unbeknown to her she just made Lin Lanfens transmigrating earlier

Zheng Lis body was carried to the Imperial infirmary as the best doctors in the Empire tried their best to bring her back to life as anyone who could revive the Second Prince will be rewarded by 1000 Gold Taels by the Female Emperor Zheng Yuan

Zheng Yuan Was watching with judgmental gaze making the pressure harder yet no one dared to speak Zheng Yuan had long grayed hair with a haggard face and black eyes with a grayish skin with

heavy makeup that made her complex worse as she smokes a smoking pipe as two imperial guard are besides her it is very clear that she passed her prime the Emperor was once renowned as the most beautiful person in the world but time always catches on

the doctors still tried as hard as they can with the herbs they were brought with but with no avail the doctors plead to the Emperor as they Kowtowed

"Your Highness please let These Subjects live These Subjects will Revive the Second Prince if Your Highness give These Subjects enough Time""

truthfully Zheng Yuan never cared for Zheng Li and Zheng Xue but rather jealous even at the peak of her beauty she wasn as beautiful as them when her husband gave birth she was prideful at first

because of her beautiful babies but then became envious to them both she prayed to the Heavens to let her become beautiful once again as she felt humiliated as she heard a servant gossip

how come the Crown Prince and Second Prince were blessed with beauty while their Mother and Father are ugly as a Pig

Zheng Yuan felt rage she wanted to become prideful and beautiful too so why must Heaven do this to her and take her beauty away Zheng Yuan never admitted but she was only filled with Vanity and Arrogance when she was at her prime of youth she would flock her beauty and talents with pride and arrogance but it seems that Heaven punished her for that but didn she suffer for too long? the only thing she had left was her reputation as a loving and kind hearted emperor

"Of course, I would sacrifice anything for my childrens to live even if their born from a concubine I love them all equally so please revive my child but..if in 3 months she hasn awoke then Ill make the grandest burial for her so I can honor her death"

"Yes Your Highness we shall help treat Her Highness The Second Prince in anyway we can"

Zheng Yuan looked warm and caring but inside she was cruel and vicious

whatever she is probably dead anyway


Song Jiao was being bathed as a servant washed her hair thoroughly while she was relaxing herself servants washed her hands and feet Song Jiao looked refreshed outside but inside she felt an ominous dread is awaiting her

After this Ill leave the world but..why do I feel an ominous dread is awaiting for me ahead?


The sky was dark as the clouds were cloudy rain was pouring as the wind was heavy A group of people could be seen chasing a tall beautiful girl the girl had brunette hair and vibrant green eyes with fair skin she was at a dead end at a rooftop at the 25th floor



She took her gun from her pocket and tried to shoot them just to find out her bullets were empty how could the number one Global Assassin who was also a Divine Doctor who owns the Greatest Company in the world die like this?

"It took **ing 5 Years but it was worth it..THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING GET FOR KILLING MY FAMILY BITCH"


Lin Lanfen was shot in the chest as she fell from the 25th floor she could only watch her miserable demise as she only accepts her fate as her eyes started to dull

Hmm..I guess my story ends here..

Lin Lanfens body finally hit the ground as tons of blood seeped from her as her eyes grew blurry strangely it didn hurt and she only felt numb suddenly she blacked out and woke up in a bed at an unfamiliar room

Where am I..?

"Ah-! Tell the Emperor Her Highness the Second Prince is Awake!"

Second Prince..? whats happening wasn I dead an- Arghh..

Lin Lanfen started to gather memories from the original body it seems she has reincarnated as a Canon Fodder in a Novel she read when she was 12

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