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Chapter 69

Ni Lie didn’t know how many times he had cried in front of him.

Sometimes the wetness in the corners of his eyes during bedtime activities excited him.

Sometimes the disappointing tears in his eyes just irritated him.

Sometimes he would be in hysterical howls, wailing in his dilemma—but there was no such aggrieved cry as a child-like.

Over the past few days, he has consciously or unconsciously pieced together the past eight years from the words of others.

A man who was flexible on the outside and tough on the inside, a tricky and fierce nobleman who protected the people and was loved by the people.

Of course, some people hated him and gnashed their teeth to curse this poisonous snake of a beauty.

But there had never been such a vulnerable side to him like this.

He knew that something was wrong, wrong from the beginning.

A man of such means entrusts everything to him so unscrupulously.

He can even overstep his authority to dispatch his close attendants as if he were the master of the Guang’an prince mansion.

At first, he scoffed disdainfully, thinking that this person was just a good-for-nothing beauty.

Now, he was scared witless knowing that it wasn’t like that——He cried until he become like this!

This man… He absolutely couldn’t touch him.

Ni Lie thought through gritted teeth.

He personally fed him medicine, but as usual, he put his arm around him and fell into a dream.

In the dream, it was the scene of his previous life.

Sima Yu’s face was like crown jade, but his eyes were like a hungry rat with hot desires in the gutter.

He carefully approached him.

“Red Tiger King, as long as you accept the imperial degree, you will be the husband of the ruler under the heaven, Bei’an will be easily obtainable.”

The light in his eyes became brighter, he added more bargaining chips: “… This Emperor Chaoyuan is still a virgin.

Eloping in the flames of war, the solemnly stood armies soared to the sky, preparing for the Red Tiger King to give the order to launch the main attack on the city, but Sima Yu could not wait, he took the imperial decree and went to the dilapidated Cold Palace at night, and scratched the sharp blade om his hand.

He heroically took out the imperial decree.

His sinew trembled all over, and unscrupulously ordered: “His Majesty has golden mouth and jade words, how could his words have no weight!”

His Majesty, who was as beautiful as an immortal in front of him (Ni Lie), was obviously frightened,.

He retreated back step by step, while hugging him impatiently, and tightly, that beautiful Majesty was really frightened by him.

Not a word or movement, step by step, he admonished himself.

——How can he endure it, how to endure it!

He only drew him up close, pressed him against the wall, and arched at him impatiently.

His Majesty was arched until his front clothes were let loose by him, and his hair went messy, revealing a pitiful and panicked look.

“ I won’t touch you,” he gasped, like a hungry wolf with a boastful mouth, “but you must let me hug you for a while.” 

Just hugging No, he was obviously blaspheming him in a panic.

He sniffed him endlessly on his hair, neck, and chest, moreover, the hot and impatient head drilled into the hem of his skirt.

It’s still such a nice smell of cold fragrance, everywhere of him belongs to him.

——Finally, he came just in time, in the end, it was on time.

Ni Lie didn’t care what he thought, he only knew that he was his.

What mattered was that there was no more the eighteen-year-old boy.

He was completely his.

On the huge bed, the tall man pressed against the forehead of the person in his arms, while showing a cruel twisted smile in his sleep.

After the Lantern Festival, the New Year finally came to an end.

Everything gradually broke away from the joy of the festival and restored the tranquility of the past.

Ni Ying went to Shi Xiangkou on the horseback to finally eat the seven-color sticky rice dumplings that she missed yesterday.

And returned to the mansion satisfied.

She had been in the suburban camp these days, only to remember that she has not returned to the mansion’s training ground for a long time.

She missed the days when she frolicked with those brats in the past, so she took half a day and went to the training ground.

After entering the door, and turning a corner, she saw a figure sneakily hiding at the entrance of the training ground, sticking his head out.

Ni Ying glanced through, it turned out it’s Song Zhu, who originally served in the main courtyard that was now transferred to her courtyard by the chief manager.

She saw him stretching his neck and looking into the training ground with an anxious face, as if he hesitated to step in, only lingering around, looking worried.

Ni Ying frowned slightly, she seemed to have seen his soulless appearance for a few days, and she didn’t know what this kid wanted to do.

If it is said that he’s having an affair with a woman, Ni Ying will never believe it, this Song Zhu was also an orphan, he had grown up in the mansion since he was a child.

He had always been honest, not at all like a sneaky person, but this was what made Ni Ying even more curious.

“Song Zhu!” Ni Ying yelled loudly.

Sure enough, Song Zhu was startled, seeing that it was Ni Ying, his face became paler and paler.

Ni Ying’s heart became more and more suspicious, but her face did not show.

She still smiled as usual and stepped forward: “What are you doing here” 

Song Zhu waved his hand, “I… I just took a look…”

He made a wave and hurriedly left.

When he walked far away, he looked back again, then when he saw that Ni Ying was still looking at him, his face was sluggish.

He hurriedly turned around and ran, even stumbled without paying attention, looking quite hectic.

Ni Ying held the sword thoughtfully,


At night, the spring chill was in the air, and most of the people in the streets and alleys had settled down early, but the lights of a house at the end of the west street were still on.

Zhou Dawu accompanied Jiang Shi to send the pair of children to sleep when they finally ushered in a rare time that belonged only to them.

Jiang Shi immediately went to fry some peanuts and rice and cut a few plates of pickles for the next dish.

Zhou Dawu went to the wine cellar to dig out a new pot of wine and set up a small wine table.

The two of them have a deep affection.

There were always endless words being conveyed through some wine time together.

After eating, he couldn’t help but think of the boring memories of the past in the capital.

Although today’s days are not very rich, Zhou Dawu was naturally content.

Just as Jiang Shi was filling the wine, there was an exclamation from the old woman outside.

Zhou Dawu’s face tightened, he glanced at Jiang Shi, hurriedly stood up, touched a stick from behind the door, and quietly went out.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw the old woman grabbing a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy while scolding loudly.

Zhou Dawu’s face was stunned: “Song Zhu ”

The person who came was Song Zhu, he looked pale.

When he saw Zhou Dawu, he couldn’t bear it anymore, and knelt down with a snort: “Leader Daren, please save His Highness!”

Zhou Dawu was caught off guard by hearing this, and was shocked: “What did you say”

Song Zhu’s tears suddenly fell: “His Highness has not gone to the capital, he is still in Lingnan!”

This even made Zhou Dawu even more incomprehensible.

His eyes widened, and he secretly swallowed saliva, but he also realized the seriousness of the matter.

Jiang Shi was very clever.

She hurriedly let the old woman withdraw first and helped Song Zhu to go to the room.

She pressed Song Zhu on the table and hurriedly followed Zhou Dawu: “I will stand watch from outside.”

Zhou Dawu nodded, letting her do as she wished.

He poured water for Song Zhu, who was sitting there in a panic.

Song Zhu drank it heavily, then he immediately pulled his sleeve and wiped his tears.

“ I beg Daren.

Please save His Highness… His Highness was perhaps hidden by Ni Daren! ”

“ Ni Daren” Zhou Dawu simply doubted his ears, “The person you said is… Ni Liel ”

“ Yes!” The words that had been hidden for so long finally came out, Song Zhu’s heart relaxed, but he was already on the verge of collapse: “Big Brother Zhou… I…… You may not believe what I just said, but I guarantee with my life that what I said is true.

Zhou Dawu’s heart was beating like a drum.

He barely pressed it down, comforted Song Zhu with a few words, and let him speak slowly.

Song Zhu choked and continued to talk.

Song Zhu has served King Guang’an since he was a child.

He believed that he had always been diligent, but a few days ago, he was transferred from the main courtyard for no reason, thinking that he was wrong somewhere, he become sad, so he wanted to find an opportunity to ask His Highness clearly, in case he could get another opportunity to transfer back to the main courtyard to serve the master who was like a deity in his heart.

But the main courtyard, which has always been quiet, was installed with a number of people, strictly guarded, saying that for the safety of His Highness, idlers were not allowed to enter, so he could not enter.

Song Zhu hid in the side room, squatting at the gate of the main courtyard for several days, but he never saw His Highness step out of the courtyard for half a step.

Later, when he heard the news that His Highness entered the capital, he became more and more strange in his heart, except for the night, his eyes never left the gate of the main courtyard for half a step, how could he not see His Highness go out – it was impossible to enter the capital in the middle of the night.

At that moment, there was doubt in his heart, because Ni Ying was in the Commander’s Mansion, he should be fine.

He could as well stay there a few nights before coming back, so he stayed in the side room all day with a big cotton jacket looking attentively.

Then, on the third night, he was woken up by the sound of a crackle, then he saw two servant women carrying a person wrapped up in clothes walking outside the courtyard.

Ni Lie followed behind them with a cold face.

Song Zhu had followed King Guang’an since he was a child, although he can’t see the appearance of the person in the wrapped clothes, the figure was engraved in his heart.

He was so shocked that he almost cried out.

He bit his hand so that he could not make a sound.

This incident was too shocking to be at all in line with his understanding.

He went back to his residence in a panic, unable to sleep all night, only feeling that everything was too incredible——the Ni Daren who had always been loyal to King Guang’an, how could he do such a thing But the whole thing really happened in front of him! These days, he has been tossing and turning, not daring to tell people, but he would never be able to turn a blind eye!

——If there were no King Guang’an, he would have been a person who has no friends or family to rely on nowadays.

On this day, whether he was wrong or not, he would have to confirm it.

He burst into tears: “Daren, you must think of a way!” 

Zhou Dawu’s face was heavy.

If it was someone else, even in the slightest, he would have to go find out the situation, but this person was Ni Lie, a man who would throw his life away as long as His Highness opened his mouth, how could he be unfavorable to His Highness

At that moment, he hesitated, “Song Zhu…”

Song Zhu pushed the seat away and knelt down, “Please believe in me! I am willing to guarantee my life, if it is not true, then please kill me, I only ask for the safety of His Highness…”

He wept secretly and muttered, “This kind His Highness…….this kind His Highness…..”

But he couldn’t say it anymore.

Zhou Dawu frowned and was about to pick him up when Jiang Shi screamed outside: “What are you doing”

Before he could react, the door was broken.

Ni Ying’s face was sharp, her eyes were red as she looked at Song Zhu.

The night breeze rushed in at once, blowing people cold.


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