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Chapter 8 Part 2: I’m Willing to do Anything for You

Tang Luo blinked, completely confused.

Based on her opinion, Chu Chen came from the Chu family.

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Even her best friend, Su Nan, the top-notch Ms Perfect, sighed at the immeasurable family clan.

He was also the eldest grandson of old master Chu.

He had the skills to be an actor, undoubtedly due to his love of this profession. 

In addition, inside this line of business, Chu Chen was famous for being dedicated to his work.

He also personally acted in dangerous scenes himself. 

Other actors and actresses used a stuntman many times in the martial arts movie he shot in. 

He didn’t!

He did it himself.

But this kind of person who loved films so much clearly got angry after his own movie was mentioned

Tang Luo: “…….”

She looked thoughtfully at Chu Chen.

That lack of regard and detachment towards the other party was too obvious.

It’s as if the closer she approached, she would immediately be frozen into ice. 

But Tang Luo was not afraid!

She’s ready to be the woman who’d overthrow Chu Chen!

What’s a small setback counted as on the journey to pursue beauty! 


Tang Luo extended a finger, her big eyes blinked, she looked pitifully at Chu Chen: “Ok, I’ll leave.

But can I ask one question”

Based on Tang second miss’s appearance, added with this kind of expression, she didn’t believe Chu Chen would refuse.

Sure enough, the other hesitated for a while before nodding slowly.

“Just now, what did I say that was wrong Can you tell me I’ll correct it immediately!”

Tang Luo raised four fingers: “Also, I promise I won’t make the same mistake again!”

Chu Chen: “…….” 

“Tell me, tell me.” Tang Luo urged softly.

Chu Chen: “…….” 

“I will really change.” She blinked while looking at Chu Chen with burning eyes: “For you, I am willing to do anything.”

Chu Chen: “…….” 

“Or are you actually just…..

Shy” Tang Luo slightly slanted her head, earnestly looking at Chu Chen.

The other person reacted so huge when his movie was mentioned. 

Could it just be out of embarrassment 

Chu Chen: “…….

You should go.”

He spoke resolutely. 

“Okay.” Tang Luo no longer tangled him. 

She was racing against time, it’s best if she could settle Chu Chen within half a month.

Afterwards, she would at once take him to show to Yue Chi Feng. 

That’s right! Yue Chi Feng!

Su Nan said he might come tonight.

Tang Luo suddenly had other ideas. 

Though she couldn’t get the beauty’s contact details, in a moment, during old master Chu’s birthday feast, Chu Chen would have to be present. 

If Yue Chi Feng really came, then she could very likely be super attentive to Chu Chen in front of him.

She wanted him to know that she could do without him. 

Tang Luo waved her hand at Chu Chen: “Then I’ll go first.” 

She pondered for a bit, then added another sentence while smiling: “See you later.”

When Tang Lup returned to the Chu family’s main hall, there were already more people than before.

Su Nan was looking for her, upon seeing Tang Luo, she immediately came up in quick steps: “Where did you run off to”

“Going round the lake.” Tang Luo laughed ambiguously, “Came across a particularly good scenery.  That’s right,” she looked around the surroundings: “What about Yue Chi Feng Has he arrived”

As soon as her voice fell, the entrance to the main hall opened again. 

Yue Chi Feng, dressed in a black suit with a neatly tied bow tie, was pulling Lu Si Ke’s hand while entering in large strides.

“Yue Chi Feng is too much.” Su Nan frowned elegantly.

With a bit of coldness in her voice, “regardless of whatever contradictions or misunderstandings you have with him, you, the second miss of the Tang family, are the agreed upon fiancee.” 

She angrily continued: “Yue Chi Feng bringing another female companion like this, this is deliberately letting you turn into the joke of the entire S city.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Tang Luo chuckled.

She patted her best friend’s shoulder to appease, knowing that the other party was truly concerned about her.

“Just nice, I also have a present to give my beloved fiancee.” 

As she was speaking, Tang Luo looked around the main hall.

Her eyes suddenly lit up. 

——That man who is accompanying by old master Chu by his side, the man who was smiling gently, isn’t that Chu Chen


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