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IAMMIANG CHAPTER 1.2: The Birth of God

[The player suffers a mental shock, the numerical check is in progress…]

[Player Sanity -6, Mystery 6]

[Sanity: 51 / Mystery: 37.


[Warning! Warning! The player’s sanity is about to drop below the safe value! Please take action as soon as possible! 】

There is no other solution anymore…

Xu Yintang recited the phrase in the character prompt “the sweetest fear and pain will breed the most powerful gods” over and over again, clearly knowing that he only had the last resort.

The powerful source of power of the monster may be fear, so if he can abandon his emotions of fear and pain, he may be able to fight for a chance to live.

It just so happened that it was not difficult for him, as long as he was willing to give up the stubborn resistance of trying to keep awake.

Xu Yintang wanted to live, so he had no choice.

Drugs, hypnosis, electric shocks… The doctor used so many methods to declare that his treatment had been staged successfully, and it was only a matter of an instant to destroy it all.

When the mental pain accumulated little by little until the nerve collapsed – all fear disappeared from his body.

[The player suffers a mental shock, the numerical check is in progress…]

[The numerical test failed…]

[Numerical verification in progress…Numerical verification in progress…]

[Player Sanity -7, Mystery 10]

[Sanity: 44 / Mystery: 47]

[Warning! Warning! Player sanity is too low! Please take action as soon as possible!】

Xu Yintang was trembling, and intermittently let out some untimely happy laughter.

If his attending doctor saw him like this, he would probably be so sad that he would cry.

Thinking about it, Xu Yintang slightly restrained the smile on his face – there is some small problem in his brain, and he has been actively receiving treatment.

He couldn’t correctly distinguish the line between fear and love, and often confused the line between pain and pleasure.

Overwhelming fear, unbearable pain, lingering nightmares, all are the ultimate expression of love—the misunderstanding that doctors took many years to correct, once again ruled Xu Yintang’s brain logic.

I just hope that the pleasure and fanatical love overflowing from his body at this moment also please the picky taste of the little monster in his belly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you out right away.”

Xu Yintang took a deep breath and took the initiative to stretch out his hand to pull the wound on his lower abdomen.

The tentacle mouthparts scrambled out of the gap to bite his wrist, and in the blink of an eye, his entire forearm was entangled by a dense mass of squirming tentacles.


Xu Yintang stared at the wriggling pieces of meat on his forearm, and let out a sigh-like chuckle.

When the fear disappeared from his body, and the pain could only bring him the shuddering pleasure that stimulated the nerves, the baby teeth in the monster’s mouth parts became so tender that they couldn’t even bite his skin.

Xu Yintang blinked the sweat from his eyelashes, and looked at the monster on his arm with a gentle and loving look that was almost hideous.

[Alienation identity recognition, numerical verification in progress…]

[Player Sanity -2, Mystery 6]

[Sanity: 42 / Mystery: 53】

[Warning! The player’s mystery has broken through the safety value! Enter the initial alienation state!】

[Warning! The player’s sanity continues to decrease! Please take action as soon as possible!】

The alarm sound of the system was automatically blocked by Xu Yintang’s brain, he didn’t feel any discomfort in his body, but he could suddenly understand the noise made by the monster’s mouthparts.

It was clearly a tender and lovely weeping baby, calling for its mother’s arms and food.

Mother! Mother!

Hungry! Food!

You see, it’s calling me mom eh…

Under the confused cognition of the inversion of fear and love, Xu Yintang admitted that he liked this too much.

“Good boy.” Xu Yintang grasped the mouthpart that was biting at the flesh of his wrist, and every arc of the smile on his face expressed his love for this new life.

“Be good, let go.”

The slimy body and the dirty and sticky tentacles, a monster so disgusting and ugly that it can drive ordinary people crazy, but Xu Yintang showed a smile that only his mother could have in his memory, and said the words that were engraved in his deepest memory, “I’ll count three, two, one—”

Fear, despair, pain—he solemnly swears that his love comes from the heart, pure and innocent.

The monster let out a shrill cry because of this.

Xu Yintang guessed right.

If fear is honey, food, and indispensable for its survival, then love is the poison/drug it avoids.

Even the slightest contamination will make it weak and in unbearable pain.

In an instant, the situation was reversed, Xu Yintang seemed to suddenly turn into that terrifying monster that was beyond its full comprehension.

Why, why not be afraid

“No, I’m so scared that I’m almost dying.” Xu Yintang said, “That’s why you have to be a good child.”

The end sound of the sentence was so gentle that it seemed like it could squeeze water out, but the tentacles that wrapped his forearms trembled as if they were whipped and burned, and curled up into sticky lumps the size of his palm.

Xu Yintang stroked the tips of those tentacles that couldn’t shrink into the flesh and could only droop.

The plasticine-like appearance was quite cute in his eyes.

Speaking of which, shouldn’t he, the mother, give a name to the child Xu Yintang thought about it, but suddenly heard footsteps approaching outside the door.

The light and powerless steps are scattered, there is also the sound of dragging fabric behind, probably wearing a robe or a cloak.

At the same time, there was also the rough cursing sound of a man, complaining that this batch of waste sacrifice was incompetent, that the organization had wasted so many resources to cultivate them.

–Only one person.

Xu Yintang subconsciously looked at the little monster in his hand.

Although it looked very weak, it still stubbornly exuded hunger and longing for Xu Yintang.

Scared and dependent, as if it really regarded him as his mother.

Mother! Hungry! Food!


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