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IAMMIANG 1.1: The Birth of God

Xu Yintang opened his eyes in the narration of the electronic voice without passion.

A few seconds ago, he was still sleeping in his bed after a long absence, but now he is lying on the floor alone and staring at the translucent light screen in front of him, a little unclear whether it is reality or a dream.

Xu Yintang couldn’t help biting his fingertips, trying to focus on the new news that was constantly being displayed on the screen.

[Player successfully logged in.]

[Player data is loading…】

[Player name: Xu Yintang]

[Player gender: male]

[Player value:

Constitution: 68

Will: 90

Sanity: 65

Mystery¹: 20】

[Excellent initial value among newcomers, looking forward to your wonderful performance!】

By the way, the sanity of a normal human starts at 85-90, and the Mystery’s starting point will not exceed 5.

It seems that his current situation is not very optimistic.

Xu Yintang was not surprised that he has only 65 on sanity and 20 on mystery, and calmly crossed the last sentence [The final interpretation of the above content belongs to this game], and then a new message popped up on the screen.

[Random Dungeon – [The Birth of God] was successfully loaded.

[Dungeon Difficulty: E]

[Number of players in this game: 5】

[Dungeon character extraction is in progress…]

[Dungeon role: sacrifice]

[Character overview: The sweetest fear and pain will give birth to the most powerful gods – this is your sacrifice, the supreme glory.

[Clearance conditions: Survive until dawn.

[I wish you a healthy body and mind, happy game.

At the same time as the last line of text disappeared on the screen, the sound of the wind entered Xu Yintang’s ears, as if the game had resumed after pressing the pause button, and time resumed its flow in this space.

– The game has started.

Xu Yintang wondered whether he could be saved from the situation that was so bad no matter how he thought about it, and looked around subconsciously.

This is the subconscious reaction of any normal person entering an unfamiliar environment, but what he saw caused Xu Yintang’s pupils to shrink violently, his breathing suddenly stopped.


As far as the eye can see, there are dense and dazzling patterns, an ominous blood red glowed with the moonlight.

Every arc and every line of those lines has a distorted and absurd sense of violation, but it is exquisite and perfect to an incomprehensible level.

Xu Yintang’s instinct screamed to let him close his eyes and not think about it, but it’s as if his sight was fixed by glue and could not move even a bit.

The word “sacrifice” is now infinitely equated with death.

Anyway, the opening kill is too much.

Xu Yintang smiled bitterly, the flat pattern woke up the moment he saw it, twisted and wriggled to “live”, creating a huge sense of existence that filled the entire space with a sticky and abrupt, sweet and rotten smell impatiently.

It poured into Xu Yintang’s body.

The body has become so strange…

Xu Yintang was choking with discomfort and his body was shivering with chills from the deepest part of the bone marrow.

It gradually became more difficult to keep breathing than to keep sane.

A strong rotten stench penetrated from the deepest part of his body, and for half a second he was in a trance because of exhaustion- suddenly he retched violently uncontrollably.


Xu Yintang knew something was wrong, but the sharp pain seized the opportunity to penetrate into the brain from the deepest part of the body more quickly, and the pain instantly made him have tinnitus and his sight blacken, his head seemed to be stirred into a pool of rotten flesh.

[The player suffers a mental shock, the numerical check is in progress…]

[Player Sanity -5, Mystery 6]

[Sanity: 60 / Mystery: 26]

As if under the command of some force, the terrifying and eerie blood-colored lines in the room twisted and converged toward Xu Yintang’s body—more precisely, it was converging toward his lower abdomen, densely flowing and entangled in his abdominal cavity.

The congealed meat-like threads clump together and make noises that mimic the beating of a heart.

In praise, in celebration, in frenzied rave.


Is he screaming


[The player suffers a mental shock, the numerical check is in progress…]

[Player Sanity -3, Mystery 5]

[Sanity: 57 / Mystery: 31.


Centuries had passed, or maybe only a few seconds had passed, Xu Yintang could not accurately judge the length of time he had fallen into the hallucination, until a fear more terrifying than pain woke him up.

Xu Yintang coughed out a mouthful of bloody saliva and touched his stomach with awareness.

His lower abdomen was bulging abnormally, and there was something—there was something in it that didn’t belong to his body, the thing suddenly became active when he realized its existence, it rampaged his stomach and pushed out several bulges that were about to tear the skin..

It’s alive…

Xu Yintang gritted his teeth and endured the pain of piercing his stomach.

His stomach was torn and gnawed by the thing inside.

The outlines of the squeezed internal organs and the uneven monster were clearly visible, the skin surface was opened with tiny cracks, and the sticky, thorny tentacles and the fine and sharp mouthparts alternately wriggled and tore the wound, desperately eager to be born.

The tentacles and mouthparts scratched the skin, making a tingling sound that made his scalp prickly, interspersed with the rustling sound of insects and ants.

Notes:Mystery- alienation/unpredictableness

Sanity and mystery is very important for players, especially sanity and mystery! Negative sanity or sancheck will make players crazy, this variable must be guarded, a mentally healthy player will naturally have a high sanity value, a not easily perturbed and clear-headed players with stronger mind will be able to control the decrease of their sanity value more, that is if there’s no influence from external things beyond their control e.g monsters/gods with a naturally sanity value decreaser.


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