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Two days later.

20:36 pm

Kristen made her way through a big crowd at the airport. She was late so she had to hurry in order not to miss her flight. She was finally at the front of the line to be checked by TSA. She took off her shoes, watch and back pack. They checked everything and she was ready to head to her gate.

It was now that she realized she was the only person on that flight. She was the only person at the gate.

"Im literally the only one here. Weird." She took her seat, put on her headphones and got onto her phone. She was blasting music on full volume that she couldn hear the man call her. He decided to walk over to her and tap her shoulders instead.

"Excuse me miss," he tapped her shoulder. She took off her headphones and looked at him. "Yes?" she replied. "Their calling for our flight." he said. It was then that she realized.

"Oh my God thank you." Her music was so loud, she couldn hear anything. She hastily picked up her back pack and her cabin bag and rushed to get her ticket scanned. She noticed that he was following behind her so she turned and asked.


e on this flight too?" She now took the time to notice how well and formal he was dressed.

He was wearing a long black jacket, black pants and a white shirt with two buttons opened. Hair slicked back and skin so pale, it was almost unnatural. "Yes." His voice was so deep it melted her to the ground. She looked so astounded as she stared at him. "Is... something wrong?" He squinted his eyes a little. "Um, no, no theres nothing wrong. Its just... whoa!!" He squinted even more in a questioning manner.

"I mean you

e just so hot." She blatantly said.

"What! Really?" he asked, amused.

"Oh sh!t, did I say that aloud?" she asked. "Ur.. pretty much yeah." He smirked. "Im so sorry I wasn thinking." she apologized.

"Its ok. I get that a lot." He smiled at her. He looked cold but his personality wasn at all and that killer smile was everything.

She smiled back awkwardly.

They made their way to the cabin and as expected, they were the only ones on board. Coincidentally, they both had seats next to each other meaning they would sit next to each other for 9 hours.

"Oh, looks like well be seeing more of each other." She said but he didn say anything.

The smile she had on her face awkwardly disappeared and she sat down, somewhat embarrassed that he ignored her. He didn ignore her. He was actually paying attention to something else and didn quite hear her.

He felt her sit next to him and thats when he realized she was sitting next to him.

"What a coincidence." he suddenly said. "Hm? Me?" She turned and looked at him and asked. "Yes. Its a coincidence that we

e the only ones on board and we happen to be sitting next to each other." he added. "Yeah. A coincidence." she said it as though she had planned it but she obviously didn . Luke had booked the flight and so he chose her seat thus, it was definitely a coincidence.

Attention passengers, the flight will be taking off in a minute. Please buckle your seat and prepare for take off. The pilot announced. She began to buckle her seat belt and so did he. After, she gripped onto the hand rests and closed her eyes. He couldn help but notice her behavior so he asked, "Are you alright?" She slowly opened her eyes and looked in his direction.

"No. I get anxiety whenever a plane takes off." she replied. He let out a soft laugh. "Just breathe." he suggested, taking a magazine and reading it. She was surprised because he looked so nonchalant while she felt she was going to die.

She shut her eyes hard and began to take deep breaths. He looked at her again but this time, with more sympathy. He then hesitantly put his hand over hers on the hand rest. She quickly pulled her hands away when she felt his touch. She looked at him nervous.

"Im sorry. That was so sudden and I kinda got startled." She explained herself.

"Its ok, its ok. You

e fine. Just calm down." He consoled all the while offering her his hand. She looked at him and then at his hand and at his face again. "Just take my hand." He said firmly. It felt more like a order the way he said it. She slowly reached out her hand to grab his. He took the initiative and grabbed her hand.

When she felt his touch again, she was astonished at how soft his palm was. Like he had never done a chore his whole life. He was such a considerate handsome stranger. He was also thinking the same thing. Her palm was really soft as well. Judging by her looks, she didn look like a spoilt rich entitled brat but she could be rich. She was flying first class after all.

The plane had taken off and it was time to let go but she held on to his hand like she didn want to let go.

It started to get awkward as he couldn do anything.

"Miss, Can you let go now?" he asked. She whipped her head and looked at him. She then let go of his hand and apologized.

"Im sorry I made things awkward for you." "No its fine." He flased her that million dollar smile and she couldn help but smile back.

She reclined her seat back and put on her headphones. He looked at her for a few seconds before reclining his seat too to relax.

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