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"What the hell does he want me to do with this?" Kris yelled, not being able to control her tears. She threw the envelope on her desk and broke down on the floor wailing like she had lost a loved one.

"How could he do this to me?" She asked herself a question possibly no one could answer. "I love him so much but he decided to hurt me instead. I gave him everything he could ever want and yet he treats me like I am nothing."

She continued on to cry while sitting on the floor in her bedroom looking disheveled and miserable.

Kristen was brought back to her senses when she heard a knock on the door. She didn want to be seen like that so she just ignored it in hopes that the person would leave.

Soon after, the knocking stopped. She thought that whoever was at the door had left. She then stood up and walked sluggishly to the door. She opened it and saw a package on the floor.

"Oh it was my mail." She said, bending over to pick up the box near her feet.

"I didn order anything though so whats this?" She asked herself. She looked around to see if anyone was there but there no one. She brought the package in and shut the door. She unboxed it and found nearly nothing in except some document. It was a restraining order and a check as well. So it wasn her mail but something Luke had sent to her in a form of mail.

She curiously opened it and read its content.

"He thinks its all about money." There was a hint of bitterness in her voice when she said this. "That sick bastard!"

She was so mad at him, she couldn wait to go away for a while. Suddenly, something came to mind.

She walked to her desk and opened her laptop.

"Jurry Island." She enunciated as she typed it into Google.

She found something about the Island and it read


So basically it was a small country-like island located in the Pacific and it had a royal family like the U.K

"Hmm, its actually really pretty. I might enjoy my visit." She was about to close it when something caught her eye. It was old news regarding the royal family back in 2013. It said that the royal family disowned their son because of some really intimate reason they didn want to share with the media. His name was Prince Loukâs Onasis.

Loukâs Onasis." she said thoughtfully. "Tragic."

She then closed her laptop and stood up. She had nothing to do as she was fired and home all alone. The only thing she could do was to get ready for her trip. Luke breaking up with her made her feel really bad. She didn want to go on vacation anymore but going away would do her some good.

She opened the envelope Luke gave her and found the fifty thousand dollars and plane ticket he was talking about. Her flight was on 17th of June and today was the 15th. She had only two days to pack and get ready.


"Did you do as I told you to?" Luke asked with an unreadable look on his face. "Yes sir. I sent her the package." The man he was talking to responded. "Ok good and when is her flight due again?" "The 17th sir." "Ok just two days. She ought to be gone by Saturday." Luke smirked.

"Who is that woman anyway sir and why did you send her a restraining order?" The guy asked out of curiosity. Before answering, Luke smirked again. "That woman? that woman is mine. Ive lost her for a while but Ill get her back. I just sent her that because my wife wanted me to. Its fake though. I just have to get rid of Noelle first. Shes a pain in the ass I swear to God."

"Your wife sir? why do you wanna get rid of her?"

"Roman, you ask way too many questions but Ill tell you anyway. Noelle and I only got married because of her dad. He was my biggest investor at that time. He said hed help me make my company big if I married his daughter. I don love her and I know she doesn love me either. She just wants my money Im sure. Her dad is rich but she is not."

"Well what about your parents sir?"

"My parents don care about me." Lucas suddenly yelled. "They disowned me. They don care about me and Im sure they don even know Im still alive."

Staring straight ahead, Lucas clenched his fists so hard, his finger nails pierced into his palm. He got so angry at the memory of how his parents treated him like he was nothing.

"Are you ok sir? Your knuckles are turning white." Roman asked.

"Yeah Im fine. You may leave now."

After Roman left, Luke banged his fist on his desk in rage.

Suddenly, his office phone rang. He came back to his senses and answered it.

"Mr. Del, theres a woman here to see you." The woman on the other side of the phone said. "Who is it?" he asked. "She said her name is Noelle."

He let out a sigh of annoyance. "Let her in."

Soon after, she walked in.

"Hello my love." She greeted as she leaned in and kissed him. He kissed her back unwillingly but passionately.

"How are you doing?" she asked, pulling back slowly. "Im doing great. You?" "I miss you. I miss all of you." She said in a really cringe baby voice. "You do?" "Of course baby." She replied, tracing the edges of his collar. He immediately backed away.

"Nope. Don start." he said sternly. "Don start what?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"Not here at least. You always do that when you wanna get naughty. Im at work." "Luke come on. Just give me a little."

"No Noelle. Do you only think of sex when you see me? Is that what you came here for?" He asked. He didn realize he was loud until he saw some employees stop immediately near his office window.

"Why are you yelling? I just wanted to see you" "Just leave please. Ill see you when I get home." He pointed at the door.

"Why do you do this Luke?" " Just leave ok."

Noelle, feeling annoyed turned around and left his office. When she shut the door, he sighed. "Im so sick of this pretentious behavior. This fake love."

He then wiped her kiss off his lips in disgust.

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