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Sitting at the dinner table, Luke smiled at the beautiful young woman across him and said, "You look gorgeous tonight." The woman he was talking to with a nonchalant face asked. "Did you get rid of her?" "Yes I did. Its over between us Noelle." Luke reassured her. "And thank you for giving me another chance." he added.

The woman gave him a slight smile. He slowly reached out and touched her hand while smiling at her. She looked down at the his hand that was now over hers. She then leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

Turns out, his wife had found out about his affair with Kristen. She was mad at first but she realized that she was overreacting and that the only reason she married Luke was because of his inherentance.

After the morning call he had with Kristen, his wife confronted him about it. He begged for her forgiveness and she said shed only forgive him if he ended things with Kristen. He decided to go over to her house to get it over with when he realized she wasn at home. He originally thought she had gone to the hospital but he soon found out from her neighbor that she said she had gone to take a stroll on the beach. He finally got the opportunity to end things while making it seem like it was her fault.

The next day, Kristen miserably got out of her bed. Her hair was a total mess, her eyes were red and swollen. She dragged herself to her bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She saw herself and she couldn even recognize herself. She looked terrible but she didn want Luke to be her source of misery even though he primarily was.

She took a shower, put on some make up and got dressed. She looked good and the make up covered the dark circles and redness of her face. She grabbed her bag and headed to work. She of course knew she was fired but she wanted to show Luke that even though he hurt her, she is not affected by it.

Walking through those doors, a spasm of memory surged through her. She walked confidentently to Lukes offices hallway. She made her way to the secretarys desk right before his office.

"Hi, Im here to see your boss." Kristen said straightforwardly. "Um, who are you?" the lady behind the desk stood up and asked. "I don think your brain functions properly." Kris hissed at her. She was so upset that she was venting her anger on someone else. "Excuse me?!" the lady was in disbelief. Who was she to even talk to her like that. "I came here to see your boss and not an interview so please put two brain cells together and let him know that I am here " "But I still don know who you are. Do you have an appointment?"

"Are you deaf? Tell Lucas Del Vecchio that Im here!" At this point, she was yelling. "Maam calm down. You need to tell me if you have an appoint-" "Layla, let her in." A voice interrupted her. She turned around and saw Luke standing there. "Ok sir." Layla nodded and she let Kristen into his office. He shut the door behind him.

"You look really good." He complimented her out of the blue. "Really?" she asked, disbelief evident in her voice. "You always look good Kristen."

"Thank you." She tried her best not to seem desperate.

"So why are you here?" He asked. "I wanna know the truth. Did she find out about us?" "Yes she did Kris, she did find out and thats why we

e over." "But why Luke? Didn you say you love me more? Didn you say youd marry me?"

"I did but that is in the past. I was wrong for cheating on my wife." "Are you f%&king kidding me," she yelled. "I love you Luke." Her voice suddenly grew soft and she reached forward and held his face. She tried to kiss him but he backed away.

"Why are you doing this Lucas? I thought you loved me." "I thought I did but it was just a phase. It was mere attraction." His words stung her like a million bees. He then walked past her and opened his desk drawer and pulled out an envelope.

"In here, theres fifty thousand dollars and a plane ticket to Jurry Island." Luke said.

"Jurry Island? wheres that?" she asked as she had never heard of that Island ever.

"Its an Island near the pacific. Its like Hawaii but better."

"But why?" "I owe you a vacation don I? so here you go." He pushed it towards her hands. "Take it!" he rose his voice when she wasn taking it. She slowly took the envelope from his hand.

"Now leave Kris. I want nothing to do with you."

"Was what we had ever real?" she asked with tears in her voice. Pushing her out the door, he said bluntly. "You were nothing but a side piece."

After saying those words, he slammed the door in her face.

"Sigh! Glad thats over." He sighed in relief. Kris was standing in front of the door with tear cascading down her cheek.

"Nothing but a side piece." Those words resonated in her mind again and again.

She turned around, wiped her tears and walked out of the buliding.

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