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I love you Kristen Kael The break up

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Sitting up in her bed, annoyed at the thought of going to work, Kris decided to call in sick today. She knew it was a bad idea but she decided to do it anyways.

As she dialed a number, she took a deep breath.

"Hello," a male voice broke the silence of her room. "Hey Luke," she replied. "How are you this morning?" she asked.

"Im good, you?" "Yes thats it, thats why I called." "What are you talking about?" He asked confused. "I can come to work today cos Im feeling a little sick." she lied. "Sick? Whats wrong with you?"

Kristen stayed quiet for a while as she didn have any excuse at the moment. The line was silent until Luke spoke again. "Kris can you hear me?" "Yes I can. Im just feeling nauseous and dizzy." She had finally thought of a lie. It wasn really a lie because a few days ago, she was throwing up and feeling dizzy but it had stopped.

"Kris, hope its not what Im thinking." Luke said with a sudden serious tone of voice. "What are u thinking ?" she kind of laughed as she said those words.


e not pregnant are you?" he asked. "No of course not." she instantly shut down the idea of her being pregnant. What is he even saying? Its absurd at this point. "Good." he said, coldly. "Why do you sound like it would be bad if I was?"

"You can be pregnant Kristen, you simply can ." "Well Im not so you can stop worrying about that."

"Great, you can take the day off." "Thank you so much my love." "You

e good and just rest up ok? talk to you later." "Ok by-"

He hung up before she could finish her sentence but she didn think much of it. She simply thought it was because he was busy at work. He was usually at work really early on Mondays.

Kris tumbled back into her bed with a smile on her face. "Can believe he fell for it." she said, trapping a pillow between her legs. Her expression suddenly changed. "But why did he sound like that? As if it would be bad if I was pregnant." she spoke to herself.

She shrugged the thought away and slept for a bit.

After having breakfast, she decided to step out of her apartment for a while. It was boring at home and she had the whole day to herself.


While taking a stroll at the beach, Kris suddenly received a phone call. When she saw the caller ID, her heart thumped in her chest. It was Luke, her boss from work.

"Hey Luke," her voice cracked nervously. "Kris, I just wanted to let you know that the beach isn a place sick people go to."

Kris heart sank deep within her chest when she heard what he said. She frantically searched the beach to see if she would see him. her eyes then caught sight of Lukes intricate face. she watched in terror as he approached her.

"L-luke I can explain." she spoke first. "Explain what? Explain the reason why you lied to me about being sick? Well let me hear it." Luke said, vividly suppressing his anger.

"Well um... I err... I only because um... sigh! Im so sorry Luke, I have no excuse. Please forgive me." she rattled out.

"You really lied to me Kris. How could you do that? Of all people it was you. Have you forgotten all the things I did for you? How I had your brother treated? How I even promised to marry you after I divorce my wife?" "Luke listen. I was just tired thats all. Nothing to get ser-" "Shut the f%&k up Kristen. Don you dare give me stupid excuses." he cut her off cold.

"Im sorry but since when did you speak to me like that?" she inquired, somewhat upset by the tone he used.

"Since now Kristen." "Ok just cos I told a little lie doesn mean you can talk to me like that, Im your girlfriend." "No. you

e my work affair." he uttered.

"What?!" Kristen couldn believe her ears. Did he just say work affair? she was utterly confused.

"You heard me and in case I wasn clear, you

e fired and we

e done." He started to walk away but she ran after him and stood before him

"Are you serious right now? You

e firing and breaking up with me? Surely this is about something else and not cos I lied to you." she said.

"I have nothing else to say to you." he hissed in a tone so cold that Hell might have frozen over.

"Alright, she found out didn she?" she asked. "What are you talking about?" He pretended to not know what she was talking about.

"Your wife. She found out about us and now you wanna get rid of me." she reasoned out, her voice cracking with tears pooling in her eyes. "Don make this harder than it already is. We

e over so deal with it."

She let out a bitter laugh. "Its that easy isn it? Fine but you still legally owe me that vacation." "Done deal now move aside." he ordered. She nodded slowly, mouthing ok as she moved out of his way.

She watched his back as he left thinking hed look back but he didn .

Kristen could feel the tears falling down her cheek. She swiftly wiped it away and left the beach.

Later that night...

Kristen sat miserably on the floor next to her bed. She didn know how else to cope with the hurt she was going through. After vaping and crying all night long, she finally went to take a bath.

_ _ _

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