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Happy New Year.

I and the series are in your care again this year.















As the sudden Special Judge role had finally ended, I returned to the audience seats.

As the awarding ceremony is about to start, including the Champion Beatrice-san, Luna-san also headed to the stage because the competitors who apparently made it to the Top 8 would also receive extra prizes.



[Is it the end after the awarding ceremony]

[Ahh, no, we’re going to have an afterparty.]


[The Top 8 will prepare dishes and pastries, which everyone can partake in at their leisure.

It’s more like a showcase of the Top Maids’ skills.]

[Hmmm, that sounds like a lot of fun.]



I see, there’s still such an event huh…… Luna-san is also a member of the Top 8, so she’d be among those who would cook dishes and pastries.

I guess Lilia-san and I also can’t go home until that afterparty ends.

Well, I had already eaten 2 sets of dishes at the judging table earlier, so my stomach is already sufficiently filled.

I guess I’ll just have some snacks at that afterparty.



[Kaito-san, thank you for your hard work.]

[Ahaha, things got a little weird at the end…… but for the time being, this ends the Maid Olympia.

The end was a bit of a mess, but it was a lot of fun, wasn’t it]

[Yes, the competition was well thought out, and it was fun to watch…… Well, to be honest though, I’d rather not come back again……]

[I get you.

I feel so out of place here.]



The Maid Olympia was actually kinda fun.

I was made to be a Special Judge at the end, but other than that, while throwing some tsukkomis here and there, I was able to enjoy myself.

However, as there were many times when I couldn’t follow the maids’ mysterious logic that was often deployed in this place filled with maids, I don’t think I would want to come back again.



[……However, Luna-san has reached the Top 8, right Wouldn’t this mean she’s exempted from next Maid Olympia’s qualifiers]

[……I’m going to decline next time.]


This may be a rude way to say this, but to be honest, I can’t see a future where Lilia-san can refuse……]

[What a coincidence.

I also feel like I’d also be cajoled into attending again…… At that time, please be prepared to be caught up again, Kaito-san.]





Lilia-san laughed mischievously.

Lilia-san’s words just now sounded like it’s spoken in jest, but in fact, I wonder how it would actually turn out In the Maid Olympia…… If I don’t participate intending to support Luna-san, there’s a high possibility that I will be asked to be a Special Judge just like Ein-san did this time.

I wish I could be firm and refuse her…… but I feel really weak to earnest requests, or rather, I feel like I would somehow end up getting swept along.

In that case, I even think that it would be safer to participate as a supporter.



[Are you going to be at the afterparty as well, Akane-san We will be going back home with Luna-san, so we inevitably have to stay until the end……]

[Hmm~~ I’d be happy to go home already, but Frau looked like she wanna join, and since we can eat for free, I’ll stay a little bit.

However, I’m not going to stay until the end, and find a good time to go home.]

[Ehh~~ We’re not gonna stay until the end, Chairman Let’s participate in a heated Maid Debate!]

[If you’re gonna involve me in such a thing, I’ll leave you behind.]

[If you leave me here, will teleportation costs be included in the work expenses]

[It’s not included!]

[……How unfortunate.]



It doesn’t seem like Frau-san can use Teleportation Magic, and due to the fact that she will return with Akane-san’s Teleportation Magic, she will inevitably leave at the time Akane-san leaves.

It seems like she doesn’t have the option of just staying behind.

Well, I understand how she feels.

There were a lot of audiences that had attended this event, so the Teleportation Gate would definitely be crowded and would take her a long time before she could go home.

That especially goes with teleporting from the Demon Realm to the Human Realm, as it would require a fairly excellent Teleportation Magic User or an expensive Teleportation Magic Tool.

Me, Lilia-san and Luna-san will return home with my Teleportation Magic Tool, so we don’t have such a problem.

Lilia-san had also received a state-of-the-art Teleportation Magic Tool as memorabilia from the Six Kings Festival, so she can use it to return home.



[Speaking of which, the Phantom Maid disappeared before I knew it.

She was someone filled with mystery, wasn’t she]



Alice disappeared as soon as the exhibition match was over.

Well, she is still behind me now, but I guess her disappearance gave the impression of being mysterious to the maids.

……Well, for the time being, as the Maid Olympia has been concluded, let’s just enjoy ourselves at the afterparty.


















Serious-senpai : [I guess this ends the Maid Olympia Arc]

: [Right.

Since there have been consecutive chapters filled with serious battles, I guess the next arc would be something sweet]

Serious-senpai : [……Can you please stop that No, I’m not talking about you jinxing the coming of a sweet arc, but you tagging those maid battles as something serious……]


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