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Chu Xuan watched as the Divine realm experts fell one after another, turning into dust.

He felt that it was a pity.

If these Divine realm experts became ghosts, the ghost races strength would increase significantly, as would the Ghost Dao principle and the Ghost World.

Chu Xuan decided to hold on to the divine souls of these Divine realm experts.

After Chu Xuan made up his mind, he used the Heavenly Dao Talisman to capture the remnant soul of a Divine realm expert, who was about to turn into ashes.

There was no need for a complete divine soul, a remnant soul was enough.

After submerging it in the River of Styx, it would become a ghost, and its Divine realm foundation would allow it to quickly cultivate back up to its peak strength.

Chu Xuan connected the Ghost World to the three regions, transferring the remnant soul over.

As for the remnant souls memories, Chu Xuan decided to make some adjustments to it, choosing only to allow the remnant soul to retain memories of its race and cultivation.

After entering the River of Styx, it would take some time for it to be reborn as a ghost.

The stronger one was, the longer it would take for them to be reborn.

Chu Xuan was overjoyed.

A portion of the Divine realm experts had already died, but there were still half that he could turn into ghosts.

Once their transformation was completed, the ghost races strength would rise.

Chu Xuan did not hide his actions from Hei Yue.

She was momentarily stunned.

Master had intervened

Was she being too ruthless to these Divine realm experts

That should not be the case.

Master was not a soft-hearted person.

Then, she felt that those remnant souls were being sucked away by a force.

Heiyue suddenly understood.

Master wanted to turn those remnant souls into ghosts.

The surviving Divine realm experts turned pale with fright.

Had their actions incited the anger of the heavens

Had the Black Moon Towers achievement of exterminating the blood fiends earned the favor of the heavens

Heavenly punishment was something that they had only heard of in legends, and it had not been reported in the nine zones since the ancient era.

However, it had actually appeared today…

And it was so terrifying!

Did it have something to do with the Great Daoyuan calamity

The onlookers were terrified as well and fled, afraid of being caught up in the devastation.

Hei Yue stood on the mountain peak, looking around at the empty surroundings.

There was no change in her expression, nor any display of emotions.

Beside her, Grandpa Zhang had yet to recover from the shock.

His granddaughters methods were beyond his imagination.

Dozens of Divine realm experts had been slain within such a short period of time.

Su Xianer looked at Hei Yue curiously, not so much because of her power, but rather marveling at how calm and collected she was amidst all this.

Chu Xuans voice then entered Hei Yues mind.

“Come back before you go to the Central Zone.”

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