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Red flame thorn

After getting more or less the information, the first elder led Lin Mo and the rest deep into the cave.

After going deeper, Lin Mo realized that the caves were connected in all directions.

Each path led to a different place.

After searching for a while, his sense of direction was already very bad.

Furthermore, for some unknown reason, the surrounding walls were very difficult for soul power to penetrate.

“Its right in front, but whether you can get it or not will depend on your luck.”

After walking for half an hour, the surroundings became empty, and what appeared in front was a lava lake.

In the lake, there were many crystals burning with flames.

It contained an extremely rich flame energy, causing Lin Mo and beautiful silk to be dumbfounded.

little friend, look at the platform in the middle.

Thats the sacred fire spirit stone.

The great elder pointed to the center.

Lin Mo followed his finger and saw a platform in the middle of the lake.

A medium formation pattern appeared on the platform, exuding a mysterious aura.

In the center of the platform was a white crystal surrounded by white flames, looking very sacred.

The great elder left to look for Tang Jitong and the others, in case they encountered the hidden ghost sects sect master.

Lin Mo and damask were left behind, staring at the lake of script in a daze.

The things floating in the lake were all fire spirit crystals, and there were so many of them, which made him apprehensive.

be careful.

If Tang Jitong and the others cant take away the sacred fire spirit stone, you can imagine how terrifying this formation is.

Damask reminded Lin Mo to step back.

She planned to test the waters first.

The fire spirit crystal that was closest to them was a hundred meters away.

No matter what, he had to try and see if he could get that fire spirit crystal first.

“Aunty, let me do it.

I have the kun Peng wings, so Ill be faster.”

Lin Mo was a little worried and wanted to try it out himself.

no, let me do it.

You watch carefully.

Your soul power is stronger than mine.

Damask shook her head and told Lin Mo to look carefully.

She leaped up and quickly flew toward the crystal.

Lin Mo released his soul power to be on guard against his surroundings.

At the same time, he took out the Daluo divine sword.

Once damask encountered an irresistible danger, he would take action.

The Qi of the fire spirit crystal was getting thicker and thicker, and the beautiful silk was gradually approaching the fire spirit crystal.

She had been very careful along the way, ready to fight at any time.

The fire spirit crystal in front of him was also very sacred.

It was shining with multicolored light and releasing the aura of flames.

As he got closer, a wave of dense spirit Qi gushed into beautiful silks body, making her feel comfortable.

The spirit Qi was too pure.

“Its indeed worthy of being a fire spirit crystal.”

Beautiful silk praised as she flew in front of the fire spirit crystal and reached out to grab it.

From the beginning to the end, she had been on high alert.

The fire spirit crystal was the size of a palm and exuded a holy aura.

The flames were ignited and burned in the beautiful silks hand.

“What a divine aura.

If I refine it, my strength will increase.” Damask praised.

However, even now, the so-called danger had not appeared.

The surroundings were deathly silent.

Lin Mos expression was grave.

Even when the damask tulip began to retreat, there was no danger.

“Aunty, dont relax.

Come out first.” He reminded the damask to speed up and fly out of the magma Lake.

At this moment, the damask tulip was already less than ten meters away from the shore.

It would only take an instant for him to get out.

Even Lin Mo thought that there would be no more danger.

However, at the lakeshore, a formation pattern appeared and a dangerous aura instantly spread.

Lin Mo and damasks expressions changed at the same time.

The latter charged forward with all her might, trying to fly out of the range of the formation.


From the lava lake, a red vine shot out and stabbed toward damasks glabella.

At the same time, the array was activated.

Damasks figure paused for a moment, and in the next moment, she suddenly fell downward.

“A flight prohibiting formation”

Damasks expression changed drastically.

Her body was pulled by a tremendous force, and she was about to be pierced through between her brows by the vine.

At the crucial moment, she took out the glorious sun spear.

The tip of the spear was extremely sharp and it shattered the vines.

At the same time, with the help of the counterforce, his body rose higher and left the lake with Lin Mos help.

“That was close …”

“What is that thing its so strange.”

Lin Mo was shocked.

There was definitely a being under the lava lake that could control the formation.

Furthermore, it was extremely intelligent.

It knew that the damask was powerful and not easy to deal with, so it attacked at the last moment.

“The formation has changed.

Thats an attack formation.”

Damask reminded.

The formation above the lava lake changed again.

It changed very quickly.

This time, it was a defensive formation.

The two of them tried to attack, but they found that they couldnt move it at all.

One could imagine how hard it was.

“What a strange formation …”

Lin Mo was shocked because the formation changed every minute.

It was a defensive formation, an offensive formation, and a flight prohibiting formation.

In addition, there were also spirit gathering arrays, teleportation arrays, and sealing arrays.

Each formation could last for a minute, which was very magical.

the killing formation is still intact.

If we get hit, well die for sure.

After a period of observation, Lin Mo found a pattern.

There was a gap in the defensive formation, through which one could enter and exit.

In addition, the sealing formation and the no-fly formation also had flaws.

There was a part of the area that couldnt be covered, which was definitely good for them.

As long as he could escape the range of the magma before the attack formation was transformed, he would be safe.

However, the most dangerous thing now was still the bottom of the lava lake.

There was an unknown monster there.

From all the previous signs, this fellow was extremely intelligent and was a great danger.

“Judging from the attack just now, its the Scarlet Flame thorn.

It seems weve arrived at its nest.”

Damask thought about it carefully and recalled a record she had seen in an ancient book.

The Scarlet Flame thorn did not have strict growth conditions.

As long as the seed was planted, it would germinate and grow.

As long as it grew to a certain level, it would change the environment and turn an area into a magma Lake.

Although the Scarlet Flame thistles were also at the ninth sky of the Nirvana realm, its combat power would increase exponentially with the help of the environment.

Since it was guarding this place now, it naturally treated the sacred fire spirit stone as its own possession and would not allow anyone to touch it.

“Lets find a way to lure it out first.”

Lin Mo watched as the formation changed.

When the killing formation disappeared, he entered through the gap in the defensive formation with the Daluo divine sword.


He released a powerful sword Qi, lightning, and fire.

He used all his strength and some of the thorns below were directly cut into pieces.

The lava lake trembled, and vines flew out, piercing towards Lin Mo.

“Heaven-splitting sword Qi.”

Lin Mo executed his martial arts and attacked with all his might.

At the same time, damask also joined the battle.

She would not allow Lin Mo to face danger alone.

With the two of them working together, the Scarlet Flame thistles began to lose.

A large number of thistles and vines retreated toward the area covered by the formation.

Taking this opportunity, they obtained more than a dozen fire spirit crystals.

However, it was already too late.

They could only retreat because the killing array was about to appear.

With a loud explosion, the lava lake behind them exploded.

The Scarlet Flame thistle wanted to keep the two of them, but it was powerless.

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