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During this period of time , Mo Fan didn turn on the live broadcast because he was busy practicing song. Now that he has succeeded in sounding beautiful, it is time to continue the live broadcast.

Cunguang: Good

Fan Ge: Do you want to add at WeChat, It is more convenient

Cunguang: 97 136 *****

Seeing the strings of numbers sent by the other party, Mo Fan decisively saved it to his phone and dialed it.

"Hey". The male voice was low and sweet, highly recognizable.



Mo Fan: "I am Fan Ge, This is my phone number, Do remember~"


"Then i will hang up first, come to the game." Mo Fan cut the phone directly.

Mo Fan had listened to the song that Cunguang had sung before, and immediately heard the other partys voice.

"FanFan, you actually hung up the phone first." When the system saw that Mo Fan hung up, he jumped out.

[No?] Mo Fan asked.

"Its okay, but shouldn it be better for you to wait for the other party to hang up first?"

[Its the same.]


Fan Ge: Do you mind if i start a live broadcast?

SX: Anything

SX is Cunguangs WeChat nickname, and Mo Fan suspects that this is the other partys name.

Fan Ge: Speaking of which, I don know your name yet.

SX: Shi Xun

Fan Ge: Nice name. My name is Mo Fan.

SX: Good.

It was so simple and concise. Mo Fan shrugged, sent a broadcast notification, opened the live broadcast software, and played the game. When Shi Xun was online, Mo Fan received an invitation to play the game as soon as he went online.

Because it was a Saturday night, there were tons of idle people. As soon as the live broadcast started, Mo Fan entered the live broadcast room.

—FanFan hasn broadcast live for a long time

—-I miss you

—I was afraid Fanfan won live broadcast anymore

—My husband

In addition to a lot of barrage, the audience enthusiastically gave Mo Fan a lot of gifts.

"Thank you for your gifts. I will play a few games first. Recently, my game skills has improved by a lot"

—Its okay, even if the anchor is a dog, i still like it.

—-Cai Cais anchor is cute

—-Anchor, we don dislike you

Mo Fan looked at the barrage, not knowing if he should cry or laugh. After the selection, he found that there were more barrage than usual. Cutting out the game, the number of viewers has reached several times the previous number. After looking at the barrage carefully, Mo Fan discovered that these were all seen in Mo Fans Weibo broadcast notification point.

—FanFan, you actually abandon the wheat sequence dregs game.

—Sing to us and we forgive you

Mo Fan helplessly said," Then i will sing half of a song for you while the game starts".

Mo Fan moved his mouse and randomly clicked a song in the playlist.

—Shit, the anchor is going to do something

—Nosebleed (^་།^)

—Ready with Headphones

When the prelude came out, Mo Fan realized that it was a rather shameful song. In order to please YYs female audience, the original owner has learned a lot of this type of song.

"A mistake, let me sing another song."


—FanFan stop, put down the mouse

—-Don run, we dont accept it.

"Okay, Okay, I will sing it."


—-Fanfan actually gained so many new Mi Fen in the past few days when he was absent, What happened?

This is Mo Fans original Mi Fen.

—Please sing,

Well, this is a new Mi Fen for fear that the whole world to be in chaos1 .

Mo Fan suspected that his live broadcast room is under the wrong category and he should change from a game anchor to a singing anchor. Mi Fens question was not explained by Mo Fan because Mo Fans Mi Fen was in a hurry to communicate with one another.

"I sat at the corner of the tavern

I was smoking a cigarrate and drinking wine to drown my sorrow…"

—Aoao , hugging

—Good, my legs are weak

—The anchor is so beautiful, i don mind if you tease me

—Ying Ying Ying,Biting the handkerchief, i really want to pounce on him.

"Suddenly there was a sound of gasping, there is a woman who appears in the tavern …"

—Are you sure its not a man?

—A man 666


Mo Fan sang a short segment, just as the game started, he turned off the accompainiment.

—Please finish singing

—I want to hear

—The anchor is so cute

—I just say, the anchor is not good at all.

Mo Fan doesn know if he should laugh or cry after watching the barrage,"The game has started, i don to pit others. Um..the anchor is not worthy."

—The serious look is so cute

—FanFan has someone he likes, right?

"Yes. yes, I have someone i like". Mo Fan bought an equipment and saw the barrage casually.

—Its so sweet, Im eating dog food.

—FanFan hand over the man behind.

—I still miss the sun

"Im afraid this won work, but i am a man who defend himself like a jade".

—The anchor wants to turn on the camera

—I want to see beauty

—The anchor is so beautiful, come and benefit the world.

"The camera won turn on, Don you like my voice?"

—Like Like

— If i can breath, I like it better

"Hey, we can happily chat anymore".

"Ok, we wont say"

"Ok, we wont say"

"Ok, we wont say, what should we watch? Anchor open the camera and we won say"


"When i finish this game?"


—Hmm, wait

After concentrating on the ga,e, Mo Fan stopped watching the barrage. He got up from wherever he fell, Mo Fan decisively locked a piano girl.

Qin Nu is very popular as a nurse, but she does not have many opportunities to appear in the high-end rankings. Compared with the low-end rounds, the diamond master place more emphasis on auxiliary control rather than protection.

{Friends} Mid Laner: Qin Girl?

{Friends} Jungle: Did the support come here to sell meng2? Have thighs?

Because he has been busy singing before, Mo Fan didn pay too much attention to the game, only then did he see the news from his teammates.

{Friendly} An ordinary person: AD is my thigh, hold tightly to win

{Friends} Jungle: Hehe

Probably due to Mo Fans word, that caused a bit of hatred, the jungler has never came to the bottom lane. Mo Fan wasn the piano girl in the first place and the consumption and vision did not leak.

First blood!

Double kill!

In the first seven minutes, Mo Fan cooperated with Shi Xun and directly took a double kill in the bottom lane.

{Friend} Top order: 666

{Friend} An ordinary person: 666, do you think i am better than last time?

{Friend} Xun Mi: Improvement

{Friends} An ordinary person: Is it just a little improvement?

{Friend} Xun Mi: More than a little

{Friend} An ordinary person: O(∩_∩)O~~

—FanFan, so arrogant?

—Want to know who AD is

—Boyfriend? The person i like?


Mo Fan didn have a barrage assistant. He couldn see the barrage and didn know how much he was asking for praise in the live broadcast room.

{Friend} Top order: Auxiliary girl?

{Friend} An ordinary person: Yes, please lie down to win~

{Friend} Top order: No package to win

{Friend} An ordinary person: (ω)

—-FanFan is so naughty–

— Aooaoao, but i still think its cute

—Fanfan seeking to open black

—I can see all the swiping, and the anchor who doesn open the barrage can afford to hurt.

—Ying Ying Ying, Please take a look at the barrage

{Friends}Top order: A diamond to help yourself? Even if you are playing support, It is very powerful.

{Friends}An ordinary person: With my thigh strap~

{Friends}Top Order: Ha Ha, I cant take you if i have the opportunity

{Friends}An ordinary person: (* ^__^*)

—I always feel that FanFan is very happy today

—You want to take me with you on the order?

—I can only brought by people like me who are beautiful and skilled

—I said before that you can take me to stand still, lets solo

{Friends} Xun Mi: Concentrate on the game

The author has something to say: I feel that the attack has been written off by me, and there are few dramas….

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