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Chapter 44: Subjugation Task

「This is the latest model of enchanted weapon 【Blazing Katana Mk III】.

Although this is just the prototype, its fire magic conduction has been greatly enhanced.」


Rui received the blazing katana and then looked at its sharpened blade.

The length of the blade was around 79 cm, it looked like a katana without an armguard.

Its sword’s blade was red with a beautiful ripple pattern on it.


「The monsters that came out in the green dungeon are mainly the “Insect Type” monster.

Since they’re weak to 『Fire』type magic, this katana should be able to damage them.」

「But, my fire attribute magical power is only 50.

Can I really use this」


「No problem!」 said Yoshioka as he took a black case from his pocket upon hearing Rui’s question.

When he opened the lid, there was a red gem inside of the black case.


「This is 0.7 carat, ‶Red Spinel ”.

Your fire attribute magical power should rise by 70 when you eat this.

Altogether with your previous 50, the total of your fire attribute magical power after you eat this should be 120.

That much should be enough to allow you to use 『Blazing Katana』.」


Rui took the case and then received the magic gem, “Red Spinel”.

Since Yoshioka gave him a PET bottle on top of that, the meaning was clear, so he nodded and then swallowed the magic gem with the aid of the water in the pet bottle.


「How do you feel Are you okay」


「No problem.

I feel the heat in my abdomen, I managed to absorb it.」 Said Rui upon hearing Yoshioka’s question.


「Great! We’re going to enter the dungeon after measuring your mana index with mana measuring tool.」


「Since it’s the instruction from above.

We will give you our all-out support to raise your mana index which is going to make It a hellish schedule.

Then, are you ready for that」


Rui’s lips formed a whole-faced smile, his eyes gleaming so brightly upon hearing that.






Tokyo, Musashino city.

There was the figure of Yuuma and Tanaka in the 12th floor of 『Red Dungeon』.


「As I thought, going all the way down to the 12th floor is tough…」


Yuuma muttered as he tried to adjust his ragged breath.


「Well, the way down to the lower floor isn’t a straight road, after all, it’s pretty much impossible to walk straight from one end to another.」


Tanaka said so with a gentle smile on his face.

Yuuma was really surprised to see Tanaka was fine even after walking for so long.

――As expected, pro seeker are on a whole nother level.


「D-Minor’s license only allows us to descend until the 20th floor but, let’s go to the 14th floor for now.」

「Is there something in that floor」

「There’s just the right monster to raise your mana more efficiently on that floor.

Well, just look forward to it.



Yuuma continued to go down while feeling baffled upon seeing Tanaka’s daring smile.

Though he met a reptile-like monster along the way, they opted to escape instead of fighting it.

The monster around this area wasn’t that powerful.


「Is there no vehicle that we can use to go down more efficiently」

「Well, using a car is impossible due to the narrow passage and vicious scaffolding.

Even riding a bike is dangerous since a monster might suddenly pounce on you out of nowhere.

So the safest way of movement is by foot.」

「I see now.」


Yuuma quickened his pace while heaving a sigh.

After walking for around forty minutes, they finally arrived at their destination.


「Is this the place」

「Yes, this is the place.」


When he was looking around, the area was composed of rugged rock with puddles of water of all sizes over here and there.

Some sort of creature was hopping around those puddles of water.


「Could it be… THAT」


The creature that Yuuma saw was a huge, deep blue frog.

It raised cries peculiar to that of usual frogs.

Its body was clearly bigger than 15 cm.

Even though Yuuma wasn’t afraid of frogs, their sheer size was big enough to make him falter.


「Their official name is Blue Frog.

Well, they might look dangerous but, they’re not, they’re just the right monster for beginners to raise their mana index.」

「Just the right monster huh…」


Yuuma frowned upon seeing the monster who approached them while raising a cry.

「NOW! TAKE THEM DOWN WITH YOUR PICKEL!」 Said Tanaka when Yuuma was still in daze after seeing the huge frog for the first time in his life.

Yuuma readied himself.

He raised the pickel in his hand and swung it down toward the frog.




It is then followed by an unpleasant, slick sound.

The frog sprayed a lot of liquid from its body and mouth.




It wasn’t your average liquid.

The body liquid of the frog was sticky.


「Yes, Bullfrog will scatter their body liquid when they’re in danger.

And then, they’ll use the ensuing confusion to escape.」


Just as Tanaka had said, the frog hopped carefreely from Yuuma.


「Yuuma-kun, you won’t be able to zap it if you forgot to press the switch you know.」

「AH! I forgot about that.」


Yuuma went after the frog again and attacked with his pickel again but the frog dodged so easily and jumped into the puddle beside it.



「U~h, it escaped eh.

Well, don’t worry about it, this is your first experience after all.」


「Now I’ll show you the way to do it」 said Tanaka after he encouraged Yuuma.

He then took out a short sword from his pocket and went to the nearby bullfrog right beside the puddle.

He leapt at once and stabbed his short sword toward its body, giving it no chance to react at all.

The frog raised a warcry and scattered its body fluid.

Tanaka didn’t hesitate to press the switch on his short sword, zapping the frog in an instant.

The frog raised death throes before it turned into sand.


「Fuuh, that’s how you do it.」


Tanaka stood up again, covered in mucus.

Yuuma was at a loss for words, wondering whether he really should do that while looking at Tanaka who was still smiling gently despite being covered in mucus.


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