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As Liel’s expression became bright for the first time, Dioleta barely managed to hold back her tears.


Dioleta, who had a heart full of tears, opened her mouth again.


“I’ll go in first, so you two play as much as you want.”


“Then can we play in the garden”


When Lucy asked, Dioleta nodded.


“Of course.”




After hearing a powerful answer, Dioleta approached the Marquis of Seywint, who was waiting for her with a face of relief.


Like that, Lucy and Liel were left alone in the middle of the garden.


It was Lucy who spoke first.


“I don’t have any friends my age, so I want to be friends with you…… Is it okay”


When Dioleta left, Lucy asked in a passive manner, unlike before.


Lucy was nervous because it was her first time being alone with a boy her age.


To Lucy’s question, Liel curled his lips once and answered in a trembling voice.


“Y, yeah… I want to be friends with Lucy, too…….”


It was Lucy, not Dioleta, whom Liel treated with affectionately, and the one who first opened the door in Liel’s heart.


As soon as Liel saw Lucy, he felt relieved and his eyes came back to life.


To the point that even he didn’t know why, this happened, as if it was fate.


Lucy, who didn’t know that, reached out to Liel with a bright face, just happy to have a friend of her age.


It was from then on.


Liel whined to Lucy to hold his hand whenever he could.




I have visited the Duke of Marsen more often than before, as I promised.

In fact, I used to come to play often, but these days, I have been visiting almost every day.


As planned, it was to reduce the time that Liel and Dioleta were alone.


It wasn’t so hard because I didn’t have anything to do anyway.


Liel seemed happy when I came to see him every day, so I went back and forth to the Duke’s house in peace.


On the contrary, there were people who were not very happy with my visit.


“Aren’t you visiting too often, Young Lady Seywint”


It was when I was putting on my hat over my head and was about to go back home.


The Duchess of Marsen, who had not been seen for a while, came out for the first time in a while and talked to her.


She glanced at Liel and frowned.

Soon, she turned her eyes and stared at me as if she didn’t want to look.


Liel’s head naturally went down.

Liel always looked down in front of the Duchess and listened to her as if he was guilty.


Still, the Duchess didn’t touch Liel when I was around.


That’s because I’m from the Marquis of Seywint.


I vaguely heard that since the Marquis of Seywint helped the Duke in the past, family ties have continued.


My grandmother was friends with the previous head, the Duke of Marsen, so I probably heard it right.


Of course, after the death of the previous Duke, there was little exchange between the two families, but thanks to me and Liel, it was getting active again.


So, in fact, the Duchess couldn’t really blame me much for my frequent visits.


“Greetings, Duchess of Marsen.”


When I bowed slightly to the Duchess of Marsen, her brows frowned.


She seemed to think that I ignored her.


However, it was obvious that she would think I was rude again if I didn’t greet her first.


“Yes, Young Lady Marquis Seywint.”


I managed to tuck in my pouty lips and said.


“My grandmother is very busy these days.

So I came here a little often to play with Liel.”


When I finished talking, I laughed like a child.


When I spoke with an impeccable smile, Duchess Marsen again cast her eyes at Liel.


Feeling Duchess Marsen’s gaze, Liel faltered and took a step back.


Why are you scaring him


“……The person who will be the head of Seywint in the future will not become a great adult if she is already so into playing.”


Her piercing eyes separated me from Liel.

I felt a slight chill.


At the same time, it was unfair.


I’m still eight years old.


If you’re 8 years old, you can play


In fact, there was a separate reason for the Duchess to do that.

She just doesn’t like the way I get along with Liel.


This can also be seen as a personal connection.


“If you’re really bored, why don’t you take my daughter’s class as well”


Look at that.

She’s trying to hook me up with Dioleta.


It was clear that she thought I was young and wouldn’t know what she was up to.

Of course that’s how it used to be, but not now.


“But I hate studying.”


I pretended to be tactless and smiled brightly and imitated an immature child.


It wasn’t even a lie at all.

Honestly, it’s true that I don’t like studying.


“…… Marquis Seywint must be very worried.”


As expected, the Duchess of Marsen looked at me as if I was a poor child.

It was humiliating, but I persevered with her contempt and answered.


“My grandmother told me to play hard because I’ll learn everything later”


This was also true.


My grandmother didn’t give me too much education except for proper common sense and proper etiquette.


She even introduced me to Liel, telling me to run around at that time.


My grandmother would let me go to the academy to study, so now I’m going to play like a child.


So I play hard every day.




First, the Duchess of Marsen, who brought my grandmother up, looked as if she had been caught off guard by my words.


Duchess Marsen seems to have thought it was something my grandmother would say.


“Did I bother you because I came to the duke’s house every day”


When I asked with a sullen expression, Duchess Marsen’s face hardened and immediately returned to its original state.


As expected, as a noble, her facial expression management was amazing.


Immediately the Duchess of Marsen replied, imitating a caring mother.


“No way.

I was just apologetic that Liel looked bored alone, but I’m grateful that the young lady has come to see him.”


Wow, she’s a smooth talker.


As I was admiring the words of Duchess Marsen inside, Liel’s hands trembled.


He looked nervous when his name came out of Duchess Marsen’s mouth.


“Please take good care of Liel in the future.

He never opens his heart to me.”


If you want Liel to open his heart, shouldn’t you open yours first


Of course I don’t expect the Duchess of Marsen to open up to Liel.


The duchess, who didn’t know what I was thinking, gave me a farewell.


I also bowed to her again.


“Go in carefully.”


An adult’s composure was seen from the way she bent her eyes and smiled.


“Liel, Liel.”


As soon as the Duchess left, I waved my hand and called him.


“Y, yes…”


Liel, who slowly raised his head upward, stuttered and replied.

I squinted my eyes and said.


“Don’t be so intimidated.”


Why are you so discouraged


Liel replied with a precarious smile as if he would disappear.


“Because I was wrong…….”


It was not a forced word, but a sincere word.


“I wouldn’t like it if someone took away the person I like…….”


Liel knew exactly why Duchess Marsen hated him.


The child of a woman who stole her husband


Only at 9 years old, Liel was already aware of it


“I would have hated it.”


At Liel’s grim voice, I got completely flustered.


” So, I think she can hate me.”


It was strange for Liel, who usually spoke slowly, to suddenly speak so coherently.


Liel who was not permitted to call her mother, had to call her either as Madam or Madam Marsen.


“You’re not wrong, but I don’t think I’ll be mad at you either.”


Don’t take hatred for granted.


For a moment, I was taken aback by Liel’s subdued voice, thinking that he might have been hurt, so I hurriedly touched  him.


Liel closed his eyes then opened them.


Soon, he smiled softly.


Thank goodness.

I’m glad he felt better.





His father is a simple man who only knows his wife.”


Grandma put down the papers and said,


The man she’s referring to is the Duke of Marsen, and his father is an old friend of my grandmother.


My grandmother was very close to the former Duke of Marsen.


Sometimes when my grandmother told me about the previous Duke of Marsen, I vaguely imagined that I would be in that kind of relationship with Liel later.


“You don’t come home often these days, do you”


The grandmother, who loved her own family dearly, did not understand the Duke of Marsen’s move.


She said, “I’ll be faithful to my family even if I am to be killed by a beast.”


She was full of dissatisfaction with the way she spoke.


The Duke of Marsen was one of the leading knights in the empire.

He went to subjugate monsters to protect the empire.


I know that Liel’s mother and Duke Marsen met on the same subjugation mission.


“Lucy, take this opportunity to learn something.

People should take care of their own family before helping others.”




I leaned on the armrest of the chair where my grandmother was sitting and nodded.

Then my grandmother patted my hair.


I’ve never thought about it before, but I’ll start a family of my own when I grow up, right


Of course, as long as Liel grows up to be as good and right as he is now.


That way I won’t die, I’ll have my own family, and I’ll be the head of the Seywint family.


At that time, I hoped I can be as close to Liel as how my grandmother and the previous Duke were close to each other.


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