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Liel is sleeping too, so should I just go home


Before I knew it, Liel was asleep.

He felt drowsy after taking the medicine.


Liel never let go of my hand even while he was sleeping.


I looked at Liel who was sleeping and agonized.


Wouldn’t Liel cry again if I let go of his hand and went home


I’m sure he’ll cry because I’m doing two things at the same time that he doesn’t like.


I looked out the window thinking about what to do.

The sun was still bright, and it was early to go back.


‘Shall we sleep together’


It was a very good idea.

After letting go of my worries, I immediately lifted the blanket and dug into Liel’s large bed.


It was possible because Liel and I were both young.


Lying on the right side of Liel, I was able to experience how warm this child’s body temperature was.


As the soft blanket and warm body temperature were combined, I began to fall asleep shortly after.


Then suddenly, I opened my eyes wide as I remembered that Liel’s snake tattoo was on his right ankle.


Earlier, I stopped by my study a few days ago to investigate snake tattoos, but I didn’t find anything.


In the first place, there were very few books about the devil in our study.

To the point that I was looking for a book every day.


I lifted my blanket secretly, recalling the past’s futile efforts.

I could see Liel’s ankle with his pants raised over the dark blanket.


The dark surroundings and assimilated snake tattoos were vaguely showing off their existence.

In the meantime, Liel did not toss and turn and slept calmly.


‘Should I at least read a book about snakes….’


But is this ‘snake’ actually a snake…






I heard a familiar voice in my sleep.






The owner of the voice grabbed my shoulder and gently shook it as if trying to wake me up.


Unable to ignore the series of urging any longer, I opened my eyes and checked who was waking me up.




The irritation that had come up for a while melted away.


Unable to overcome the daze of sleep, I mumbled and called out Dioleta, and she said with a calm smile.


“Lucy, if you sleep too much, you won’t be able to sleep later at night.”


The reason I woke up was because of a sound.


Then I suddenly wondered.

What time is it for her to say that


Rubbing my eyes, I got up from my seat and looked out the window.

The outside of the window was already dark.


In an instant, my sleep went away.




My grandmother would be worried if it was too late!


When I hurriedly removed the blanket and tried to get out of bed, something got stuck in my hand.


It was the hand of Liel.


My palms were sweaty because I was holding his hand the whole time I slept.

Maybe that’s why I felt a little tingly and itchy.


I thought I would get eczema on my hands if I held it longer.


“I contacted Marquis Seywint in advance.”


Unnie, who noticed my concern like a ghost, said.




As expected, she’s an angel.


If she hadn’t told my grandmother in advance, I would have been scolded as soon as I got home.


“Do you want to sleep here tonight If you’re going to, let’s have dinner together.”


“Shall we”


There was nothing to do at home anyway.

I nodded right away without hesitation at her suggestion.


If I had dinner here, I could eat a lot of dessert without my grandmother knowing, so it was good.


“Then I’ll write to Marquis Seywint again.”


Unnie and I laughed at each other.




Perhaps he woke up at the sound of the conversation, but Liel made a painful sound next to me.

A voice full of sleep seemed to look at me earlier.


(t/n: I guess Liel made a sound that people usually make after waking up, while stretching)


I woke Liel up with a flick of my hand, just in time.


“Liel, are you okay”


“Yes, I’m fine…….”


Liel, who sat down after me, answered, rubbing his eyes.

My face color is definitely better than before I fell asleep.


Whew, I’m glad.


“Then, shall we go and eat together”




When I nodded, Liel also nodded after me.


“I asked the chef to make a soup, so let’s have that.”




Liel, who had not yet overcome the remnants of sleep, replied in a weak voice.

I slapped my forehead on the inside because of unnie’s consideration.


‘So kind.

That’s why Liel fell in love with you!’


Was it because she was so caring that he had no choice but to fall in love, or did unnie turn his eyes to natural love


It was a very mysterious cause.




After a hearty meal, the chef brought us dessert.


I ate dessert a lot too.


As I expected, unnie and Liel left more than half of the dessert.

So it all went into my stomach.


In other words, I ate two out of three by myself.


Now that I’m full, all I have to do is play moderately and sleep.


“Liel, what shall we do now”


Just tell me anything.


This noona will listen to you.


(t/n: she refers to her as noona of Liel here, since she regained her past memories and is now older in mental age compared to Liel)


When I spoke with an adult smile on purpose, Dioleta looked down at me with proud eyes.


I felt strangely proud because I felt recognized by my mature sister.


Liel asked me with his eyes wide open.


“Lucy, are you going to sleep here”


“Yes, unnie told my grandmother that I was going to sleep here.”




Liel’s face lit up at once.

He seemed excited when his friend said she was going to sleep in.


“I, then…….”


Liel blushed and mumbled as if he had already decided what to do with me.

Dioleta and I waited silently for words to come out of Liel’s mouth.


I guess unnie is thinking of playing with us too.




Dioleta always looked busy.



It was because when the Duke of Marsen brought Liel, the Duchess of Marsen, who felt a sense of crisis, began compulsively forcing Dioleta to study.

Even so, Liel’s position in the Duke’s was only an illegitimate child, so it is clear that whatever he does, he will lag behind his sister in the succession.


In addition, the Duchess of Marsen forced her to study and take various liberal arts classes.


And she silently satisfied Duchess Marsen’s greed.


So she could do many things such as painting and musical instruments.


On the other hand, Liel was not given the opportunity to study.

Not only general classes, but even etiquette classes.


Naturally, it was the good and caring sister Dioleta who made up for what Liel lacked.


She used to play with Liel and study with him even though she was busy.


It was the same when I came to play.


It must be too much to do homework every day, but unnie took the time to play with us.


As proof of that, even now, unnie brought a big canvas and was drawing with us.


“Lucy, are you done”


Liel, who completed the painting before me, asked.


“Wait, wait…….”


Liel’s canvas was painted with beautiful flowers and vases.


I was drawing the same thing as Liel.

Of course, the perfection itself was different.


‘Why is he so good with his hands’


Liel was smart and dexterous.

On the other hand, I was normal in everything.


Not to mention drawing skills.


“Wow, Lucy’s flower is pretty.”


Don’t lie…….


He was amazed by my painting, which is nowhere near his.


I gritted my teeth and looked at Liel’s painting alternately.

The end of my ear was about to get hot because of the comparison.


I correct myself.

I don’t think my drawing skills are normal.


I could hear Dioleta’s laughter from the side.


“Lucy and liel.

You both did a great job.”


Unnie soothed me with her unique soft voice.


Don’t lie to me either.….




It’s time to go to bed.


Of course Liel didn’t just let me sleep by myself.


“Let’s sleep together… We slept together earlier…….”


As the time to sleep approached, Liel began to complain.


The reason was no big deal.


To sleep together.


I looked at the whining Liel with troubled eyes.


Honestly, it wasn’t hard to sleep with Liel.

Nevertheless, the reason I hesitated was because of eczema on my palm.


My palm has been itchy since I woke up from my nap earlier.

If we held hands any longer, I thought my eczema would worsen in my hands.


Will Liel not hold my hand when I sleep Never.

He tries to hold my hand tightly all the time.


What should I do


When I glanced up at Dioleta, our eyes met as if she was looking at me.


Dioleta also had a face that wasn’t much different from mine.


As I made eye contact with Dioleta, Liel waved his hand and said.


“I’m scared to sleep alone…….”


No, then how did you sleep all this time He’s always stubborn in weird situations


I glanced at Liel with suspicious eyes.

As if my eyes were unusual, water began to fill Liel’s eyes.


Oh, my.


“Liel, do you want to sleep with me”


When I was embarrassed to think that he might cry again, Dioleta put her hand on Liel’s head and said.


Thanks to the hand on his head, Liel rolled her eyes and looked up at Dioleta instead of shedding tears.


Yeah, I’d rather you sleep with unnie…… Huh With unnie


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