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After taking a bite from Liel, I pretended to be calm and led him to the dining hall.


The servants I encountered on the way glanced at me and Riere.


As soon as I passed by the servants, their voices reached my ears one by one.


“Ah what in the world… You know, between that illegitimate child and the commoner…….”


Am I being sensitive


The word illegitimate child and commoner was particularly stuck in my ears.


I couldn’t hide my anger, and turned my head and stared at the chattering servants.




Then, the users were surprised and closed their mouths.




When I suddenly stopped walking, Liel called me in a strange voice.

Fortunately, Liel does not seem to have heard the users.


“It’s nothing.

Let’s go.”


After roughly answering Liel’s call, I pulled his hand again.


That’s very annoying.


Being young was uncomfortable in many ways.


Even if I were to argue with the servants here, it would have been enough to say that nothing would change.


How many adults will believe what a mere child will say


Besides, this wasn’t even my home.


So if I get angry here, I’ll do more harm than good.


Maybe if I get angry, it’ll catch Duchess Marsen’s ear.


Then it will be Liel, not me, who will be scolded.


With the thought of not putting Liel in trouble, I held back my temper.


My mother was diagnosed with infertility with a high probability.


This fact quickly spread to society, and so my mother’s marriage path was completely blocked.


However, my grandmother seemed to have no intention of marrying her mother off in the first place, so she handed over the seat of the head to such a mother.


Maybe she thought it was okay even if she didn’t succeed.


As such, my grandmother did not think much about the preservation or status of the family.


When I was young, she was so passionate that she only focused on her work, but after she got married, she immediately withdrew from politics and prioritized her family.


Maybe that’s why even when my mother brought her commoner father as her spouse, her grandmother respected her mother’s choice.


Other noble families would have opposed it to the end.


Thanks to this, my mother’s marriage was said to have been on the lips of the nobles for a while, just like when she was diagnosed with infertility.


But it didn’t last long either.

Not long after the ceremony, my mother got pregnant.


The aristocracy’s interests immediately shifted from my father to my mother’s pregnancy.


And I was born between these two.


In other words, I am a miraculous child who broke through a very low probability from a mother who was diagnosed with infertility.



I’m done eating.”


It was Liel who woke me up from my reverie, as I was thinking back on the past with my eyes closed for the first time in a while.


Liel’s cheeks, which were talking to me, were bulging.


I looked at Liel’s cheeks once and saw that there was still more than half of his left.


Why is there so much leftovers


“There’s leftovers.”


I spoke in a stern voice, and Liel mumbled back.


“I’m full…”


“You won’t grow if you do this”


“If I don’t eat, I won’t grow”


Liel asked with a shocked face as if he didn’t know.


“Of course.

You and I can see it.

I’m a year younger than you, but I’m taller!”


“Is it because of rice”


“Well, yes.”


While lying, I secretly avoided Liel’s gaze.


In fact, girls only grew faster in the early stages than boys.


But what I’m saying shouldn’t even be considered lying.

Since I started this, I decided to be shameless until the end.


“Liel, do you want to live as a dwarf even when you grow up”


Actually, this is also a lie.


As an adult, Liel grows tall beyond comparison among other men.


Looking down, I was worried that my neck would suffer when I became an adult.

(t/n: She meant that when Liel grows tall in the future, she’ll have a hard time looking up to him all the time)


When I spoke deliberately, as if I was worried about continuing my lie, Liel again took the fork in his hand with a gloomy face.


“No…! I want to grow taller!”


Right You don’t want to be small forever, do you


The hand holding the fork looked determined.


I did provoke him, but I guess he didn’t want to be small until he became an adult.


I thought all’s well that ends well, so I looked at Liel with a happy expression.


But my expression soon turned into a sense of frustration.


“My sister said that.

Women like big men.”




“You said you like tall guys better, too!”


“Uh, uh…”


“Is Lucy like that, too”


“Me, too, uh….

That’s right…”


Did he want to grow taller because of Dioleta


It’s a big deal.

It didn’t bode well from the start.


Should I have said no


It’s too late to regret.


Liel seemed satisfied with my answer, and he was moving his hands hard with a bright face and putting food in his mouth.


As I watched the food go into his mouth, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling of stepping on a mine.


I was so depressed that I didn’t notice the limitations of Liel.


“L, Liel…….

I’m sorry….”


As expected, it was impossible for him to eat everything.


Seeing Liel with a cold sweat and a pale complexion, I felt an unprecedented sense of guilt.


I shouldn’t have fed him more…….


I apologized to Liel again and again because I was sorry.






Lucy, why are you sorry….”


Liel managed to answer, as he lay in bed.

I’m even more sorry for that.


“From now on, I won’t tell you to eat everything….”


I think you’ll grow up even if you eat like how you originally do anyway.….


But still, Dioleta unnie, you shouldn’t listen to her

(t/n: she calls Dioleta ‘unnie’, meaning older sister)


Rather, it would not be bad for Liel to grow up to be a dwarf and give up Dioleta on his own.


Oh, I had another extreme thought without realizing it.


I didn’t mean to think like that with a sick child, so I was about to hold Liel’s hand again and apologize one after another.


Knock knock.


Someone outside has knocked on Liel’s door.


“Liel, are you in there I heard you had an upset stomach.”


It was Dioleta’s voice.

It was clear that she brought medicine after hearing that he was sick.


As expected, Dioleta is an angel.


I got up in a hurry because I thought it would be impossible to keep his sister waiting for a long time because she was worried about Liel.


But I hesitated for a moment because of Liel who held my hand and wouldn’t let go.


“Lu, Lucy….”


Liel looked up at me and cried, perhaps surprised that I let go of his hand without saying anything.


I told Liel,


“Dioleta unnie must have brought some medicine.

So just let go for a second.”


Maybe he couldn’t hear Dioleta’s voice because he was sick, but after hearing my explanation, Liel slowly let go.


As my hands became free, I ran and opened the door.


“Dioleta unnie.”


When I opened the door, Dioleta, whom I faced for the first time in a while since I regained my memory, stood with medicine and water in hand.


Dioleta was four years older than me.

That’s how tall she was.


Perhaps Liel’s goal is to go well beyond that height.


When I looked up at Dioleta, I saw the same black hair as Liel.


Her difference from Liel is that her eyes were green, and Liel’s was close to a yellowish orange.


So at first glance, it looked gold.


Anyway, the only thing in common between Liel and Dioleta, aside from their hair colors, is that they are both as beautiful as a painting.


But it’s also fascinating.


Liel is not even the Duke’s biological child, but he has the same eye color and hair color as if he had inherited his blood.


That’s why I thought the Duchess might be misunderstood.


“Lucy was with you, too.”


Dioleta smiled at me as if she was glad to see me.

Then she bent down and put her cheek to my cheek.


When Dioleta’s body temperature touched her cheek, I also laughed.



(t/n: noona also means older sister, if spoken by a male)


Liel’s voice was heard from behind.


Dioleta and I turned our heads at the same time and looked at Liel, who was sick.


His sister smiled and strode toward Liel with a worried face.


“Are you okay Look at your face turning pale.”


Dioleta put down the cup and pill she was holding in her hand and stroked Liel’s cheek.


“I, I’m all right.”


Liel answered with his eyes closed.


His long, rich eyelashes covered his eyes.


I stood with my back against the door, and stood still and watched the two.


If I look at them like this, with their hair color the same, I can only see them as close siblings.


Interfering indiscriminately with the two of them seemed like a bad thing for Liel, who was isolated in the Duke of Marsen.


Wouldn’t it be better to step in if I notice something strange


As I was quietly looking at them like a folding screen and rolling my head, Liel, who swallowed the medicine, reached toward me.


“Lucy, hold hands…….”


Because I had sinned, I approached Liel and held his hand.


Dioleta looked at me and Liel like that.

Somehow, her eyes looked similar to the way I looked at Liel.


I was unable to relax like that…….


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