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No way—-

“Are you mad”

I asked, looking at Liel’s red nose.

If he wasn’t angry, his expression wouldn’t be so bleak.

As I asked with conviction, Liel’s eyebrows tilted crookedly.

“Lucy, it doesn’t matter if I’m angry right now.”

Liel narrowed his eyes and replied.

I nodded my head and sympathized with Liel’s words.

Liel doesn’t get mad at me at all times.

To add a little exaggeration, it was safe to say that he had never been angry with me.

Perhaps that’s why when I faced Liel’s rigid face, I naturally came to the conclusion that I was wrong.

“The most important thing now is that the word lover came out of your mouth.”

Is that what it is

I looked up at Liel curiously.

The corners of Liel’s mouth slowly went up.

But his eyes were not smiling at all.

Yeah, that’s the most important thing.

I quickly nodded when I saw his unbent eyes.

“Lucy wasn’t interested in that.”

Liel’s hand touched my cheek.

Liel patted my cheek with his thumb.

His callous finger tickled my face.

I swallowed my dry saliva unconsciously.

“It’s not that I don’t…….”

When I answered in a crawling voice, I could see Liel’s nostrils quivering.

I shouldn’t have seen it.

I got more scared for no reason.

“Really You were interested in dating…….

Why didn’t I know”


Why didn’t you know……”

Why, it’s because I became interested in it while you were away.

My heart almost popped out.

I kept as quiet as I could, looking at Liel’s mood.

“So you tried to distance yourself from me, imagining my lover who didn’t even exist”

“No, I didn’t mean to distance myself from you…… I just want to be close at heart, but not in body…….”

“Were you trying to get away from me”

That’s right… I was trying to get away from you…….

The more I talked, the more I felt like I couldn’t save myself.

Should I just keep my mouth shut…….

Talking back is surprisingly hard.

Suddenly the conversation broke off.

Liel, who suddenly shut up, looked at me with a thoughtful face.

Liel’s eyes narrowed and widened.

Soon, Liel’s eyes drooped downward.

“Lucy, I’m so disappointed…….”


“Because you care more about people who don’t exist than me…….”


“Why should I be pushed out of your priority by someone I don’t even know”

Listening to it, I thought I could understand why Liel was angry.

How come he talks this well

“The time you’ve known me is longer…….”

The redness of his nose and his eyes made Liel look more sad.

Wasn’t he angry just now……

Liel’s mood was unstable today.

He was sulky, crying, angry, and now he’s sulky again.

“I, I’m sorry.

I didn’t consider that you might think so.

I just thought this was for us…….”

Still, he seems to have calmed down a little, so I should soothe Liel gently like this to relieve his mood.

If I just let it go, it was clear that he would keep it in his mind due to Liel’s personality.

I didn’t miss the opportunity and apologized to Liel first.

At the same time as I apologized, Liel’s eyes twinkled.

It was such a short moment that I wondered if I had misread it.

“Why are you sorry, Lucy….”

When Liel brought up what he said again with a bitter face, I didn’t lose and responded to Liel’s words.

“No, It’s not often that you get angry… And I see that’s how upset you were.

So I should apologize.

I’m sorry, Liel.”

So stop feeling down, okay

I purposely put my hands together and looked up at Liel pleadingly.

I couldn’t bear to beg with my hands and feet here.

As with taking care of beliefs, it was necessary to make a wish by deciding when and where.


Liel, who was looking down at me, said.

“Can’t you let me do everything you didn’t let me do earlier”

“The thing I didn’t let you do”

“Yeah, you didn’t let me touch your hair and hands, and you didn’t give me a hug.”

Oh, that

But I think they’ve held their hands enough.

I looked at Liel with a puzzled expression.

Liel’s head tilted to the side.

He seemed to be waiting for my answer.


Well, if this makes him feel better, there’s nothing I can’t do for him.

It wasn’t a very difficult request, so I opened my arms as if I was going to hug him right away.

Liel bent his eyes and laughed.

Then he grabbed me and pulled me towards him.

Not knowing what he was going to do, I relaxed my body and let him have his own way.

Then Liel suddenly put his finger on my hand.

Oh, he wanted to hold my hand first

Then he should’ve told me.

It was when my right arm in the air was hanging awkwardly and I was about to lower it.

Suddenly his large body hugged me tightly.

When Liel hugged my back with his arm, my waist bent automatically.

I almost heard a “buck” sound from my mouth.

My heart pounded with surprise.

But it wasn’t over here, so Liel raised his arm that wrapped around my waist and hugged the back of my head this time.


A sigh of satisfaction came right into my ear.

I looked over his shoulder with my eyes wide open, hugging Liel.

I was really surprised.

You can do these three things at once.

It was a new discovery.


What’s more surprising is that eventually Liel and I didn’t even enter my room and kept doing that in the hallway of the accommodation.

After doing what he wanted to do for a long time, Liel returned to his dormitory, saying he should go back for tomorrow’s class.

Then, I came into my room as I tapped on my back, which became uncomfortable because Liel hugged me.

After that, I didn’t fight with Liel and got along well.

And finally, the day came when the entrance exam results came out.

“I passed! I passed……!”

On the paper I held in my hand, there was the word Pass, and my score was not as bad as I thought.

Isn’t this the middle and upper ranks

I laughed automatically at the satisfactory results and satisfactory scores.

I gently shook the notice of acceptance in the air out of joy.

Wow, I’m so happy.

I wanted to let Liel know about this as soon as possible.

When the idea of sharing my joy with Liel sprang up, I immediately looked around.

There must be a map of the academy somewhere here.

Maybe Liel is on the training ground by now.

I heard that there are no lectures other than swordsmanship during the vacation, so it is certain.

As I was looking around for a long time, I saw a large map.

I hurried up to it and rolled my eyes around.

The training ground was farther than I thought.



The clash of swords and metal resounded loudly.

The noise was so loud that it could be heard very vividly over the large wall surrounding the training ground.

I think he’s in the middle of training, should I wait for his break Just in case I can’t interrupt his training.

Still, I thought there would be a break time, so I didn’t go inside the training ground, but sat on a bench opposite the entrance.

I think he’s busy, so I’ll just let him know for a moment.

Like that, I sat alone on the bench, waiting for his unknown break.

It was Liel who came to pick me up every day since I came here.

Maybe it’s been a while since I came to see him myself, so the feeling was new.

Come to think of it, when I was young, I went to Liel’s house every day.

Liel was really cute then.

His round face with short arms and legs.

When I thought of Liel at the time, I was sad that the years had passed.

“Who did you come to see”

As I was sitting alone and recalling my childhood memories, an unfamiliar voice came from behind.

I turned my head in the direction where I could hear the voice reflexively.

The first man I saw was pulling up his jacket and wiping the moisture off his face.

He’s asking me, right

Recalling that there was no one around, I replied with a nod.

“Yes, do you know Liel”

It was clear that this person was also an academy student who came to train.

That means he’s definitely older than me.

I quickly calculated the age of the man in front of me and was as polite as possible.

But despite my efforts, the man’s face crumpled up.

“Are you a freshman”

“What Yes.”

The man looked up and down at me with disapproving eyes.

The way he spoke was also very crooked.

Did I do something wrong All I did was say hello.

I looked back on my actions just in case, but I didn’t think I did anything wrong.

I felt bad when I thought that far.

“Ha… Here we go again.”

What I got up and looked at the man.

“If you come here like this, you’ll get in the way of training.”

I didn’t even go into the training ground.

What’s more, I wasn’t asking him to call me to let me know……

I was dumbfounded by the man who suddenly changed his attitude.


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