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If that happens, Liel will not turn evil even if Dioleta later meets the male lead and falls in love.


Because he likes someone else!


Then Liel’s love will be recognized by the world.


In short, it means that if Liel is happy, then I can also reach a happy ending.


Why didn’t I think of this way until now My grandmother must be a genius.


“I need to prepare my mind, too.”


“Prepare your mind……”


The smile disappeared from my grandmother’s face.


My grandmother blurred the end of her sentence, but I didn’t think it was a big deal.


“If Liel is in a relationship, I have to do it too.”




As if she didn’t understand me, her forehead furrowed.


Certainly, I must have stated my conclusion too hastily.


“It’s been my dream since a long time ago.

I want Liel and I to be like Grandmother and the former Duke of Marsen.”


“What do you mean”


“Grandmother, I want Liel and I to be as close as you and the Duke of Marsen.

Following that, I hope our children will become close friends like us.”




Even after hearing all my explanations, my grandmother’s forehead did not straighten.


Soon after, my grandmother asked me in a very serious voice.


“Lucy, are you serious”


“Of course.”


When I smiled broadly, my grandmother suddenly touched her forehead.




Did her head hurt again


My grandmother was a little old, so she often complained of headaches recently.

My grandmother hit my hand when I supported her with a face full of worries.


“This is why you have to meet other people…….”


Didn’t we just talk about that


When I looked at my grandmother with a confused expression, I saw her eyes filled with pity as she looked at me.


No, why….




After that, my grandmother left and told me to improve my sense.


To be honest, it was a bit unfair for her to say that I was tactless.


I’m not a quick witted person, but I thought that doesn’t mean I’m slow witted.


I think I’m in the middle


The injustice I felt continued until the next morning.


As soon as I got out of bed with a sullen face, I heard a knock outside the door.


“Miss, Young Master Liel has sent you a letter.”




The news was enough for my mood to lighten.


When I heard that a letter arrived from Liel, I stopped what I was doing and opened the door right away.


Sarah’s shoulders flinched, perhaps surprised by the door that opened suddenly.


“Hurry, hurry up and show me.”


Stomping my feet, I held out my hands to Sarah.

At my urging, Sarah smiled softly and put a white envelope on my hand.


I stared at the envelope.


The neatly written handwriting on the envelope was like looking at Liel.

Soon after, when my patience reached its limit, I immediately ripped off the wax-sealed part.


There was a letter in the wide open envelope.

My face was about to burst into a smile.


“Thank you for bringing it, Sarah.”


“No, it’s my duty.

I’ll be on my way.

If you need anything, feel free to call me.”


As soon as Sarah left, I closed the door and jumped onto the bed.


While lying face down, I rolled my eyes and read the letter sent by Liel.

Liel filled the paper as if a single letter was not enough.


To summarize the long content, it was that he passed the entrance examination.


In addition, it was written that first-year students who take swordsmanship lessons cannot return home even during vacation due to training.


After reading the letter, I was both happy and sad.


“But I said that I can see him again in a year, so it’s not right to be sad about this.”


Comforting myself, I headed straight to the bathroom to wash my face.


Since I got a letter from Liel, I should go see Dioleta unnie after a long time.


I need to ask her something.



I went to the front of Dioleta’s room as the butler guided me, and she was standing in the hallway as if she had been waiting for me to come.


“Lucy, long time no see.”


Unnie, who found me, approached me at a quick pace and hugged me tightly and said.


“It’s your first time visiting me since the day you saw Liel off, right”


Without hiding her disappointment, Dioleta poked me in the cheek.


As unnie said, I have not stopped by the Duke’s mansion since Liel left.


It’s because from my point of view, it was no different from going to a friend’s house without my friend.


“I-Is that so”


When I asked again pretending not to know, unnie burst into laughter.


“Shall we go inside first”




When I followed unnie into the room, I saw a clean and organized interior.


“Cold tea or warm tea What do you want to drink


Unnie asked, holding two teapots in both hands.

Without hesitation, I chose cold tea right away.

The hot weather prevented me from having hot tea.


“Come and sit down.”


Unnie beckoned across from her.

I rushed to the direction she pointed to and sat down on the soft chair.


“Lucy, did you get a letter, too I knew Liel would pass, but I was relieved after hearing the results.”


“I know, right So was I.”


When I secretly turned my eyes to sympathize with her words, I noticed the dagger lying on her desk.


It was a dagger that Liel and I bought as a gift for Dioleta’s entrance to the academy. Unnie must have kept the gift we gave her since then.


Apart from my nostalgia, looking at that reminded me again why I came to see her.


“Unnie, I have a question…….”


I’ve already seen her several times, but when I tried to ask myself, I felt a little guilty.


It was because I remembered that unnie was embarrassed whenever I talked about this.


“What are you curious about”


I pushed my teacup aside gently.

I didn’t even think about lifting the teacup, but immediately got straight to the point.


“You’ve been asked out at the academy a lot, right”




“How many times a day did you get a confession”


I know my face is pretty grim when I bring it up.


Unnie was quite embarrassed by my question, and her hand, which was trying to hold the teacup, stopped still in the air.


“…… Lucy, that’s so sudden, why……”


“Grandmother said that yesterday.

Liel may end up in a relationship while attending the academy.”


“The Marquis of Seywint”



I didn’t think about it because there were no people around Liel until now, but I think my grandmother was right.”




Unnie hesitated to answer with an ambiguous expression.


“Oh, you don’t have to let me know if you’re uncomfortable.

I was just asking because I thought I could guess the timing of a relationship depending on the number of confessions.”


I’m curious about the probability of Liel meeting someone there.


“……it’s not uncomfortable.

It’s just, um….

What should I say I didn’t get as many confessions at the academy as Lucy thinks.”


“Really I thought you or Liel would be confessed to by more than five people a day.”


“It’s not that easy.”


Unnie shook her head and denied it.


“When several people gather in one space, they become passive and cautious.”


“Because of rumors”


“Rumors are rumors, but if you keep being rejected, you’ll feel uncomfortable.”




Come to think of it, I didn’t think of that.


That’s true, you have no choice but to keep bumping into each other while attending the academy, so you’ll be more careful.


I seemed to have taken it too lightly because I was never liked nor confessed to by anyone.


“By the way, is it okay for you if Liel finds a lover”


When I was reflecting on myself for taking it lightly, unnie asked me a question that I couldn’t understand.


I tilted my head sideways as if I didn’t know what to say and answered.


“Why wouldn’t it be”


I’ll worry if the other person is a good person, but it’s okay and there’s nothing I would do.


“I might get bored because he’ll spend less time playing with me, but I think that’s inevitable.”


Unnie, who heard my answer, covered her mouth with a serious face.




You’ve become an adult before I know it.….”


Just like my grandmother, unnie also blurred the end of her words.




After my conversation with unnie, I thought about it by myself.


‘No matter how much I think about it, Liel and I are so close……’


Both mentally and physically.


I could understand why unnie asked if I’m okay with Liel dating someone else.

That’s how much we’ve been together so far, like a family.


But we’re both adults soon, so I didn’t think we should be comfortable like this.


For each other’s future lovers.


I thought I wouldn’t like it if the childhood friend, who is of the opposite sex, kept flirting around the person I like.


I have to be careful when I enter the academy.


Still, it’s kind of weird to be separated from each other even though we’re friends, so shouldn’t we reduce physical contact for now


We should stop holding hands first.


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