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“Because before Arinel died, she asked me to protect you.”

As if to recall memories, the Duke of Marsen’s eyes were soaked in melancholy.

It was a name that he never spoke of after a long time.

Liel’s biological mother, the only woman the Duke of Marsen loved.

Arinel, who had been running away all her life, did not give up running away from the Duke of Marsen until she died.

Next to Arinel, who faced him again, was a child who looked just like her.

There was only one thing Arinel, whom he reunited with after a long time, wanted from him.

That’s to protect Liel.

The Duke of Marsen, facing her empty eyes, answered without a blink.

“Tell me you love me.

Until the moment you die, no, even after you die, I’ll be the only one you love.

Then I swear to God Ophelia, I’ll do you this favor.”

As soon as the Duke of Marsen called for his oath by mentioning the name of God, Arinel whispered a false love to him only for Liel.

Since then, the Duke of Marsen has steadily kept his beloved woman’s request.

His sudden start to teach Liel the art of swordsmanship was also an extension of his oath to Arinel.

So that he can protect his body on his own.

“If you go outside, try not to get involved with the priests as much as possible.”

He meant that he wouldn’t bother going to the academy for him.

Listening to the advice of the Duke of Marsen, Liel was relieved in his heart.

As if he had finished what he wanted to say, Duke Marsen swung his sword wide in the air.

With the sound of the wind, the soil and grass were scattered in all directions.

The Duke of Marsen took one last look at Liel’s face.

Dark hair and rare golden eyes

Liel had a face that looked just like Arinel, and a bit of Duke of Marsen, who’s not even his biological father.

Looking at his appearance, the Duke of Marsen remembered and missed Arinel from time to time.

Also, when he sees the same hair color and eyes as his, the Duke of Marsen was under the illusion that Liel was really the child born between him and Arinel.

The illusion enabled the Duke of Marsen to not recall Liel’s true biological father and be able to bring him to the duke’s house and keep his promise to Arinel.

If Liel goes to the academy like this, his role will be over.

He’s still far from good enough, but Liel’s skills will not lag behind anyone in the academy in terms of swordsmanship.

This was enough to keep his promise with the dead Arinel.

The Duke of Marsen had no doubt that he had done his best to make amends with Arinel.

Soon after, the Duke of Marsen left his seat without saying a word.

As soon as the image of the Duke of Marsen disappeared, Liel collapsed on the spot and lay down on the grass.

He thought the intensity of the training was a little high today, but it didn’t seem like he’s lagging behind.

Liel lying on the grass looked up at the blue sky.

Whenever he looked up at the sky, he would think of Arinel.

Arinel with her clear, vivid blue eyes and hair.

But at some point, Arinel’s face gradually faded.

Maybe one day he’ll completely forget his mother’s face.

It was inevitable.

It’s been a while since Arinel died.

Old memories were bound to be weathered and lost.

‘I’m going to sleep a little bit and go see Lucy…….’

Liel closed his eyes.

Maybe because he was tired, he felt drowsy.

It was less than an hour before Liel woke up.

Liel slowly opened  his closed eyes.

At the same time, he felt a familiar movement next to him.


Liel turned his head to his side and saw his arms covered with beautiful purple hair.

The drowsiness he felt was gone in an instant.

Liel blinked and looked at Lucy sleeping next to him.

“When did you get here”

Next to Liel, Lucy was asleep.

Soon, the corners of Liel’s mouth slowly went up.

The fatigue that dominated his body completely disappeared.

With a smile around his mouth, Liel soon reached out and put his finger in Lucy’s hand.

Satisfaction spread from their skin that touched.

“I told you to wake me up.”

But Lucy, who opened her eyes wide, rebuked him, as if she had already come to her senses.

In response, Liel smiled pleasantly and replied.

“Lucy didn’t wake me up either.”

“That’s different from this.”

Lucy said with a sullen look.

“What’s the difference”

Liel’s hand, holding Lucy’s, was energized.

Lucy’s hand was also energized by the subtle pressure.


The moment she opened her mouth to answer, Lucy yawned.

Liel looked at Lucy’s mouth, which was opened wide to the limit.

Maybe because her mouth was small, she looked cool even when she yawned.

“I just slept because I felt like it.

You slept to rest.”

“Isn’t it the same”

“It’s different!”

Lucy, who raised her upper body, stared at Liel lying down and denied it.

Liel also raised himself along with Lucy.

“It’s different anyway.”

“Yes, if Lucy says it is different, it’s different.”

He didn’t really want to win against Lucy, so Liel gave in right away.

Lucy waved her hand at Liel with a satisfied face.

Liel held her hand tighter, just in case he missed it.


It’s already been a year since Dioleta unnie entered the academy.

Time went by, and Liel’s entrance exam was just around the corner.

“Why are you limping so much today”

While taking a walk after lunch, I noticed that Liel’s walk was a little different than usual.

Was he like this before

Looking up at Liel with a worried look, he opened his eyes wide as if embarrassed.

“Does it show”

As expected, he was limping.

I figured Liel didn’t want me to notice it.

It’s no use pretending to be fine if you can’t hide your limp.

It felt bad that he’s hiding his pain, so I grabbed Liel’s arm and stopped him.

“Your right leg hurts, right Roll up your pants.”

I gave Liel a clean sweep with keen eyes.

Liel hesitated with an expression of embarrassment.

You used to whine a lot next to me even if you were a little sick, but now you’re trying to hide your pain

“If you don’t do it, I’ll do it myself.”

After speaking in a stern manner, I immediately sat down in front of Liel.

Then Liel faltered and stepped back.

You’re hiding it until the end

“Will you keep hiding it”

“Lucy, you don’t like my tattoo…….”


“That’s where my tattoo is.”

I completely forgot.

The whole thing started with this snake tattoo.

I was just trying to stop Liel and Dioleta’s relationship, and eventually forgotten all about his tattoo.

“Oh, I don’t hate it.

When did I ever say that”

Honestly, I want to erase it if I could, but I couldn’t let him go because he said he was hurt.

When I tried to lie after a long time, I stammered without realizing it.

Liel noticed it.

“Lucy, your heart is enough, so don’t overdo it.”

“What It isn’t enough so hurry up and roll up your pants.”


“You can’t even show this to a doctor.

Come on, hurry up!”

I couldn’t make Liel better just because I saw his injury, but I thought I would feel comfortable if I checked.

“……I see.”

Liel, who judged that he could not resist my stubbornness, eventually raised his pants.

Like me, Liel sat with his knees bent and lifted the hem of his trousers.

In the meantime, I looked around quickly in case there was anyone.

Fortunately, there was no one.


I haven’t seen his snake tattoo since I was 8 years old, so I don’t really remember, but did it look like this

“Liel, did your tattoo always look like this”

“My tattoo…….”

Say it.

“It’s a little bigger than it used to be.”

Liel spoke as if it was nothing.

It’s bigger than before

It was a shocking remark.

Tattoos can get bigger too……

“As I grew up, it grew with me.”


Are you kidding me

I looked at Liel as if he was joking.

He just smiled awkwardly and never said it was a joke.

“This happened once before, but I got better in a day.

Maybe this time, too.”

So, don’t worry too much.

Liel pulled the hem of his trousers down and said.

In an instant, the snake tattoo disappeared from sight.

“Why didn’t I know”

It’s so obvious

“I got well soon.”


I was more worried for no reason because it was something that we couldn’t show to a doctor.


“Is your leg okay now”

The next day, as soon as I saw Liel, I first asked him if his legs were okay.

Even when asked suddenly, Liel smiled languidly and said it was okay.

Seeing that his steps were fine again, Liel’s words did not seem to be a lie.

“But is there anything you really want”

I sat next to Liel, who said it was okay, and asked about an entrance gift.

I want to give him something as a gift as I did with Dioleta unnie, but Liel keeps refusing because he doesn’t want anything.

Still, I kept being clingy to Liel because I felt sorry for him.

“Yes, it’s enough for Lucy to see me off.”

“Really… Then don’t give me a gift when I enter the academy.

Let’s just say we got each other!”

“Huh Lucy, too”


That’s fair.

I heard that in a comfortable relationship, it’s annoying to exchange gifts, so they just don’t give or receive any.

So I just decided to think so.


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