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“Then let’s exclude theology and study.

It’s not even a compulsory subject anyway.”


“Shall we……”


“Yes, it’s usually an additional subject that students take to fill in their poor grades, but there’s no failing grade in itself.

So it won’t be a big problem.”


In the end, he meant I had to give up the extra points.


Rather than being a waste, I thought it might be more efficient.


“You should study hard in other subjects instead.”


The tutor put on a stern look to scare me.

I kept nodding my head and strongly expressed my will to the instructor.


“At first, when you said you didn’t learn anything, I was at a loss, but with this level of performance in such a short period of time, it’s more than what I expected.”


When I showed my determination, the tutor immediately praised me as if he liked it.


It was really nice to hear compliments.


At the age of 15, I had started studying for the academy entrance exam in earnest.

And so did Liel.


However, as expected, the Duchess of Marsen did not give Liel a tutor separately as she did to unnie.


So I asked my grandmother to study with Liel, and she accepted it without much thought.


As expected of my grandmother!




At that time, Liel, who entered the room, nodded toward the tutor.

The tutor, who was cleaning his glasses, confirmed Liel’s existence and responded with a bright smile.


“Young Master Liel is here, too.

Come and sit down.”


The tutor pointed to the seat next to me and said.

As Liel strode up to my side and sat down, I sneaked closer to Liel and said.


“Liel, if I delay your studying progress, you can study by yourself from the middle.”


Liel once pretended not to be able to solve a certain problem for me.


He did it for me, but I wasn’t very happy, so I got mad at Liel and told him not to do it again.


Liel also said yes, but I asked him again just in case.


“Yes, I will.”


Liel said with a smile in his eyes.


Looking at Liel, who is becoming more and more beautiful, I realized again that this place is inside a novel.


Unnie, who played the heroine, was very beautiful, but the sub-male lead, Liel, was growing into a handsome man as much as unnie.


How will they change when they grow up


“Now, shall we start the class”


The tutor announced the start of the class.


At the same time, Liel and I also turned to the tutor again



“That’s all for today.

You both have good concentration.”


The tutor praised both of us with a face expressed it felt good to teach.

I was glad I seemed to have good concentration.






Liel and I said our farewells to the instructor at the same time.

The tutor nodded lightly and left the room.


I had a headache.

From the middle when my concentration disappeared, I endured almost a lot.



Do you like studying that much”


Lying face down on the desk, I turned my neck and looked up at Liel and asked.


Liel, who closed his book for me, blinked and shook his head.



I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it.”




Given that reason, his eyes are sparkling every time he takes a class.


When I looked at him suspiciously, Liel said, putting his hand under my face touching the desk.


“To be honest, sword training is more fun.”


“Wow, I didn’t know you’d say that.”


It was unexpected.


Because it was none other than his father who watched Liel’s sword training.


Before I knew it, I remembered the Duke of Marsen who did not give a word of praise to Liel.


He was a person who only gave sticks and no carrots at all.


The Duke of Marsen would just swing his sword a few times, throw a word of reprimand pretending to be an evaluation, and go back.


I don’t think I’d like that kind of person to be my teacher.….


“Yes, it’s better to move your body.”


“If you say so, it must be…….”


Liel’s palms were soft, so my eyes were about to close.


When I opened my eyes with the thought that I shouldn’t sleep, Liel smiled and covered my eyes with his other hand.



No, it’s uncomfortable to sleep here, so do you want to sleep in your room”


“Then you…”


When I asked in a sleepy voice, Liel replied in a calm tone.


“I’m going to go early today.

I have things to do.”




Liel, who usually doesn’t go back until sunset, must really have something else to do for him to say that.


I managed to raise my head and couldn’t get rid of the sleepiness that had hit me for a while and shook my head with sleepy eyes.


I’m going to sleep when Liel goes back.


When I got up, Liel followed me up.


I turned my head sideways, and I saw Liel, who was taller than me.

Liel’s collarbone, to be exact.


“How tall are you going to be”


I wondered if this would break my neck.


The closer I was to him, the harder it was to see Liel’s face, so I took a step back.


Liel’s eyes widened and said.


“Lucy is still growing.”


As I stepped back, Liel came close.


No, my neck hurts.


I measured the height difference between Liel and I with my hands.

I mean, there’s gonna be a bigger difference here in the future…….


“Lucy seems to have grown bigger than noonim…….”


“Oh Really!”


Am I that big already


In an instant, I felt better and laughed automatically.


Whenever she comes home, I think we are already on the same eye level.


“………on second thought, no”


What Why did he change his mind


When I tapped Liel at the thought of being teased, I heard a ticklish laugh from him.


You’re teasing me because you’re laughing!


“Lucy, are you awake now”


While I was huffing inside, Liel put his hand on my head and asked.

The patting touch on my head was very caring.


Looking up at Liel with a sullen expression, I pulled his hand off as his smile widened.


He’s patting my head because he’s grown up.



Returning to the duke’s house, Liel first headed to the Duchess Marsen’s room.


In fact, Liel had stopped by the Duchess’s room once before going to class at the Marquis of Seywint.


But, of course, the Duchess didn’t meet Liel.


However, Liel, who had a purpose, did not give up and visited her again as soon as the class was over.


“Madam, I need to talk to you.”


Liel tapped the Duchess’s door with a cold look.


Liel’s voice, which already developed, had turned into a pleasant mid-to-low voice.


“I have nothing to talk to you about, so go back.”


A shrill voice came from beyond the door.

Liel did not blink as if he was familiar with the Duchess’s tone.


“You’ll regret it if you don’t listen.”


With his impertinent tone, the duchess’s door, which seemed never to open, finally burst open.


“Since he teaches you swordsmanship, do you think you’ve become something”


With a face that wanted to strangle him to death immediately, Duchess Delphina stood holding the doorknob.


But Liel said, looking directly at her without any hesitation.


“If you don’t want me to enter your room, I don’t mind talking here.”




The Duchess of Marsen laughed with a look of bewilderment.


In just a few years, she never thought this kid would be so bold.


The Duchess of Marsen thought that the reason why Liel came out boldly was because of the Duke of Marsen, who began to teach him swordsmanship.


She’s sure he believes in the Duke of Marsen and is being so cheeky.


So she was more angry.

She thought she had no more expectations left for her husband.


It seems that the credibility of the Duke of Marsen has not yet fallen to the bottom for her.


When she sees Liel’s face, she gets angry.


“Huuu… yes.

Let’s hear it.

What you’re trying to say.”


Duchess Marsen tried to hurt Liel with uneducated words.

However, Liel remained calm throughout.


Suddenly the Duchess of Marsen had a thought.


Liel, who was always bowing in front of her, what kind of expression was he making


One thing is for sure, no matter how hard her words hurt him, Liel has never shed tears in front of her.


Only then did the Duchess realize that Liel had always acted in front of her, pretending to be discouraged.


“Thank you.”


Liel bowed down to the Duchess of Marsen to thank her.

She couldn’t stand Liel, who bowed his head to thank her, because his existence itself was disgusting.


However, her disgust with Liel did not stem from him.

It was a fact that even the duchess, who had lost her cool, was clearly aware of.


The Duchess of Marsen once again made a firm commitment to herself.


The duke’s seat, no matter what anyone says, should belong to Dioleta.


Duchess Marsen, even if she gave up everything else, could never give up on that one thing.


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