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Knock knock.


While Dioleta was packing her bags for the academy, someone knocked on the door.


“Noonim, are you sleeping”


Even before Dioleta asked who it was, the other party first revealed their identity.


“Liel No.

I’m not sleeping yet.

Come on in.”


Dioleta, who was putting clothes in her luggage bag, got up from her seat.

Soon after, Liel opened the door and came inside.


Liel’s hand held the gift he picked with Lucy this afternoon.


“Can’t sleep”


Dioleta asked in a worried tone as her younger brother, who came to her at bedtime, was wondering.


Liel replied, shaking his head.



I have something for you.”


Before she knew it, Liel’s honorifics no longer sounded awkward to Dioleta’s ears.


Of course, that didn’t mean she wasn’t disappointed.


At least it would be nice for them to be as friendly as before when other people aren’t watching.


He has a subtle and upright side, therefore Liel did not use informal speech even when he was alone with Dioleta.


“To me”


When Dioleta sat on the sofa, Liel also went across from her and sat down.


“Yes, I went with Lucy and bought it.”


Liel held out a thin, long case to Dioleta.


With Lucy


When I heard that my two beloved younger siblings had prepared a gift, a light flush rose on Dioleta’s face.

(t/n: Dioleta said 동생들, which means younger brothers/sisters, so I translated it as younger siblings instead.

It sounds a bit awkward but I can’t find a better word for it T^T)


Dioleta slowly picked up the item.

Contrary to its appearance, the gift was heavy.


“Can I open it”


“Of course.”


Liel, who had his back up in a neat posture, nodded once.

Dioleta opened the lid of the case with full expectation.




Dioleta’s face hardened awkwardly after checking the contents.

She didn’t expect to get a dagger as an entrance gift.


“I…… Liel.

Why is it a dagger….”


The thin-handled dagger fits perfectly into Dioleta’s hand.


Of course, it was a gift that showed care.

However, as soon as she saw it, she couldn’t help feeling like a savage.


“Magical beasts are not the only ones that are dangerous.”


Liel answered Dioleta’s question with a calm face.


“You meet a lot of strange people, so…… We bought it for you for self-defense.”


Just by listening to his reasoning, the gift sounded necessary.

Even so, how should she say it…….


Dioleta held the dagger in her hand with an ambiguous face and turned it around.

Then suddenly, she remembered that he bought it with Lucy, so she asked.


“Lucy… did she say it was okay”


“…… Yes.”


When she saw Liel answering with a truthful face, Dioleta had mixed feelings.


‘Lucy also thinks that there are a lot of weird people around me.….’


Thinking that she had made her younger siblings worry for no reason, Dioleta wanted to hide somewhere right away.


“Noonim’s grip is weak, so cutting is better than stabbing.”




“You should aim for the neck as much as you can.

Because it’s the most defenseless and the thinnest.”




Dioleta was confused about what she was hearing right now.

Every harsh word that came out of her brother’s mouth was so unfamiliar.


Even though Dioleta was vaguely aware of Liel’s dark side.




“Have a safe trip, sister.

Take care of yourself… Eat well…… Got it”


I was sad to see unnie go.


When I rubbed my face in my sister’s arms, I heard laughter from above.


“I’ll be back during the vacation.”


Dioleta patted my head and said,


“When strange people stick to you, just close your eyes and stab them.”


“…… Lucy, how can you say that to me, too….”


Unnie said in a bitter voice.


When I heard her unnie’s reaction, I figured Liel must have already warned her too.


“Right, Lucy.

How can she close her eyes and stab her opponent”


Next to her, Liel refuted with a straight face.


That’s what he said.


I glared at Liel with the intention of being sensible.

Then Liel’s shoulder fell down.


“I’ll be going now.”


I slipped down at unnie’s words.


“Keung, Liel.

Won’t you say goodbye”


I asked Liel, who was still sitting next to me, sniffing.


“I did it yesterday.”


Liel’s attitude was milder than I thought.

Is it really okay


“Noonim, the coachman will be waiting for you.”


Liel, who avoided my eyes, and looked at Dioleta.

The maid next to her took the lead with unnie’s luggage and went down the stairs.


“Take care of yourself, too.

Eat well, okay


Unnie returned exactly what I said.

I felt like I was going to cry a little.




My sister burst out laughing at me who’s crying.


I know.

I’m a fool.


As unnie went down the stairs, I went straight to the window and glued my face to it.


Even so, I was going to watch her ride the carriage.


It was impossible for us to follow her there, because the Duchess of Marsen was already out in front of the carriage to see her off.


“Lucy, you should go down and see noonim off.”


Liel spoke in a low voice.

He had a dull attitude as if he was used to this treatment.


“Won’t she remember me crying if I see her off while crying”


This would only put unnie in an awkward spot.

Apart from making a fuss, I am a person who knows boundaries.


“And why would I go there alone when you’re here”


In the first place, Dioleta was not my family, but Liel’s.


Her family, Liel, is here without being able to go down, and it was a little difficult for him to go alone and see unnie off with Duchess Marsen there.


“……Lucy will go to the academy when you turn 17, right”


I think I’ve heard this kind of question before.

I felt a strange sense of glee.




I abandoned social gathering for Liel, but not the Academy.


And he’s going to attend the Academy anyway.

He is a year older than me, so he will enter the Academy a year earlier.


“My grandmother told me to go to the academy, even if I don’t know anything else.”


Even when I declared that I would not go to social gatherings, contrary to my concerns, my grandmother didn’t say much to me.


In a way, from my grandmother’s point of view, she must have given way to me.


To her granddaughter, who was only eight years old at the time.


Therefore, I was going to keep my grandmother’s words to study hard while attending the academy.




Liel also understood what I was saying, and he didn’t bother anymore.


“Why are you depressed You’re going to enter the academy a year earlier than me.”


I said to Liel with a pure face, pretending not to know anything.


Then Liel looked at me with a flustered face, and soon dropped his head.


“Maybe, I won’t be able to go…….”


It was a very conscious answer to the Duchess of Marsen.

If I didn’t know the original, I would have sympathized with Liel’s words.


No, I wouldn’t have brought up the fact that I’d be attending an academy in the first place.


But as far as I know, Liel was very likely to go to the academy.


“No, you can go.

I’m sure you’ll be going to the academy with me later.”


“……can it really be”


“Of course! By then, you may have made more friends than I have.”


I said this, but I was also worried inside.

This is because most aristocrats who value pedigree was discriminatory of illegitimate children.


It was clear that rumors that Liel was an illegitimate child were already widespread in the aristocratic society.


“If there’s anyone bothering you, tell me.

I’ll go hit them for you.”


Honestly, I’m not confident of winning, but I’m full of confidence in giving it a shot.


“Won’t you ignore me since I entered school late and you’ve made a lot of friends there”


“……Of course not.

And I don’t need any other friends than Lucy.”


Liel said with a stunned face.


“You’re saying that because you don’t have any friends except me now.”


If you meet a lot of people, you’ll change your mind


When I spoke in a confident tone, Liel looked displeased.

Either way, I said what I had to say.


“If I want to go to the academy with you, I have to study from now on.

I’ve been playing too recklessly so far.”


My head ached at the thought of the test.


Liel is a good student, so he doesn’t have to worry about the entrance exam, but I wasn’t.


As much as we played, there was a lot to learn.


“Lucy, you won’t stay away from me because you’re in a different grade from me”


Liel asked cautiously, feeling relieved before he had already felt better.


“Of course!”


I answered with strong conviction.


Even if I go to the academy and make another friend, the fact that my best friend is Liel will never change.




Studying for a long time was more burdensome than expected.


No, other subjects were still average though.

The problem was theology.


“You’re particularly weak in theology.”


Our family teacher raised his glasses with a puzzled look.

As my tutor said, I was particularly weak in theology even compared to the other subjects that require memorization.


Is it because my mind is elsewhere


No, if I look closely, it’s just a story that continues…….

Why isn’t it coming into my head


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