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“D, Did she get a confession again”


When I raised my body and asked, Liel sat on the bed.


“Lucy, why are you sweating so much”


Without answering my question, Liel asked anxiously.


Why am I sweating


I’m just worried about what he’s thinking inside.



It’s because it’s hot.

It’s hot.

But did unnie get a confession”


“Yeah, it’s not just once or twice.”


Liel narrowed his eyes and looked at me.


He always looks at me whenever I do this.

Is it because it’s weird that I make a fuss every time


Yeah, I don’t want you to understand.


When my bangs stuck to my sweaty forehead, Liel took off the hair on my forehead.


Liel had no qualms touching my sweat with his bare hands.

Rather, I felt more embarrassed, so I pushed Liel’s hand away.


“……and, they were all rejected anyway.”


Liel continued, glancing at his pushed hand.


This time I squinted.


‘The reason why Liel is always calm is not because she rejects the confessions, right’


It was impossible to completely understand Liel’s heart, just as it was impossible to know the human mind.


‘He’s started to control his facial expressions these days, so it’s harder to know.’


He’s only 13 years old, but he’s already pretending to be an adult.

I felt strangely disappointed as Liel, who used to be cute and pure, gradually disappeared.


When I had a tearful face without realizing it, Liel opened his eyes wide and asked.


“Lucy, is it so sad that noonim is being confessed to”


Why am I sad about that


I erased my tearful expression and looked up at Liel who had wonder in his eyes.


He tilted his head.

I also tilted my head along with him.


“Why am I sad that someone asked unnie out”


When I couldn’t hold back my curiosity and asked, Liel replied with a calm face.


“Even now, Lucy.

You’re always restless every time noonim gets a confession.”


It’s because of you! I’m just trying to see how you feel!


My lips pouted out of frustration.

Liel’s gold eyes stayed on my lips for a while.


“You always check if it’s a woman who confessed.”


That’s my best shot.


It’s done.

There’s no point in talking.


Liel won’t even understand what I’m saying anyway.


It was something that no one would understand, not only Liel.

I’m glad he doesn’t treat me like a madman.


“………Do you like noonim by any chance”

(t/n: lmao i knew this was going to happen)


His next words made me jump.




Liel, whose smile disappeared, was staring at me.

A strange tension weighed on my body.


I even thought terrifyingly that he was keeping me in check.


To be honest, I thought it would be too disappointing if it was like that.


“………why are you so surprised Does Lucy hate noonim”


Liel asked with an innocent face, as if laughing at my thoughts.




Oh, that “like” wasn’t that “like”.

My consciousness kept going toward “love” and I overreacted for no reason.


“O, of course I like her.

Liel likes my grandmother too.”


Is this the “like” he was referring to


Liel folded his eyes and laughed at my words.

His golden eyes were naturally obscured by his long eyelashes.


“Yes, I like her too.”


Liel, who supported himself with one hand, answered, tilting his upper body obliquely toward me.



I’ll be relieved if you stop liking Dioleta.’


As long as what is in Liel’s heart is not love.


I also laughed after Liel.


His facial expression seemed a bit strange, but he smiled anyway.




Usually, a nobleman enters the academy from the age of 17.


In particular, children from families interested in high-ranking bureaucracy, or families with succession battles were required to be admitted.


This is because since the selection of high-ranking officials based on the academic performance of the Academy, the academic background has established itself as a measure of evaluating the competence of the nobles.


Of course, not only aristocrats could attend, but the tuition was too expensive for commoners to attend.


Therefore, it was rare for ordinary people to enter the academy unless they received a scholarship.


Graduating from the academy wasn’t that hard.

Generally, graduation was possible within three years, and it could be extended to four years at the latest.


In other words, my 16-year-old sister will soon enter the academy and graduate before I enter.




I was calculating the timing of my sister’s admission while watching Liel, who was being trained in swordsmanship.






At that time, I saw the sword bounce from Liel’s hand.

Again, Liel did not seem to have beaten the Duke of Marsen.


No, I shouldn’t have expected him to win in the first place.


The Duke of Marsen was a knight who was as good as a knight of the Holy Temple.


There is no way Liel, who is only 13 years old, can beat Duke Marsen, who fights monsters every day.


“Your skills are not improving.”


said the Duke of Marsen, putting his sword into Liel’s sword.

Liel rolled up his lips and bowed his head.


‘Still he endured it longer than last time!’


The Duke of Marsen, who didn’t give a word of praise, chewed him inside out in disgust.


“We’ll have another test in a month.”


Without giving feedback on what needs to be improved, the Duke of Marsen unilaterally set the next training date.


Liel nodded again this time without saying a word.


The Duke of Marsen, who saw his small head shaking up and down, turned and left.


As soon as the Duke of Marsen disappeared, I ran to Liel with a handkerchief soaked in cold water.


“Liel, give me your wrist.”


I think the Duke of Marsen controlled his power, but it was still just in case he’s injured.


Liel silently held out his wrist to me.

Fortunately, there was no swelling.


“Sorry, were you bored waiting……”


“It wasn’t boring at all.

And it’s okay to be bored.

After all, I have a lot of time.”


After saying it sourly, I wrapped a handkerchief around Liel’s wrist.


Actually, I was going to tie it up nicely with a ribbon…….


After tying it up, it was not pretty at all unlike when Liel tied it.


“Thank you.”


Liel folded his eyes and smiled.


“Don’t push yourself too hard.

As the Duke of Marsen has said, I think you’re good at swordsmanship.

You’re talented.”


Even to me, as a beginner, Liel was quite good at swordsmanship for a person who had trained for only a year.


It’s just that the Duke of Marsen’s standards are too high.




“He doesn’t give you a word of praise and just gives you the schedule for the next training.

It’s a little too much.”


I was more upset for no reason when Liel was not recognized by the Duke of Marsen.


I know I shouldn’t curse the Duke of Marsen recklessly, but when I saw Liel’s gloomy face, I felt like my heart would pop out.


“Thank you, Lucy.”


Liel smiled with a childlike face for the first time in a long time.

I was glad that he felt better.


“There’s nothing to be thankful for.

Of course, we’re friends.”


But no matter how much I look at it, the ribbon is so ugly.

I answered, looking around Liel’s wrist to tie it again.


As I was looking at Liel’s wrist, I wasn’t able to see his expression.




One day, less than a week before Dioleta’s admission, the two of us came out to buy her entrance gift with the money we have saved so far.


No, us three to be exact.


Under the pretext of buying unnie’s entrance gift, Liel and I were allowed to go out on the condition that they were accompanied by a knight from the Duke of Marsen.


It was unexpected that the Duke of Marsen asked for a knight for Liel, but I thought it was good.


The outing was so exciting that it blurred the presence of the article I saw for the first time.


Maybe it was because I wandered around like crazy, but the strong wind made my hair flutter endlessly.

Because of that, my long hair hit me in the face.


“Do you want me to tie your hair”


Liel took out a hair tie as I asked where he had brought it from.


“Do you know how to tie hair”


“Yes, I practiced with noonim.”




He’s telling scary stories like it’s nothing.


“Tell me if you have a hard time doing it.

I’m fine as it is.”


With a gloomy face, I let Liel touch my hair.


“I can do it.”


Liel replied in a friendly voice.


The tone was friendly, but his voice was strangely divided from the beginning to the end when his voice changed.


Now, I got goosebumps thinking that the fate of my thin neckline was also prominent.


“Are you cold”


When I trembled unconsciously, Liel, who had been tying my hair hard, asked anxiously.


I was about to shake my head, but I just stayed still, recalling that Liel is holding my hair.


“I’m not cold.

It’s still autumn.”


I couldn’t say that I was horrified by imagining Liel becoming an adult, so I roughly glossed over it.


Before I knew it, Liel closed his mouth and began to focus all his attention on my hair.


“Are you making a piece of art with my hair”’


The longer the time, the more anxious I became.


If it’s too much, it’s embarrassing.


LIel, who did not know how I felt, diligently moved his hands.

How long is he going to make me wait


“It’s done.”


At last, Liel was done.


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