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I knew this day would come one day.

I knew it, but…… I didn’t know it was today.

“Dioleta, I liked you from the moment I first saw you.”

An unknown man held out a flower toward unnie with trembling hands.

How old is unnie this year

It’s been about two years since I realized I was reincarnated.

That means she’s only 14 years old.

She’s four years older than me.

In a word, I watched unnie, who is only 14 years old, get confessed to by a man with a bouquet of flowers.

I know that people here are precocious in relationships, but isn’t it too early to receive such a confession at the age of 14

Hiding behind the wall, I gritted my teeth and rebuked the man inside who was taking the first step toward a relationship alone.

“Lucy, what are you doing there”

Suddenly, Liel’s voice was heard from behind.

As if I was a thief who had numbed her feet, my shoulders slumped upward.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time…….”

It hasn’t been long since I left my seat, but Liel couldn’t stand it and came to find me.

The sound of Liel’s footsteps drew nearer.

“I’m sorry, I…….”

Then unnie’s voice caught my ear.

The sound of footsteps in my back and unnie’s apologetic voice in my front made my mind complicated.

What should I do at times like this

“Lucy What’s there”

I could feel Liel coming close.

At that moment, my eyes turned upside down without realizing it.

“Go away! You can’t look!”

“……I think it’s too early to date.”

This time, unnie’s voice and my voice overlapped.


“I told you I’d be right there.

How can you come looking for me without holding it in!”

It’s not once or twice that Liel has come looking for me.

Due to the situation, I overreacted to the extent that it was unnatural.

Unable to hide my shaking eyes, I clasped Liel’s shoulders in both hands and gently pushed him back.

“Wait, Lucy, I don’t feel comfortable walking–“

“Let’s go.

Let’s go back to where we came from.”

You’re not supposed to watch this.

Ignoring Liel, who stuttered, I pushed him to the bench where we were playing earlier.

Liel, who said he was uncomfortable walking, walked quite well without falling.

Is this how it feels to be alive after death

When I finally arrived on the bench, I wiped off the sweat flowing through my temples.

“Lucy, is it hot”

At the same time as the question, Liel pulled down his sleeve and wiped my sweat.

“No, this is not sweat from the heat…….”

After saying that, I immediately shut up.

I thought there would be nothing better to say.


Liel, who wiped off my sweat, tilted his head.

Liel, who is on the same eye level as me, no longer looked up at me.

I couldn’t look down at him either.

“Hoo… It’s because I’m shocked because I saw something I shouldn’t have seen.”

After sighing and muttering, LIel tapped me on the back with his eyes full of worries.

Unnie’s the one who’s popular, but why am I the one who’s in trouble

I felt a little unfair when I recalled that it was all because of Liel who’s in front of me.

“Are you okay”

But he doesn’t know how others feel and is just worrying about me.

Am I simple

But thanks to him, I feel better.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Yeah, it was really good.

I was expecting this much trouble.

* * *

I think I underestimated her popularity too much.

No, I didn’t know it was this bad.

“Young Lady Marsen.

I want you to….”

Don’t try too hard.

As soon as I got off the carriage today, I witnessed a courting scene for unnie.

When I realized what was going on at once, I hid behind the carriage and ground my teeth.

It was already her fourth confession this week.

It’s all from different people.

“Oh, miss”

The coachman looked at me as if I was a strange person.

“Wait, wait…….”

Just as I was going to ask him to wait, unnie turned her head toward me.

Surprised at the moment, I quickly hid my face behind the carriage.

“Miss, can I go back now”

Before I knew it, the coachman, who came near me, scratched his head and asked.


At the same time, I heard unnie’s voice from the side.

Man, I got caught.

* * *

After letting the coachman return, unnie and I walked into the mansion together.

In her hand, she held a bouquet of flowers she had received while being confessed to earlier.

“I’m sorry, I showed a shameful side of myself…….”

She said with a smile, and was feeling embarrassed.

It was me who peeped, but this situation where unnie  apologized to me made me feel so guilty.

“Oh, no.

Why are you apologizing The problem is the one who comes into the house and confesses publicly like this!”

In addition, unnie’s difficulty in rejecting each of the confessions would have been formidable.

Unnie’s face was a little darkened by what I said.

“In fact, not long ago, I received a confession in Liel’s presence…”


Who was there!

I screamed in surprise. Unnie was also surprised by my voice, and the arm holding the bouquet flinched.

Looking at her reaction, I felt a little embarrassed for screaming.

“I, I’m sorry.

I didn’t know…….”

I didn’t know because Liel didn’t tell me anything.

Don’t tell me he’s grumbling inside.

I bit my nails with anxiety.

“I asked them not to come to my house, but no one listened to me…”

Unnie’s eyebrows trembled.

In the end, she said no, but they kept coming to the house.

No wonder.

They started to confess outside the mansion today.

Maybe they couldn’t get inside the mansion because they were blocked by the knights.

“If I block them at the entrance, they keep sending strange letters…… I thought it would be better for me to meet them separately and refuse.”

Isn’t that a stalker

“But it’s kind of scary to meet outside separately…….”

“Yes, I understand.

I fully understand how you feel!”

I tapped unnie’s arm holding the flower with understanding.

Listening to her, I almost hated even the innocent flowers.

“Lucy, be careful, too.”

Suddenly, Dioleta warned me with a serious face.

When I was warned without knowing why, I stopped tapping her arm and asked.


“I mean, be careful not to get caught by a strange man.”

Who’s worried about who

Of course, it wasn’t that I hated unnie’s worries.

Rather, when she cared about me like this, I felt like Dioleta was my real sister.

But she was worried for nothing.

I won’t be bombarded with confessions like her.

“Who will approach me Even if they do, I won’t let them!”

I clenched my fist and pushed it in front of unnie.

She smiled awkwardly with an ambiguous expression.

I didn’t seem so intimidating that I was rather embarrassed.

In response to my sister’s reaction, my face slowly started to heat up.

“But I’m glad Lucy has Liel.”


It was as if Liel would protect me.

No, who protects who.

If I protect him, he’ll protect me.

I keep refuting myself because of unnie who has been saying strange things.

“No, I’m glad…….”

She corrected her words belatedly.

Her frowned brows told me that unnie was in deep agony.

“But in front of you, he…… Yeah, no, no…….”

“Hey, what are you muttering to yourself”

I think she’s talking about me.

Unnie only muttered to herself and didn’t ask me for an answer.

“Whatever it is, I’m telling you to be careful.”

“I’ll be careful, unnie…”


“Yes… I’ll be careful…”

Why am I getting in trouble all of a sudden


As I was apologizing to unnie with a puzzled heart, Liel ran from far away calling me.

Liel, smiling brightly, who saw unnie got confessed to, did not look like a heartbroken person.

Are my efforts paying off

I thought today might be a good opportunity to check Liel’s mind.

* * *

After parting with unnie, I immediately led Liel’s hand to his room.

Liel was puzzled, but he followed me as I pulled him without saying anything.

“You, you saw your sister getting a confession!”

“Huh Yes.”

When I interrogated Liel with a bright face, he nodded his head gently.

There was no change in his expression, so I almost said, “Really”

“But why didn’t you tell me anything”

If I knew he’d react like this, I wouldn’t have tried so hard.

The words went out a little bluntly because I felt unfair.

Liel looked at me silently for a while.

I know I’m being fussy right now.

Even so, I couldn’t help feeling unfair.

“W, why”

Say something.

The silence lasted longer than I thought.

I couldn’t stand it, so when I rushed Liel, he slowly opened his mouth.



“I didn’t want to tell you…….”

“Hey, you didn’t want to tell me”


Liel, who nodded, glanced at me.

He seemed to be looking into my eyes.


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