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The novel I reincarnated to is, , was a novel in which Liel’s sister appeared as the heroine.


Her name is Dioleta, who grew up like a family with Liel, although they are not blood-related.


Until Liel appeared, Dioleta was the only heir to the Marsen family, one of the two dukes in the empire.


To be more specific, Dioleta was a child born to the Duke’s wife, and Liel was a child that his father brought from outside.


Of course, it turns out later that he is not the Duke’s biological child.


Dioleta’s sister’s mother, who was unaware of the fact, used to shudder whenever she thought of Liel as an illegitimate child.


Moreover, the Duke of Marsen, the man who brought Liel, irresponsibly left him at the duke’s house and did not come home often.


Perhaps because the employees were conscious of the Duchess, who was in power in the mansion, they often treated Liel as if he’s invisible.


Sometimes, there were even some people mocking Liel as an illegitimate children.


In this environment, Liel lived on a whim every day.


Surprisingly, his only older sister, Dioleta, who was the child of the madam, treated Liel like a family.


Perhaps that’s why Liel followed Dioleta like a mother rather than his sister, and his heart eventually crossed the line that he shouldn’t have crossed.


‘Liel… even if you are not siblings by blood, Dioleta is still your sister.….’


Returning to the original, I tore my hair, recalling the poor, immature Liel.


After hearing that Dioleta was marrying the male protagonist, Dailor, Liel turned evil and imprisoned his sister.


To keep her by his side for the rest of his life.


Naively, I had no idea what would happen until then, but when he saw his imprisoned sister, I recalled the keyword of this novel again.


I didn’t know that the reason why the novel was popular was not because of the male lead, but because of Liel…….


Naturally, Daler didn’t just watch Lière’s atrocities.


Dailor, the strongest of the Holy Knights, immediately drags his troops to save Dioleta.


I don’t know what happened after that.

Since I stopped reading to that point and left.


Blocked by the wall of taste, I even read “Lucy” mentioning Liel’s snake tattoo and telling him to release Dioleta.


Did Lucy, who keeps mentioning his secret, get on his nerves or didn’t want to hear her tell him to release Dioleta, who was locked up at best


Eventually, ‘Lucy’ is eaten by Liel’s power and dies.


In short, “Lucy” is one of the supporting roles that appeared only once when she died after being mentioned in a few lines in the novel.


Furthermore, she plays the role of a childhood friend who cannot escape him until she dies in his hand while scratching Liel’s temper.


And that’s me.


Oh, my God.


I hugged my pillow and shook my legs.


What do we do now


On the day I regained my memory, I was stuck in the house all day and rolled my head.


About what to do in the future.


There were actually several ways.


One is to break ties with Liel like this.


However, it was almost impossible to break ties with Liel.

This is because the family of Liel and I have been in constant exchanges for generations.


Moreover, I was the only heir to my family.


Having lost my parents earlier, I grew up in the hands of my grandmother, the head of the Seywint family, and she had pointed out to me, who was still young, as the next matriarch.


So it was impossible to cut ties at all.


The other is not to provoke Liel like Lucy in the original.


It was the best way, but honestly, it was hard to guarantee that Liel would spare me, who knew his secret, just because I didn’t provoke him.


He showed me…….


But this is based on the premise that Liel will turn evil.


Is turning evil the biggest problem……


Let’s assume the worst future.




Dioleta’s beautiful face, which was always sweet to me, passed by in my head.


‘If Liel turns evil…….’


The good sister Dioleta is bound to be imprisoned.

It must be prevented somehow.


The last way is to stop Liel from loving Dioleta.


Liel turned evil when he heard that Dioleta and the male lead were getting married.

As far as I know, there hasn’t been a problem before.


So, there may be no problem if he doesn’t love her in the first place.


Then all three of us will be able to stay as peaceful as we are now.


It was the method with the most preparation needed, but it was also the most realistic method.


‘Of course, if it’s possible’


Or Diorleta should be single all her life…….


Oh, is this too bad for a nice sister


Having put it in the back of my mind, I carefully organized my thoughts.


No matter how much I think about it, I think the last method is the best.


I don’t know if it’ll work out, but let’s do as much as we can.


Assuming I didn’t stop Liel, if the worst comes…… I have to run away with my grandmother, even though it’s close to impossible.


Of course it won’t be easy.


Liel’s black snake tattoo was a sign that he had the power of the devil.


I don’t remember exactly why the devil’s power was in the young Liel, but devils were the high-ranking species that ruled the beasts.


‘Isn’t it almost impossible to run away from such a kid….’


Still, just in case, should I buy citizenship from other countries in advance


It was a very good method.


I’ll have to keep in mind to buy another identity in the future.


I made up my mind and clenched my fist.


That’s how the day went by.


The next day, Liel came.


Alone too.


Liel was foolish enough that I had to take the lead.

So it was always me who went to see him.


Sometimes when Liel came to our mansion, he was always with Dioleta.


Considering that Liel, who was usually dense, came all the way here alone, I couldn’t just let him go.


No, my grandmother wouldn’t have left me alone in the first place.


“Liel came to see you alone for the first time, is it okay if I just let him go”


My sweet but stern grandmother was a true adult who did not ignore a child’s efforts.


Grandma was always right.


“If you had a fight with Lier, hurry up and make up.”


As soon as she mentioned it, I denied it.


We didn’t fight, but…….


I couldn’t refute my grandmother’s words and had to go down to see Liel.


Liel was waiting for me in the playroom.


This room was made by my grandmother to commemorate me and Liel becoming friends.


When Dioleta and Liel came to play, we always played here.


“Lu, Lucy!”


When I opened the door and entered the playroom, Liel, who was sitting neatly on a soft mat, called me in an urgent voice.


I moved my head and looked at Liel.


Seeing how much he cried, Liel’s face was swollen.

In particular, the area around his eyes was swollen like a sausage.


No different from me, I noticed that Liel also cried for a long time after I went back.


Nevertheless, I couldn’t get rid of my stiff face and greeted Liel.


“Hi, Liel.”


A melancholy voice came out without realizing it.

Liel’s face turned to teary when he heard my voice.




He’s crying again.


Liel was such a crybaby.


If I accidentally let go of his hand, or if I closed the door and left without knowing he was there, he would burst into tears on the spot.


Having left Liel at home yesterday, the crybaby couldn’t help but cry.


That made me feel sorry for Liel.


I was thinking about myself, so I didn’t think about Liel’s position at all.


‘Cause it’s Liel who’ll grow up to do bad things…….’


Now Liel was just a good, soft-hearted child, who cries easily.


So little Liel is innocent.


He hasn’t done anything yet.


Liel reached out his hands toward me, who was still thinking.


Like a child who had just started walking, Liel came up to me crying.


“Hu, heuk… Lucy….”


As if asking for a quick hug, Liel did not lower his hand.

He didn’t seem to want to get off until I hugged him.




I let out a sigh without realizing it.


Then Liel’s body shook greatly.


“Lucy, Lucy.

I’m sorry…….

I’m sorry to show you something gross…….”


Oh, my.


Liel, who misunderstood my sigh, suddenly apologized and cried loudly.


I hurriedly put my arm around Riere’s neck and soothed him.


“Oh, no.

It wasn’t gross at all.

What’s so gross about that!”


Except for the fact that it was the power of the devil, it was just a bad-looking tattoo on a thin ankle.


But it just so happened to Liel.

I’ll have to find out later.


I didn’t read the novel completely, so I didn’t have enough information on snake tattoos.


If it weren’t for that, maybe Liel…….


After organizing my thoughts, I opened my mouth again.


“Don’t cry.

I’m sorry, too.

I suddenly went back home yesterday…….”


“Heuk… It’s not gross…… Snakes, you didn’t go back because you were scared of snakes……”


“Of course not! I’m not a coward to the point where I’m scared to see that!”


That’s a lie.

I’m actually scared.


Rather, I was less afraid of snakes.


But I couldn’t be honest with the crying Liel.

Because if I said that, he’d be crying to the point of fainting.


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