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“Prince Zhan Could it be that this battle sage ape is Emperor Dou Zhans son”

“Thats right.

Even the Lord of the primordial sage race has bowed.

Other than Prince Zhan, who else can receive such treatment”

“The two sons of the primordial sage races ancient emperors plus Prince Zhan… To think the ten thousand ancient races have three ancient emperors sons revived in this era.

With this, a primordial emperor comparable to the primordial heavenly sovereigns and sage emperors will definitely appear!”

“The war of the great era is a rare sight even in centuries.

Its our great fortune to be able to witness it!”

The people of the ten thousand ancient races were all going crazy, celebrating that they could be born into such a great era and that they could witness the three ancient princes fight for supremacy.

The humans couldnt even lift their heads.

Their faces were filled with despair.

With the birth of the sons of three ancient emperors, how were they going to fight against the ten thousand ancient races What would happen to the human races survival

Someone sighed, “The ten thousand ancient races have three ancient emperors sons, yet the human race doesnt even have a self-proclaimed Prince.

How are we going to compete with them”

Someone said worriedly, “Now that the ten thousand ancient races have so many experts, and theres even Prince Zhan among them, the human race is in danger during this Myriad Race Gathering!”

However, some humans were still confident and shouted, “The human race has the Elder King whos invincible.

He can compete with Supreme Sages while still only being in the Sage King realm.

Why cant he compete with the ancient princes”

When someone from the ten thousand ancient races heard this, he laughed sarcastically, “Today, the Lord of the primordial sage race and Supreme Sage Peng Kong will seek revenge on the human Elder King.

How long can he live Your arrogant words are truly laughable.”

Looking at the two sides that were about to start fighting, Prince Zhan, the battle sage ape, stood up and said, “Since everyone is here, lets begin the Myriad Race Gathering!”

“Prince Zhan! The human Elder King isnt here yet!” Supreme Sage Peng Kong said, his eyes filled with hatred.

The primordial sage races elder cleared his throat and said, “Lets talk about this after the Myriad Race Gathering!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man from the primordial sage race released a monstrous Sagely might.

Tens of thousands of rays of light shot up in Haihuang City.

In just a few breaths, all the living beings in the city were teleported away, Such means shocked all the human experts.

After entering a divine hall, the Supreme Sages of the ancient races and the seven humans took their seats.

The Myriad Races Gathering had officially begun.

“The purpose of this Myriad Races Gathering is to discuss the relationship between the human race and the ten thousand ancient races.

Everyone, please feel free to speak your mind,” The old man from the primordial sage race said with a smile.

Supreme Sage Peng Kong was the first to speak.

He glared at the seven humans and said, “We, the roc imperial clan, only have one condition, and that is for you to hand over the human Elder King!”

“The giant race wants the entire Southern Desolate Land! The humans there must leave the Southern Desolate Land within seven days,” The Supreme Sage of the giant race immediately stated his conditions.

The skyfall races Supreme Sage snickered, “My race likes to eat humans.

All you humans have to do is promise to give my people a million humans every month.”

Hearing their words, the seven human cultivators were all furious.

If it wasnt for the fact that the other party had the advantage in numbers, they would have already taken out their emperor weapons and started fighting.

“Impossible!” The patriarch of the Great Qin Dynasty snorted.

His name was Qin Tian, and he was a follower of Qin Shihuang.

He had his pride, and naturally, he would not agree to such humiliating conditions.

The patriarch of the Nangong family said coldly as well, “After such a long time, the human race is no longer the same as before.

Even if we are exterminated, we will not be humiliated!”

Seeing that the two of them dared to reject him, the skyfall races Supreme Sage sneered, “If you dont agree, well fight until you do.

But dont worry, the human race wont be exterminated.

When the time comes, Ill rear your entire race and turn you into food, just like pigs and dogs!”

“Then lets start a war.

The human race will annihilate your skyfall race!” Everyone heard a shout.

They looked up at the sky only to see the human Elder King, who was holding a halberd.

He stepped on colorful clouds and swung his halberd, breaking the barrier of Haihuang City and entering the divine hall.

“The Elder King is here! I knew he would come!”


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