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“How arrogant! To think you belittle the human race as such!” The human imperial clans Supreme Sage who had blocked Supreme Sage Peng Kong back in the Southern Desolate Land with his emperor weapon spat coldly.

His body exploded with boundless Sagely might.

If not for some worries, he would have killed these arrogant beings.

“Tsk, tsk, the ten thousand ancient races naturally dont put the mere human race in our eyes!” A shout rang out as a middle-aged man with a face full of black tattoos stepped out of the void.

He was a Supreme Sage from the skyfall race, one of the ancient imperial clans.

At the same time, a dragon-shaped creature with a lizards body and bats wings flew over.

It was the Supreme Sage of the evil divine dragon race.

“Swish!” The cry of a phoenix was heard.

The Supreme Sage of the primordial phoenix race had arrived.

The flaming phoenix circled the sky before turning into a beautiful woman in a red dress, standing in the void above Haihuang City.

The primordial phoenix and evil divine dragon were not true dragons or phoenixes.

They were chaotic demon spawns from the primordial era.

The true dragon race was a demon race, which was Lord Dragons race.

Currently, they were still self-sealed in Demon Valley.

Three Supreme Sages of the ancient imperial clans arrived and stood opposite the seven humans.

Both sides were at daggers drawn, and their Sagely mights were terrifying.

Any disagreement and a fight would ensue.

“Haha, its so lively! So many people have come!” An ape lazily lying on a cloud flew over, smiling at the crowd.

The ape was wearing purple-gold armor, and its eyes were shining with golden light.

It was the battle sage ape race that had been invincible back in the primordial age.

The battle sage ape was the race that treated the human race the best out of the ten thousand ancient races.

It was also the race with the least members out of the ancient imperial clans.

The battle sage apes bloodline was extremely powerful, comparable to the true dragons and phoenixes.

Therefore, it was extremely difficult for them to reproduce.

Even at its peak, there were no more than twenty apes in the race.

That being said, the battle sage ape races combat strength was definitely at the top among the ten thousand ancient races.

Once such an ape reached adulthood, they would have the strength to become a God.

As such, even members of the primordial sage race didnt dare to provoke them.

This battle sage ape was obviously not an adult yet since it only had the strength of a Supreme Sage.

Otherwise, with just a trace of its aura, everyone present would have exploded and died.

At the same time, the ground suddenly trembled.

A giant with his head in the clouds walked over.

He could cross tens of thousands of miles with a single step, and he could destroy a city with a single foot.

The Supreme Sage of the giant race had arrived.

“Haha, Im here too!” A childs laughter was heard.

With that, a child shining with golden light flew over.

The child was less than one meter tall, but his aura was terrifying.

Among all the people present, only the battle sage ape could suppress him.

The child was from the famous divine silkworm race of the ten thousand ancient races.

The bloodline of the divine silkworm race was also incredibly precious.

In one lifetime, each silkworm could morph thirteen times.

With each morphing, not only could the silkworm live for one more lifetime, but it would also grow.

As it grew, it would obtain even greater power, which allowed the silkworms to gain a reputation in the primordial era.

Legend had it that the Divine Silkworm Emperor, who had killed a primordial emperor, was a thirteen-shedding divine silkworm.

Although the childs original form was only an eight-shedding divine silkworm, as he grew up and morphed five more times, he would obtain a cultivation level second only to the primordial emperor.

The divine silkworm race was thus a race that was as famous as the battle sage apes.

“Wu Tian of the ancient shaman race greets everyone!” An old man wearing a black cloak and holding a walking stick appeared.

His entire body was surrounded by black gas.

The old mans face was full of wrinkles and he was short.

He looked like an old man who was about to die.

Although he looked like this, no one dared to look down on him.

It should be known that the ancient shaman race was the evilest race among the ten thousand ancient races.

It was said that they could predict the future and even predict who would be the one to attain the path of the era.

Moreover, they had sorcery that was enough to threaten primordial emperors.

Even the people of the primordial sage race were not willing to provoke them.

At this time, the sky suddenly turned dark and was filled with demonic energy, A great demon walked out from the clouds and shouted in the direction of the East Sea, “Does anyone from the primordial sage race dare to fight me”

The humans were all stunned, while the eyes of the ten thousand ancient races were filled with shock.

This was because this demon who had dared to challenge the primordial sage race was from the demon god race, a race that had struck fear into the hearts of the ten thousand ancient races.

In the entire primordial era, the demon god race was one of the strongest races that dared to challenge the primordial sage race.

The demon god races imperial ancestor, Heaven Sovereign Demon God, dared to call himself a heavenly emperor and was dominant for an entire era.

From this, one could see that he was definitely one of the top ancient emperors among the primordial emperors.

Legend had it that after Heaven Sovereign Demon God had proven his path, he had once charged into the ancestral land of the primordial sage race and killed more than half of their people, causing them to suffer heavy losses.

Even the ancient imperial weapon left behind by the primordial Sage Emperor had been forced to revive, and cracks had been left on it.

If it wasnt for the fact that the primordial sage race had produced two primordial emperors and an unparalleled heavenly emperor, who was respected by all races and had left behind many imperial foundations to resist the massacre of Heaven Sovereign Demon God, the primordial sage race would have been exterminated in the primordial era.

Due to this, the two races had clashed countless times during the primordial era, with victories and defeats.

However, in terms of strength, the primordial sage race was still much stronger.

Other than the era of Heaven Sovereign Demon God, the demon god race had been suppressed by the primordial sage race in almost every era.

Even so, the demon god race still fought with the primordial sage race for the entire primordial era, leaving an illustrious name in the hearts of the ten thousand ancient races.

Even now, the ten thousand ancient races were still apprehensive when they heard of the race.

“Demon god race, today is the Myriad Race Gathering.

I advise you to know your place.

Otherwise, your race will never be able to appear in this era!” An old voice came.

An old man rode the tens of thousands of paths in the sky.

His body emitted waves of path rhythms, purifying all the demonic energy in the sky and making the sky bright again.

“Greetings, senior of the primordial sage race!” The Supreme Sages of the giant race, primordial phoenix race, evil divine dragon race, skyfall race, roc race, and ancient shaman race all greeted the Supreme Sage elder in unison.

This was because this senior of the primordial sage race was much more senior than the other Supreme Sages of the ancient imperial clans.

Therefore, he was addressed as a senior.

The eight-shedding divine silkworm was an expert that had lived for eight lives.

Its seniority was not lower than that of the primordial elder, so it naturally would not greet him with such a respecting attitude.

Revealing an innocent smile, he cupped his hands at the primordial sage races elder, “Greetings, fellow Daoist!”

The battle sage ape stayed lying on the cloud.

He laughed, “To think the one from the primordial sage race is actually an old man.

Could it be that the sons of the Heaven Sovereign Tai Sheng and the Sage Emperor Tai Yang have not been unsealed”

“The sons of the Heaven Sovereign Tai Sheng and the Sage Emperor Tai Yang!”

Everyone was shocked.

Although there had been news that the sons of primordial emperors had sealed themselves to this era, who would have thought that they would be the sons of the two most powerful primordial emperors in the legends

The expressions of the humans darkened as despair appeared on their faces.

If what the battle sage ape said was true, how could the human race compete with the ten thousand ancient races in this era

On the other hand, the ten thousand ancient races were rejoicing.

After all, being able to witness the sons of two of the most powerful ancient emperors proving their path was not something that just anyone could see.

The old man from the primordial sage race smiled and actually bowed to the battle sage ape.

He smiled and said, “Prince Zhan, the great path of heaven and earth has yet to fully recover, and the two princes of my race are still sealing themselves.

Speaking of which, isnt Your Highness Prince Zhan revived a little too early”

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