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Ling Ran had always been cold and aloof.

She would usually only smile when she faced the Elder King.

She shook her head gently and said, “Im not very tired.

Im just not very good at dealing with these things.”

Qin Chen naturally understood that although Ling Ran was the Holy Lord, her appearance had brought new hope to the Taiyi Holy Land.

As someone with a natural King Body like the Zixia Body, and having obtained the Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra left by the Zixia Empress, her future achievements were limitless.

She should have been concentrating on her cultivation, but now, she was being weighed down by these mortal affairs, which affected the progress of her cultivation.

Lu Xuan arrived and frowned slightly.

He then sighed and said, “How many times have I advised you Although you are the Holy Lord, you cant do everything by yourself.

You should appoint a vice Holy Lord who can help you manage the Holy Lands many trivial matters.”

Qin Chen also nodded and said, “Ling Ran, youre quite talented in cultivation.

You cant be buried by the trifle matters.

A cultivation genius like you should focus on cultivation.

As long as your cultivation is strong enough, many things can be easily solved.”

Ling Rans eyes lit up, “Just like you, Elder King”

From the moment the Elder King appeared, he suppressed everyone with his absolute cultivation and removed the demonized Zhao Yi.

He even killed the demonic venerable Yang Tiancheng, intimidated all the immortal heritages, killed Sage Demon Kings, and destroyed powerful ancient races…

Didnt he rely on his strong cultivation base to accomplish all this

Not long ago, the Elder King had created a Sage King supreme-grade weapon and killed an ancient Sage King of the ancient race, but he was still fine.

The Elder Kings words should be based on this logic.

Qin Chen was not embarrassed as he said naturally, “Thats right.

As long as youre strong enough, you dont need to fear anything.

Even if the ten thousand ancient races dare to offend you, you can just kill them all.”

“Ahem…” Lu Xuan pretended to clear his throat, “Elder King, arent you leading Ling Ran astray”

If these words were to spread to the outside world, they would definitely enrage the ten thousand ancient races.

“Whats the matter” Qin Chen glared at Lu Xuan, “Do you think Im wrong”

“Youre right, indeed,” Lu Xuan quickly said, “The Elder Kings cultivation is unparalleled in the world.

You do have the right to do so.”

“Good thing you still have some sense in you.

What about the ten thousand ancient races When I reach the Supreme Sage realm, I can defeat them all with one move,” Qin Chen was unafraid as he spoke frankly

Ling Rans eyes lit up.

This was the Elder King who feared nothing and destroyed three ancient races while also suppressing the ancient Sage of the roc imperial clan.

Then, Qin Chen glanced at Lu Xuan and said, “Lu Xuan, youre not young anymore.

Youre the previous Holy Lord and Ling Rans master, after all.

Now, Ling Ran has become a Bahuang Venerable before you, while youre still in the Qiyao realm.

Dont you feel ashamed ”

Seeing that the attention was shifting to him, Lu Xuan immediately felt sorry for provoking the Elder King who shouldnt be trifled with.

He could only say helplessly, “Elder King, Im not as talented in cultivation as Ling Ran.

Its already good enough that Im able to cultivate to the peak of the Qiyao realm.”

“No wonder you cant revive the Taiyi Holy Land,” The Elder King looked down on Lu Xuan without holding back.

He then looked at Ling Ran and said, “Ling Ran, you cant be as useless as your master.

Otherwise, the Taiyi Holy Land will never be able to revive completely.

From now on, youll follow me and cultivate.”

Qin Chen naturally valued Ling Rans talent in cultivation.

After all, he couldnt stay in the Taiyi Holy Land forever.

When he had gone through the Sage Kings heavenly tribulation, he could tell that the Emperor Star was very big, and the Canglan Continent was only a corner of it.

Furthermore, he also had a side mission from the system, which was to advance to the Shifang divine realm in a hundred years and head to the mysterious World Beyond Heavens.

He couldnt stay in the Taiyi Holy Land for his whole life.

When his cultivation was strong enough, he wouldnt continue to live in seclusion.

As such, he needed to nurture a loyal and strong enough follower to help him guard the Taiyi Holy Land.

Although Lord Dragon was very loyal, he was still from the dragon race and was not a very suitable candidate.

Therefore, Ling Ran should be the most suitable candidate.

Ling Ran was both surprised and delighted.

It was definitely the best if she could cultivate by the Elder Kings side.

Moreover, she felt an inexplicable rush of excitement.

A long time ago, she had vaguely guessed that the person who had given her the Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra and healed her heavenly tribulation injuries was the Elder King.

However, since the Elder King did not say it, she would not expose it.

Lu Xuan was very envious, but he was not jealous, because Ling Ran was his disciple whom he had nurtured up to this day.

There was more of a father-daughter relationship between them, so he was very pleased.

He said, “Since the Elder King is willing to take you to cultivate by your side, Ling Ran, you should focus on your cultivation.

Youll need to choose a vice Holy Lord to help you handle worldly affairs.

If you dont have a good candidate, in my opinion, Lu Fengs not bad.

Hes also in the Qiyao realm and is young.

Although his talent isnt as good as yours, his future is limitless.”

Lu Feng was the chosen Holy Son after Zhao Yi was killed by Qin Chen.

He was quite talented.

In the old Taiyi Holy Land, such a figure was destined to shine.

But now, with Ling Ran before him, he had already paled in comparison.

Of course, after cultivating for many years and being nurtured by the Taiyi Holy Land, he had also become a Qiyao King, which was not bad.

Upon hearing this, Ling Ran nodded and said, “Lu Fengs talent and intelligence are not bad, and he has a heart of justice.”

Soon, Ling Ran announced that Lu Feng had become the Vice Holy Lord of the Taiyi Holy Land.

The people of the Holy Land didnt have many objections to this.

Although Lu Feng kept a low profile, his cultivation level was there.

Moreover, he had never offended anyone.

He wasnt like the previous Holy Son, Zhao Yi, who went to extreme lengths just to become the Holy Lord.

In the end, Lu Feng naturally became the Vice Holy Lord, and he officially began to handle all kinds of cumbersome affairs in the Holy Land on behalf of Ling Ran.

Naturally, Qin Chen observed for a while and found that Lu Fengs temperament was not bad, unlike Zhao Yis extreme attitude.

Thus, he also helped Lu Feng to refine his weapon, making it reach the supreme grade.

This made Lu Feng extremely flattered and surprised as he thanked the Elder King profusely.

On the Sages peak, Ling Ran was cultivating beside Qin Chen.

Naturally, because of this, Qin Chen surrounded himself with a clear light and never revealed his true appearance.

He guided Ling Rans cultivation like a teacher.

With his cultivation at the Sage King realm, he was instructing the latter from a very high and strategic position.

Often, with just a few words, he could enlighten Ling Ran, the newly-promoted Venerable, allowing her to solve all the problems on the road of cultivation one by one without any difficulty.

At the same time, Qin Chen would also teach Ling Ran some top-tier supernormal knowledge.

Naturally, Emperor-level supernormal knowledge like the Heavenly Desolation Emperor Fist, Great Desolate Heaven-imprisoning Finger, and Heaven Destroying Imperial Dragon were too fierce and domineering.

They were not suitable for a lady like Ling Ran.

Hence, the supernormal knowledge he imparted to her were relatively gentler.

In the past 100 years, he had naturally obtained several such supernormal knowledge from checking in.

They might not be Emperor-grade supernormal knowledge, but they were at least Sage-grade supernormal knowledge.

Similarly, he also taught Ling Ran the Resurrection Technique and the Moving Secret Technique.

Besides, Qin Chen would occasionally refine some precious medicinal pills and let Ling Ran take them for free.

These medicinal pills could either help her build her foundation or increase her cultivation realm.

It could be said that, in a certain sense, Qin Chen was treating Ling Ran as his personal disciple and taught her as such.

However, he did not take Ling Ran in as his disciple.

Under Qin Chens guidance and the crazy support of various resources, Ling Rans cultivation improved by leaps and bounds.

In the next six months, she advanced two small realms and reached level three of the Bahuang realm.

Her cultivation speed was so fast that even Lord Dragon, an old Venerable, was envious.

He immediately ran over, hoping that Qin Chen could reward him with a few pills.

However, Qin Chen ruthlessly chased him out, which made Lord Dragon curse him for being heartless.

On this day, as usual, Qin Chen continued to guide Ling Rans cultivation on the Sages peak.


All of a sudden, the spiritual energy between heaven and earth started to shake.

At the far end of the western horizon, a majestic pillar of light suddenly shot into the sky.

It was like a giant pillar that held up the sky as it stood between the heavens and the earth.

Endless Laws of Heaven and Earth were drawn in, and spiritual energy surged like a tidal wave.

On the Sages peak, Qin Chen raised his head and looked at the horizon.

Under the chaotic light, his handsome face revealed a rare hint of seriousness, “Its finally here, huh!”

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