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The scene completely stunned the few inner sect elders.

They widened their eyes in shock!

In the blink of an eye, all the inner sect disciples had been defeated.

It was only one move.

Qin Chen did not even get close to them.

Instead, he relied on the rolling airwaves produced by his step to block the attacks of all the remaining inner sect disciples and even sent them flying.

This was not something a cultivator in the Sancai realm could do.

Even someone in the late stage of the Sixiang realm or a normal Wuxing Master might not be able to do such a thing.

Without a doubt, it could only mean that Qin Chen, an abandoned royal and a hundred-year-old handyman, had been hiding his strength all along.

His Sancai realm was only a pretense.

“The 17th Prince who had been abandoned back then has hidden quite deeply.

To think hes cultivated to such a realm without any of us even realizing it.

Its said that no matter how heaven-defying he is, he cant instantly defeat those Sixiang realm genius disciples if hes only in the Sancai realm.

Now it seems that hes not just in the Sancai realm, but probably at the peak of the Sixiang realm or even the Wuxing realm.”

“Those in the Wuxing realm can already be called a Master.

He can be an inner sect elder thats on the same footing as us.”

“The old handyman has really hidden well.”

The few inner sect elders were all amazed.

In the distance, the Holy Son and Holy Daughter candidates, who didnt make a move because they thought that it was lowly to bully others with numbers, all looked serious.

This old handyman was not simple at all.

Even if they were to deal with the other inner sect disciples, they wouldnt be able to do it as easily as he did.

It could even be said that this old handyman was still calm as ever.

It was obvious that he hadnt used all his strength yet.

However, to the relief of the Holy Son and Holy Daughter candidates, the other party was already over a hundred years old.

No matter how powerful he was, it was impossible for him to compete with them for the right to be a candidate for the Holy Son or Holy Daughter position.

With one move, he had sent all the inner sect disciples flying.

Looking at the blood-vomiting inner sect disciples all over the ground, Qin Chen said coldly, “I said you were a bunch of trash before.

Was I wrong”

Once again, they were called trash by the old handyman.

However, this time, all the inner sect disciples were so ashamed that their faces were flushed and they could not refute him.

Because the other party was right, they were a bunch of trash!

If they werent good-for-nothings, how could they have been defeated by this old handyman in the blink of an eye

Just a little bit of Qin Chens strength had already shocked these inner sect disciples.

If they knew that what they had just seen was just the tip of the iceberg, God knows how shocked they would be.

After all, except for Lord Dragon, no one in the entire Taiyi Holy Land could imagine that the real identity of this old handyman, who had swept the place for hundreds of years and was ridiculed by countless elders and disciples, was the Elder King who stood at the top of the Taiyi Holy Land and had wiped out several powerful ancient races in succession.

The status between his two identities was huge.

Of course, Qin Chen would not take the initiative to tell them.

For him, it was better to continue living in hiding.

These things were just some trivial matters in life, so they were naturally not worth his attention.

Qin Chen only showed a little of his strength to better intimidate these proud inner sect disciples.

After all, he had been selected by Ling Ran to be an inner sect disciple.

He was no longer a handyman.

If he did this, he would not have to face too much trouble when he needed to go to various places in the inner sect to cultivate.

If this still didnt work, he could only think of other more shocking methods.

He couldnt always waste time on these trivial matters.

Qin Chen turned around and left.

He couldnt be bothered by the brewing rumor that the old handyman was a hidden expert due to his thunderous attacks.

“Hey, did you know that the handymens yard has been hiding a top expert all this time”

“Who is it”

“Qin Chen, an old handyman who has been sweeping the ground for a hundred years.”

“What Youre saying that the old handyman Qin Chen is a peerless expert How is that possible If he is a peerless expert, he would not have been expelled from the Great Qin Dynasty back then.”

“Its true.

You dont know this, but that old handyman defeated all the inner sect disciples by the Flying Celestial Waterfall.

All the inner sect disciples from the Sancai realm to the peak of the Sixiang realm were defeated in seconds.

He even took care of the remaining inner sect disciples in one move.”

“Are you kidding me Hes just an old handyman.

At most, hes only in the Sancai realm.

If he was really that powerful, he would have become an inner sect disciple long ago.”

“Im telling you, its true.

All the candidates for the Holy Son and Holy Daughter positions were there that day too.”

“Let me tell you, some of the candidates have been defeated too.

Qin Chen defeated them with one palm.”

“The Holy Son and Holy Daughter candidates were defeated They are Wuxing Masters!”

“Tsk, Ill tell you.

I know the truth.

Qin Chen is actually in the Qiyao realm, but hes been hiding it.”

“Hey, Ill tell you a secret.

Qin Chen, the old handyman, is actually the last disciple of the former Holy Lord.

Even the Holy Lord has to call him senior brother!”

“Shocking news! Qin Chen was the Great Qin Dynastys super genius, but he was framed by the imperial clan and demoted to the Tai Yi Holy Land as a handyman.

However, hes still very powerful and is already a Bahuang Venerable!”

“Shocking news! Qin Chen is actually the Elder Kings last disciple.

Hes been a Bahuang Venerabel for many years!”

The rumors were fine at the beginning, but as time went on, they deviated from the root of the matter, while at the same time, they leaned toward the truth.

Qin Chen was indeed a super genius, and he was related to the Elder King.

That was because he was the Elder King.

Because he had made an intimidating move, when Qin Chen appeared as an inner sect disciple again, the other inner sect disciples no longer dared to mock him.

On the contrary, many looked at him with respect, even with some reverence.

Even the candidates for the Holy Son and Holy Daughter positions were polite.

They didnt have the arrogance that they usually had when facing other disciples.

When he heard the various rumors, Qin Chen was a little stunned.

It turned out that he had unknowingly become Lu Xuans last disciple, Ling Rans eldest senior brother, a super genius from the Great Qin Dynasty, the last disciple of the Elder King, and so on.

However, why did no one say that he was the Elder King

It was probably because the Elder King had supreme status in the Taiyi Holy Land.

He was even more transcendent than the Holy Lord, Ling Ran, and was worshipped by everyone in the Holy Land.

After all, the Elder King was not only a powerful Sage King but also the Great Qin Dynastys Minister.

He was also a great existence that had exterminated three ancient races that were ranked among the top 300 of the ten thousand ancient races.

Not long ago, he had even killed an ancient races Sage King, Sage King Ming Ye.

His status was extremely high.

No matter how outrageous the rumors were, the old handyman Qin Chen would not be able to replace the Elder King.

In truth, he was the Elder King!

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