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Chapter 9: Eat Your Food Properly, Cant You Be Less Touchy

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Ms. Li was stunned.

From her perspective, Xu Le was like performing magic when cooking.

Just now, there were five chicken thighs and a plate of peanuts.

They had turned into a delicious dish with a bright red color and a fragrant aroma.

In less than ten minutes.

The Kung Pao Chicken was completed and placed on the dining table.

Upon smelling this spicy aroma, Ms. Lis appetite was greatly aroused. Her slender fingers tugged at the corner of her shirt, as she wished that she could start eating right now.

However, this was only the main dish. He still needed to make the staple food.

The dough had already been leavened. Xu Le took them out and pulled them into a wide cylindrical shape.

Then came the steps that he had repeated countless times.

Cooking the noodles, adding the condiments, and pouring the oil…

A few minutes later, the spicy and fragrant oil doused noodles were served on the table.

Two dishes that looked red, spicy, and smelled fragrant aroused ones appetite, and they couldnt help but fill a large bowl.

Both Kung Pao Chicken and Oil Doused Noodles belonged to Sichuan Cuisine.

The unique characteristic of Sichuan Cuisine was that it could incorporate a wide range of ingredients to produce a mellow taste. It was known to use numb and spicy seasoning.

In a more common way of saying it.

It was right for the stomach!

Under the stimulation of the extreme spiciness, one would salivate crazily, and their appetite would be roused to the extreme.

This was not a healthy delicacy, but it was definitely something that could satisfy you.

“Dinner is finally ready!”

Ms. Li sat at the table and rubbed her hands in anticipation.

“Lets eat.”

“Then I wont stand on ceremony.”

Ms. Li couldnt wait any longer. She immediately picked up her chopsticks, picked up a strand of noodles, and put it into her mouth.

The oil doused noodles that had just come out of the pan were boiling hot. After being doused with hot oil, it had become perfectly cooked.

It was refreshing, elastic, and chewy. One could feel the toughness of the noodles in one bite, followed by the spiciness and freshness of the noodles. This kind of refreshing feeling rushed to the top of her head.

Although the noodles were very hot, Ms. Li couldnt care less about it. She stuffed them into her mouth.

This was the feeling!

She had eaten a bowl of oil doused noodles at Xu Les push cart this morning. The taste was unforgettable.


Ms. Li closed her eyes and let out a satisfied groan as she thoroughly enjoyed the taste.

She sat beside Xu Le and hugged him tightly.

She held the chopsticks in her right hand and stroked Xu Les little head with her left.

“Xu Le, where did you learn how to cook”

“I… taught myself.”

Xu Le was not lying.

After all, the system was not human. No one taught him how to cook.

“Youre awesome!”

Teacher Li was not stingy with her praise.

Xu Le was only eight years old. In Teacher Lis eyes, he was no different from those kindergarten students. They were all children.

Hence, she hugged Xu Le the same way she treated the children in the kindergarten.

However, Xu Le felt completely different.

He was not a child.

Before he transmigrated, Xu Le was a university student. He was a genuine adult.

Meanwhile, Ms. Li was in her twenties and had just graduated. She was young, beautiful, and had a hot body.

Xu Le, who was in his arms, had a strange feeling.

At this moment, Xu Le also had a taste of the oil doused noodles.

This morning, when he set up his stall at the entrance of the kindergarten, the oil doused noodles he made were already very delicious, so it attracted a large number of customers to gather around his push cart.

But Xu Les Oil Doused Noodles had become even better than before.

This was thanks to his training in the system space.

After thousands of practice sessions.

This was the first time Xu Le had displayed his training results in the real world.

It was really delicious!

Even Xu Le couldnt help but enjoy the taste.

Ms. Li, on the other hand, focused her attention on the Kung Pao Chicken.

She had personally witnessed Xu Le cook this dish.

It was like magic. From a pile of ingredients to a delicacy, the moment the gas emitted, an alluring smell filled the entire room.

Ms. Li picked up a spoon and carefully scooped up a spoonful of Kung Pao Chicken.

A few cubes of meat and a few peanuts.

She stuffed it into her mouth.


It was the crisp sound of peanuts being cracked open with her teeth.


This was the sound of the soft yet crispy chicken meat after being stir-fried with oil.

The chicken meat and peanuts became a perfect match in this dish.

When the peanut oil was fried in oil, it made cracking sounds.

When the chicken was fried in oil, it would emit a fragrant smell.

Coupled with the right amount of condiments, the rich flavor of the Kung Pao sauce that Xu Le had concocted had already fused into the chicken and peanuts.

When tasting it, it was a double enjoyment of taste and texture.

It was only after the food had entered her mouth that Ms. Li truly felt what Xu Le had described as “spicy, fresh, and crispy”.

They had all been integrated into this dish.

Just one bite was enough to make one unable to stop.



Teacher Li couldnt help but exclaim. Then, feeling the spiciness, she opened her mouth and began to breathe rapidly.

She was from Hunan and liked spicy food.

After tasting such delicious spicy food, all the pores on her body had relaxed and she felt utterly comfortable.

“That was so refreshing.”

Ms. Li took out a tissue and wiped the sweat off her face.

At the same time, she stroked Xu Les head and kissed him excitedly.

Xu Le was also eating.

However, being caressed by such a young and beautiful woman was truly a very strange feeling.

Especially when… he was just a child.

Cant I even eat in peace!

Speaking of which… Eat your food properly, cant you be less touchy


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