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Chapter 16: The Taste of Home!

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Qin Yuns live-stream shot into the top ten most popular broadcast.

Actually, it was not that strange.

On the live streaming platform, there were many influencers and internet celebrities who usually sang and danced.

There were very few streamers like Qin Yun who were truly immersed in recording and reflecting the lives of the public.

The content of Qin Yuns live-stream was in stark contrast to those online influencers.

In addition, Xu Le was an eight-year-old child who had set up a stall by the roadside.

It was quite obvious the kind of reaction it would garner.

Hence, it was not strange that the live-stream would attract so many viewers.

The popularity of the live-stream shot up to the top ten and became a recommendation of the platform.

The contents of Qin Yuns live-stream was also edited by other people and became popular on the platform.

There were even a few videos that had more than three million views.

In half an hour, Qin Yun received more than a thousand private messages. They were all asking about where Xu Les stall was located.

“Little Boss, youve already become famous online!”

“Little kid, youre a big star now!”

“They gave you a nickname—the eight-year-old Master Chef.”


The people around them were all exchanging sentences in laughter as they reported the good news.

It made Xu Le not know whether to laugh or cry.

He was not surprised that he had become popular online.

But these netizens… how could they give people nicknames

Eight-year-old Master Chef

Xu Le blushed when he heard this nickname.

Although his current culinary skills were indeed not bad, and these three signature dishes were all done to perfection.

But if they really wanted to call himMaster Chef… it was still beyond him.

After all, which Master Chef could only cook three dishes

However, Xu Le was confident in himself. With the help of the system and his hard work, there would be a day when he would really become the Master Chef and make this title live up to its name!

Soon, in front of Xu Les food stall.

There were more and more customers. Many people only found this place after watching Qin Yuns live-stream.

There was even a group of uncles and aunties, about ten of them. All of them had grey hair and were over sixty years old.

They arrived at Xu Les store together.

“Hi, Grandpa and Grandma. Do you guys want something to eat…”

It was his first time receiving such a large group of elderly people and Xu Le was feeling a little nervous.

“Ten bowls of oil doused noodles and two plates of Kung Pao chicken.”

The leading grandfather said.

From his accent, it was obvious that he was from Sichuan.

A few minutes later, all ten bowls of Oil doused noodles were ready. They were sprinkled with condiments and a large spoonful of boiling vegetable seed oil.

Watching Xu Les actions, the few elders nodded.

Clearly, they felt that Xu Les cooking technique was very authentic.

All of them were from Sichuan and were living in Shanghai for various reasons.

If you ask them if they missed their hometown, there is no doubt about their answer.

The older a person was, the more they liked to reminisce.

They would miss their hometown and the past.

The few of them had just been enjoying the shade and playing chess in a nearby park when they suddenly heard that there was authentic and delicious Oil Doused Noodles being sold at a newly opened food street nearby, so they all rushed over.

Their goal was very simple. They wanted to have a taste of their hometown.

The grandpas hands were trembling as he held the bowl of noodles.

He had thought that the stall owner might be from his hometown in Sichuan Province, but when he arrived, he realized that the stall owner was just a cute eight-year-old kid.

This made the grandpa slightly disappointed.

Would an eight-year-old kid be able to make an authentic Oil Doused Noodles

However, after he took a bite, the Grandpa was first stunned, as if he was at a loss, but also a little disbelieving.

But then, Grandpas blurry eyes became moist.

Although no tears fell, it was obvious that his eyes were brimming with tears.

The other elders around him had similar reactions.

They did not speak, nor did they use paper to wipe the tears from the corners of their eyes.

They just lowered their heads and ate the noodles.

They remained silent.

As they lowered their heads to eat the bowl of Oil Doused Noodles.

Everyone turned to look at them, including the live-stream camera in Qin Yuns hands.

For a moment, the originally bustling food street became incomparably quiet.

It was as if something had struck their hearts.

The image of these elderly eating their noodles quietly with their heads lowered was deeply embedded in everyones heart, like a painting.

A painting that shot straight to the heart.

“Mom, what happened to these grandpas and grandmas”

A childish voice sounded.

Soon, his mother bent down and whispered into his ear, “These grandpas and grandmas are just missing their homes.”

The child scratched his head as if he didnt quite understand what his mother meant.

“Do they miss home too I thought I was the only one who wanted to go home when I was in school…”

The little boy looked like he was only seven or eight years old. Clearly, he could not understand the emotions of the elders.

However, the surrounding customers did not laugh at him.

Thats right. How could a child understand the feeling of missing the hometown

If the boy wanted to go home during school lessons, he just had to wait quietly for school to end.

However, for various reasons, these elders who were far away from their hometown might never be able to return.

Even if they were to step onto the same land again.

However, the passage of time had changed everything around them.

Things were the same, but the people have changed. Would their hometown really still be their hometown

They could return to their hometown, but they could not return to those years again.

Xu Le silently watched as the elders finished their noodles.

“Thank you.”

The leading grandfather looked at Xu Le and thanked him softly.

“You are a great cook. Its the most authentic… oil doused noodles Ive had in years… thank you.”

Then, the grandpa took out a few crumpled notes from his pocket and handed them to Xu Le.

The price of a bowl of noodles was 15 yuan, and a serving of Kung Pao Chicken was 20 yuan.

It was a total of 190 yuan.

“Grandpa, you dont have to pay me.”

Xu Le shook his head and did not accept it.

But the old man was also very stubborn. He did not retract his hand that was holding the note.

Xu Le had no choice but to take the money from the old man.

But before the old man could react, he stuffed the money back into his grandfathers pocket.

“Grandpa, theres a lucky draw event at the opening of our restaurant today. A random customer can eat free of charge!”

“Grandpa, congratulations on winning the prize!”

As he spoke, Xu Le made a face at the grandpa.

The grandpa was stunned. This time, he did not insist on paying. Instead, he patted Xu Les little head.

“Child, work hard. You must spread Sichuan Cuisine around the world.”

“Let the whole world have a taste of our Sichuan cuisine!”


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