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Chapter 15: Little Food Stall Trending Online!

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“Little friend, please give me a serving of Oil Doused Noodles, Kung Pao Chicken and tomato egg soup!”


Xu Le nodded.

However, there were dozens of people queuing in front of Qin Yun, so she had to wait for a while.

There were people around who recognized Qin Yun and wanted to take photos with her.

So Xu Le also learnt that she was a popular broadcaster with 15 million fans.

But this did not conflict with her having to queue.

At Xu Les stall, regardless how popular a broadcaster was, they did not have priority. All the customers were treated equally. They have to queue up.

Qin Yun was not an arrogant person. She stood at the side and waited patiently.

When someone wanted to take a photo with her, Qin Yun agreed in a friendly manner. She was very friendly to her fans.

Xu Le had a good impression of her because of this.

While waiting, Qin Yun aimed the camera at Xu Le, who was cooking.

Xu Le held the pot handle in his left hand and the spatula in his right.

The two kitchen utensils seemed to be glued to his hands, and he was able to use them extremely smoothly.

As Xu Le started to stir-fry, the aroma of the Kung Pao Chicken wafted out.

“It smells so good!” Qin Yun shouted in surprise.

Standing at the side and smelling the fragrance but not being able to eat it made one feel very uncomfortable.

However, after observing Xu Les cooking steps, one could tell that his culinary skills were definitely not that simple!

Qin Yun had filmed quite a number of videos when visiting various stores in the past. She had also filmed the cooking scenes of some chefs.

However, even the chefs in the famous restaurants didnt have the same familiarity as Xu Le.

Most importantly, Xu Le would show a sense of confidence and enjoyment when he cooked.

This was something that other chefs did not possess.

After waiting anxiously for 20 minutes, it was finally Qin Yuns turn.

A bowl of tomato egg soup, a bowl of oil doused noodles, and a plate of Kung Pao chicken.

They were all handed to Qin Yun.

“Thank you!”

Qin Yun said very politely.

Then, she couldnt wait any longer and took a spoon to taste the tomato egg soup.

In these 20 minutes, Qin Yun stood at the side and smelled the fragrance of the delicacies but could not eat them. It was simply torture.

Qin Yun even joked humorously in front of her camera, “If I have done anything wrong, please let the law punish me instead of letting me stand next to the childrens food stall and smell the food.”

Finally, the dishes she had ordered were here.

Of course, Qin Yun was extremely excited.

As soon as the tomato egg soup entered her mouth, her pupils immediately trembled because… this bowl of soup was too delicious!

Generally speaking, if one hadnt eaten a food for a long time, they would have higher expectations for it. When they actually ate it, they might end up feeling disappointed.

But this bowl of tomato egg soup was different.

The anticipation that Qin Yun had for it was already very high, but when it really entered her mouth…

This bowl of common tomato egg soup was far more delicious than her imagination.

“Its so delicious!”

Qin Yuns eyes were shining.

She was like a hungry wolf that had suddenly seen a piece of delicious beef.

She was probably… feeling that day.

In less than half a minute, Qin Yun finished the big bowl of tomato egg soup.

Xu Le frowned while he watched at the side.

This big sister is so beautiful, why is she… not demure at all

However, her personality was still very likable to him. At least, she was very real in front of the camera.

“Its so delicious!”

Qin Yun faced the camera and was not stingy with her praise.

“If there are any friends watching the live-stream who live in Shanghai, dont miss this little kids food stall.”

“I especially recommend this tomato egg soup. Its so delicious! Youll regret it for life if you dont drink it!”

“Friends who live in Shanghai must come! I strongly recommend it!!!”

“Just look for the one that has the longest queue in the newly opened Hongxing Food Street!”

Qin Yun was so excited that she could barely speak properly. She crazily recommended Xu Les restaurant to the audience in the live-stream.

If it was during normal times, the audience would definitely think that Qin Yun was advertising or had been sponsored.

However, at this moment, the look of satisfaction and enjoyment on Qin Yuns face did not seem to be fake.

This was true happiness from the bottom of her heart after tasting the delicacies!

If it was a performance, then… Qin Yuns acting skills were probably enough to win an Oscar award.

Moreover, Qin Yun was famous for being realistic on the entire live-stream platform.

Especially when she was filming a video of visiting a food stall, she would always say whatever she wanted to express her true thoughts.

Hence, the audience in the live-stream could not help but drool when they saw Qin Yun giving such a high evaluation.

Some Shanghai locals had already begun changing their clothes and shoes, wanting to experience it for themselves.

After finishing the tomato egg soup, Qin Yun focused her attention on the Kung Pao chicken and Oil doused noodles.

The two Sichuan dishes also looked very tempting!

It was glistening with red oil. Even before she ate it, she could already smell the alluring fragrance coming from it.

“Let me try one strand first.”

Qin Yun picked up a strand of noodles and put it into her mouth.

She gently bit down on the chewy noodles, and the spicy and oil flavor of the noodles exploded in her mouth.

“This Oil Doused Noodles is also super delicious. Its not any worse than the tomato egg soup. Everyone, please order the tomato egg soup and Oil Doused Noodles!”

Two minutes later, Qin Yuns words changed again.

“This Kung Pao Chicken is also super delicious! Its as delicious as the first two! Everyone must order it when they come! Everyone must have a taste!”

There were only three dishes at Xu Les stall.

Yet Qin Yun recommended all three dishes, which were all of them.

And it wasnt even bragging.

Even through the cameras screen, the audience could feel how tempting the food was.

After finishing all the delicacies on the table, Qin Yun then noticed that the number of viewers in her live-stream had reached more than four million.

It was ranked seventh on the entire live broadcast platform!

Qin Yun widened her mouth in shock.

One had to know that those who could enter the top ten on the live-stream platform were basically some big stars or top internet celebrities with tens of millions of fans.

Before this, the highest ranking of Qin Yuns live-stream was only about 40.

While filming at food store that day, the popularity of her live-stream actually shot up to seventh!

The number of viewers in the live stream room was 5 to 6 times more than usual!


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