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Chapter 1: Reincarnating into an eight-year-old child! Awakening the Master Chef System!

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“24 thousand dollars a square meter, floor area is 75 square meters…”

“40% down payment, 20 years of mortgage (240 periods).”

“The interest rate is 4.9%.”

In the living room, a little boy was lying on the table, holding a pen and paper and seriously calculating a long string of numbers.

After completing his final calculations, the little boy widened his eyes in shock.

“I have to pay back 7068 yuan a month!”

“But Im… just an eight-year-old child!”

The boys name was Xu Le. He was a transmigrator.

A few days ago, Xu Le was still an ordinary university student playing games in the dormitory.

But now he has transmigrated to become a primary school student living in an ordinary family of Jingan Garden in Shanghai.

His parents both worked as cooks.

In pursuit of the true essence of culinary skills, the two of them had taken a plane to France for further culinary studies the day before.

Hence, Xu Le and his three-year-old sister were the only ones left in the house.

Xu Le still remembered his fathers last words before he left. “Son, you have already grown up. You should bear the responsibility of a man – become financially independent, feed yourself and raise your sister!”

At that time, Xu Le clenched his fists and nodded solemnly.

After all, he was a college student who had transmigrated here. It should be easy for him to fill their stomachs. He was very confident about this.

After his parents left, he tragically realized that his parents had left him and his sister a house, as well as a million-dollar mortgage loan.

Xu Le had a mental breakdown instantly.

“I understand everything, but before you guys leave, pay the mortgage first!” He thought to himself.

In other words, Xu Le was now bearing a heavy responsibility.

Having to be financially independent, raise his sister and pay off the mortgage.

Even an ordinary person would feel so pressured by such matters that they could not breathe.

Not to mention an eight-year-old child.

After Xu Le did his calculations, he realized that he had to pay 7,000 yuan a month for the mortgage. He became even more frustrated.

The average salary in Shanghai was only about 10,000 yuan a month.

He and his sister were just two mouths to feed. Eating for 2,000 yuan a month was not too much, right

Adding on the 1,000 yuan tuition fees for kindergarten and the 7,000 yuan mortgage.

It was exactly 10,000 yuan.

But he was only an eight-year-old child. Where could he find a job that would earn him 10,000 yuan a month

The Chinese law prohibits hiring child labor.

Children under the age of sixteen are not allowed to engage in labor with paid income.

Even if Xu Le wanted to work to earn money, no company would dare to hire him.

Just as Xu Le was thinking, he heard a mechanical voice.

“Congratulations on awakening the [Strongest Master Chef System]!”

Xu Le was stunned.

Then, an ecstatic expression appeared on his face.

As a transmigrator, he naturally knew what the system represented.

His golden finger was finally here!

After some research, Xu Le also understood the role of the system.

Simply put, he could immerse his consciousness into the system space to train his culinary skills. The time flow was 365 times slower than the outside world.

One day in the outside world was equivalent to one year in the system space.

There were all kinds of ingredients and kitchenware in the system space for him to use.

Apart from that, the system would release missions at irregular intervals.

As long as he completed the mission, he could obtain Gourmet points or other special rewards.

Gourmet points could be exchanged for recipes and cutlery in the System Shop.

In other words.

By using this system, even Xu Le, who had never cooked before, was confident that he could become a top chef!

Soon, Xu Le heard the system notification again.

“Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Novice Gift Bag. Do you wish to open it”

“Open,” Xu Le said silently.

“Congratulations to the host for obtaining [Oil Doused Noodle Recipe]!”

In an instant, a large amount of information filled Xu Les mind.

It included the selection of ingredients, kneading the noodles, cooking the noodles, matching of ingredients, seasoning, and other steps.

The recipe given to Xu Le by the system was based on the most authentic and perfect method. Furthermore, it was extremely detailed. It took Xu Le a few minutes to completely absorb all the information in his mind.

“Its just an ordinary oil doused noodle, but it has so many ways of cooking!”

After reading everything, Xu Le was deeply shocked.

From what he remembered, the oil doused noodle was a simple staple.

All he had to do was to cook the noodles and pour some chili oil on it.

But now, Xu Les thoughts have completely changed.

The Oil Doused Noodles was a specialty dish of Chinas Shaanxi region. It evolved from the “gift noodles” of the Zhou Dynasty. After thousands of years of improvement by countless generations, the Oil Doused Noodles was no longer an ordinary bowl of noodles.

Anyone could make a bowl of Oil Doused Noodles.

However, if he wanted to make a bowl of authentic and delicious Oil Doused Noodles, he would have to learn a lot.

After digesting the huge amount of information contained in the recipe, Xu Le could not wait to give it a try.

At this moment, the system issued the first mission.

“Mission: Make the first dish and get the customers approval.”

“Requirements: Customer satisfaction > 80 points.”

“Reward: [Small store push cart]!”


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