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C299 – You’re Unlucky.

Everyone heard that and looked in the direction the man pointed at.

They happened to see a person leisurely raising the axe in the center of the violent Qi.


A withered branch was chopped off.

An extremely terrifying Qi suddenly spread out.

Sensing the Qi, everyone’s faces changed.

Perhaps even an Immortal Sovereign warrior could easily be destroyed.

However, the man was able to destroy a violent Qi, but he remained calm, as if he didn’t notice anything.

Everyone’s eyes instantly froze.

They could see the violent Qi struck the man’s body.

They could clearly see at that moment, a more terrifying Taoist Charm was emitted from that person’s body, blocking the violent Qi.

What… What a terrifying cultivation base!

Everyone looked at this scene in shock.

Zhang Xuan didn’t pay attention to the gazes of others.

He arrived in front of a completely withered Nine Mystic Wood, and with a swing of his axe, the tree shook violently.

After that, it fell down with a loud bang, and a cloud of dust flew into the air.


Almost at the same time, a large hand suddenly broke through the air and slapped over.


The large hand previously!

… “No!”

Sensing the killing intent contained within the giant hand, everyone’s faces fell.


Some people were directly sent flying by the killing intent emitted from the large hand.


Some of the weaker ones even exploded.

What cultivation base is this

Is this the Immortal Sovereign Stage

Hahaha, where’s the Nine Mystic Wood

As everyone was in shock, an excited shout was heard.

A human figure came out from the Void, and a unique Immortal Sovereign aura was unleashed from his body.

It’s Old Ancestor Zhi Ming!

Hahaha, Old Ancestor Zhi Ming is an Immortal Sovereign expert.

We can be saved!

When the people from Supreme Immortal Sect saw the newcomer, they instantly became excited.

The shock in their hearts completely disappeared, as if they saw the savior in the world.

Old Ancestor!

The leading disciple of Supreme Immortal Sect waved his hand excitedly, indicating he was the one who sent the message back.

Dog thing!

Seeing this scene, the people from other sects cursed in their hearts.

Why didn’t they send the message back to their sect

However, it wasn’t their fault.

When they saw the treasure, their first thought was to take the treasure for themselves.

Who would think they could send the news back to the sect

When they saw the expressions of others, the disciples of Supreme Immortal Sect had arrogant expressions on their faces.

A group of idiots.

Since they couldn’t get it, they might as well send the news back to their sect.

This way, if the sect obtained the treasure, they would be able to gain the sect’s attention, and perhaps even obtain some Nine Mystic Wood.

As the disciples of Supreme Immortal Sect were getting excited.

However, next moment, they were stunned.

A Void warrior!

When Old Ancestor Zhi Ming saw that big hand, his complexion changed dramatically.

His face was pale and his pants were instantly drenched.

The smell of urine spread out.

Dog thing, who sent me this message! Old Ancestor Zhi Ming happened to see that disciple waving his hand.

Without thinking, he slapped him.


That disciple directly turned into a cloud of blood mist!


Old Ancestor Zhi Ming didn’t hesitate.

He turned around, tore apart the Void, and fled.

However, as he turned around, his body froze.


With a dull sound, Old Ancestor Zhi Ming was annihilated by the Qi.

Everyone covered their mouths and looked at this scene in disbelief.

An Immortal Sovereign powerhouse was gone without traces

One had to know from the beginning until the end, that hand didn’t attack Ancestor Zhi Ming at all.

It was the Qi that killed the Immortal Sovereign Stage Ancestor Zhi Ming.

They could only watch helplessly as that hand slapped towards the person who was chopping the tree in the forest.

Zhang Xuan coughed.

He choked on the dust.

This is bad.

I chopped in the wrong direction.

He looked depressed.

He covered his nose and mouth with one hand and waved his other hand, trying to get rid of the dust in front of him.


A crisp sound rang out as if he slapped something.

The people hiding in the distance were stunned.

They saw a scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

They saw the huge palm was shattered by Zhang Xuan’s palm like glass.

Everyone’s facial expression changed drastically.

Their eyes were filled with shock and terror.


Is this possible That was an expert who destroyed an Immortal Sovereign, and he was crushed by this senior just like that

Could this be the legendary Senior Zhang

It must be.

Otherwise, who in the vicinity has such strength

It seems like the rumors are wrong.

Senior Zhang’s strength has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

This is too terrifying!

They were completely stunned.

Some experts saw the moment Zhang Xuan waved his hand, the number of Great Dao that was affected exceeded 3,000!

After comprehending three thousand Great Dao, one would be able to become an Immortal Emperor!

Moreover, wasn’t there only three thousand Great Dao

How could there be more Great Dao

This… What kind of powerful expert was this!

Zhang Xuan casually chopped the wooden log and tied it up into a bundle before carrying it back.

In the Demon Dragon Clan’s territory.


Demon Dragon Patriarch spurted out a mouthful of blood.

His expression was extremely ugly, and his Qi was weak.


When the patriarch of Demon Dragon Clan saw this scene, he couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart that it was impossible.

He hastily stepped forward, afraid that something would happen to the old ancestor.

So strong! There is an existence in Human Clan that has surpassed the Void!

Demon Dragon Patriarch said in shock.

Hearing the words, the Dragon Clan Master’s legs subconsciously paused.

His eyes widened and gradually froze.

He surpassed the Void

How is this possible

If the Human Clan had such a powerful expert, why would they be chased by so many people like rats across the street

Ya, why is there someone here

A little girl’s voice was heard, and it was difficult to conceal her panic.

You’re courting death!

The Dragon Clan Chief was furious.

This was the thief from the Human Clan.

This aura was absolutely correct!

He was furious.

Last time, he didn’t catch this little thief.

Until now, the anger in his heart had yet to dissipate.

But now, this little thief actually returned.

Did he think the Demon Dragon Clan was a fool!

The Dragon Clan Master struck out with his palm, grabbing this little girl and forcing the Human Clan to appear.


Demon Dragon Patriarch took a glance at the little girl, but it didn’t matter.

His expression changed instantly, and he immediately shouted.

This little girl, the dog, and the White Fox had Human Clan Master’s aura on them.

But he shouted too late.

The dog didn’t drink the wine and was dragged over by Nannan.

It already had a stomach full of anger.

Seeing a long bug dare to provoke it, the fire in its heart burned even more.

A claw slapped over.


When the claw collided with the huge palm, the face of Dragon Clan Master changed instantly.

With a dull sound, he disappeared in a second.

Not even the blood mist was left behind.

The remaining anger of the dog had yet to dissipate.

It looked at Demon Dragon Patriarch.

At this moment, all the hairs on Demon Dragon Patriarch’s body stood up.

With a single glance, his soul nearly dispersed.

How was this possible

Demon Dragon Patriarch was extremely shocked.

How could there be such a powerful dog in the world


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