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C297 – Master! Please Save Him.

Hearing the voice, Wang Xi looked towards the direction where the voice came from.

Wu Jinghua The remaining Primordial Immortal from Pangu Sect

Run! Run to the outer region and inform Grand Master the Martial Celestial Realm is in danger.

Wang Xi howled in grief.

Then, he was stunned to find out his injuries were too severe.

It was difficult for him to speak.

his heart was burning with anxiety.

He could only use his eyes to signal Wu Jinghua to leave asap.

Wu Jinghua saw Wang Xi giving him a look and thought Wang Xi was seriously injured.

He signaled Wang Xi to go and save him, so he used his movement technique to its maximum.

Old Ancestor Wang Xi, I’m coming!

Tears welled up in Wu Jinghua’s eyes.

After so many years, he was finally looking forward to the return of their old ancestors!

Although he wasn’t cultivating the technique of Book Sovereign’s bloodline, Old Ancestor Wang Xi once taught them the basic cultivation technique.

They followed Wang Xi for a period of time, so they had a very deep relationship with him.

This man cultivates the technique of Venerable Strength.

Today will certainly be the lucky day of our devil dragon bloodline!

The hand already recovered.

It didn’t pay any attention to the old abbot and Sect Master who were injured by it.

Instead, it slapped towards Wang Xi.

In Demon Dragon Patriarch’s opinion, only Wang Xi was worthy of his attention in this world.

No one else was worthy of his attention.

It seemed like the one who stole the Devil Dragon Fruit Tree was Wang Xi.

Die, Wang Xi.

Don’t worry.

The remaining people of Human Clan will be here with you soon!

As long as the foundation of Human Clan was destroyed, these experts from Heavens Battlefield would slowly be killed one by one without any reinforcements!

At that time, the Human Clan would be completely wiped out!

When the Human Clan was completely wiped out, everyone in the world would remember the Demon Dragon Clan made the greatest contribution!

Thinking of this, Demon Dragon Patriarch laughed out loud.


That hand slapped down fiercely.

Only at this moment did Wu Jinghua discover the huge hand in the Void.

His face instantly turned pale.

Wang Xi closed his eyes.

It was over!

Could it be that the Human Clan was really hopeless

If he knew this would happen, he would ask his master to come back.

Oh right, luckily I brought Master’s calligraphy and painting!

As Wu Jinghua was so scared that he almost peed himself in his pants, he suddenly remembered there was a character written by Zhang Xuan in his Storage Ring.

Wu Jinghua didn’t hesitate at all.

He flipped his hand, and a set of words appeared and was thrown out.

Seeing this, the hand casually smashed it with a palm.

Wu Jinghua smiled coldly.



The moment the hand shattered, the word ‘kill’ appeared on the paper.

A vast killing intent suddenly filled the entire space.

The thick killing intent caused Wang Xi’s eyes to widen, not to mention the Old Presenter and the Heavenly Demon Sect’s Sect Master, Su Wuliang.

This is… Master’s calligraphy and painting!

Could this be the ink treasure left behind by Master in the past

In this world, except the Master, no one else could comprehend the Dao of ‘calligraphy’ so thoroughly.

But after comprehending it for a moment, Wang Xi immediately rejected the guess in his heart.

The meaning contained in this word was much more powerful and terrifying than his master!

His eyeballs were about to pop out!

There was actually someone in this world who walked further on the path of ‘calligraphy’ than his master.

Book Sovereign! It’s you…

The hand actually made a sound, and its voice was filled with uncontrollable terror.

A vast and mighty killing intent spread across the sky, freezing all the Void.

That terrifying power caused the entire sky to tremble.

In the blink of an eye, that huge hand was crushed by that killing intent.

Book Sovereign, it really is you.

What can you do about it I am not afraid even if you are here in person, let alone your word!


As soon as he finished speaking, the boundless Spiritual Energy gathered towards him.

In an instant, the surrounding Spiritual Energy became as thick as liquid, forming an ocean.

Upon seeing this scene, the expressions of the old host and Su Wuliang changed.

They deeply experienced Demon Dragon Patriarch’s terror.

Demon Dragon Patriarch wasn’t someone that ordinary people could resist.

It could be said no one in the entire Immortal Domain could match him.

It was over!

The Martial Celestial Realm was going to be destroyed!

Only now did they know what kind of enemies those wise sages had to face every day in the Heavens Battlefield.

However, the next scene shocked them.

The terrifying word kill appeared and destroyed the space within millions of miles.

It was as if the space within millions of miles was forcefully split into two by experts.

Billions of living beings couldn’t help but tremble.

The center of Void being split was that large hand.

It was severed from the wrist.

Wu Jinghua was also stunned.

After that, he picked up the injured Wang Xi and tore apart the Void before fleeing.

As for the old abbot and Su Wuliang, he didn’t kill them immediately when he saw them.

This was because these two people helped Old Ancestor Wang Xi.

At this moment, everyone in the Immortal Domain was kneeling on the ground, shivering.

Demon Dragon Patriarch, who was far away in the Heavens, spurted out a mouthful of blood, and his eyes widened.

Old Ancestor, what happened

The patriarch of Demon Dragon Clan sensed the changes in this place and immediately appeared here, asking worriedly.

Demon Dragon Patriarch was the pillar of Demon Dragon Clan.

If anything happened to Old Ancestor, the other clans would attack them immediately.

He could clearly sense the old ancestor’s aura became weaker.

Demon Dragon Patriarch waved his hand to signal the patriarch of Dragon Clan to keep quiet.

This matter concerned the Human Clan’s territory.

He was afraid if he was too slow, he would be blocked by Human Clan Master.

However, Demon Dragon Patriarch also had a trace of doubt in his heart.

Who could cut off his hand

This was an excellent opportunity.

He didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

He still didn’t figure out the coordinates of that place.

No, I can’t miss this opportunity!

Demon Dragon Patriarch circulated his secret art and restored his big hand.

In the courtyard.

When Wu Jinghua brought Wang Xi back to the small courtyard, he was already on the verge of death.

Sir, please save him!

Wu Jinghua knelt on the ground.

Zhang Xuan immediately took Wang Xi’s pulse and frowned.

Your relative is seriously injured.

As he spoke, he took out silver needles.

His hands were as fast as lightning.

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred silver needles were inserted into Wang Xi’s body.

Zhang Xuan secretly called this person lucky.

His medical skills, under the guidance of system, could not be said to be number one in the world, but it was definitely ranked at the top.

He took out the medicinal pills that he had long brewed.

He fed it to Wang Xi.

After doing all of this, Zhang Xuan let out a long sigh of relief.

When he saw Old Wu’s nervous look, he smiled at him.

“Don’t worry.

He was saved, but he have to lie in bed for a while.”

Everyone was shocked, especially Wu Jinghua.

He knew how serious Wang Xi’s injuries were.

Not to mention the fact that his body and soul were destroyed, but his soul and bloodline were severely damaged.

How could such an injury be saved by Zhang Xuan!

In this world, perhaps only Zhang Xuan could create this miracle.


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