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His Little Secret The Man of Valor Chapter nine

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Follow the precepts

Little by little the lights went off except a single red candle glowing at the corner, she felt someone was behind her then she turned around and there, Xavier stood like a shirtless demon, his dark silky hair and eyes glowed even in the dark. The moonlight shone around creating a better view. She was startled but all he did was smile tightly at her scariness, she tried to maintain a steady composure.

"Forgive me Sir, i was asked to prepare tea for the lady!"

"And why the fountain if really you served tea before coming here?" He asked. She was overridden because she had no idea hed find out, she thought inside her.

"I..I was suffocating because of the heat in the kitchen, working by the fire...Im so sorry Sir Xavier!" She didn want to look him in the eye, it was intimidating. He enjoyed intimidating her timidity, he was excited about her presence suddenly, he liked this servant because she pleased his fancy even before her clumsiness.

"Exactly! Every time i give a chance to you...just don seem to understand what it means to disrespect the man of valour!" He said coldly. He drew closer while she stood still then he asked again.

"What exactly did they do to you?" He poured some wine into the Lycurgus cup and took a sip, he then sat on his bed while remained standing. "Come sit!" He beckoned with a firm look on his face, she was terrified at his offer. This man would get her into trouble, she muttered inside.

"Forgive me, Sir Xavier but i can not sit next to you! Its inappropriate!" She said in polite defiance

"I insist!"

"But Sir..." She countered again then he interrupted

"...Not a word!"

"Yes Sir!"

She obeyed silently, she hesitated before sitting next to him. She couldn feel comfortable at all yet he stared into her eyes without refraining, at some point she assumed that her master was drunk but he wasn .

"I heard about your newly found guts..." He said then stopped as she turned to him instantly. "...stealing from my mother! Can you defend it?"

"No Sir!"

"Whys that??"

"No one would believe me, i did not do it!"

"Are you calling my mother a liar?"

"Forgive me, Sir!" She almost jabbered, she reminded herself that saying less would be best for her.

"Then could you prove it?"

"Of course not, Sir!" Ursula said defensively "Id never think of stealing from the Lady! If I am aware of the consequences then why would i want to do that?" She said

"But theres got to be a third somehow, some one must just be responsible Ursula and that is..." He halted while her heart raced in fear.

Soon, his mother would narrate the whole story to Xavier and it is expected that he passes out his judgment. He placed his fingers around her neck slowly roaming around, she couldn react to it because she remembered the last incident with Nathan, although Xavier was different but she couldn help the feelings of being around him after three lonely nights in the dungeon. "...Not you!" He said. She was surprised at his conclusions, she almost leaped for joy but there was a new for good composure.

"I am amazed...Sir! How come you don believe i did it?"

"I don want to believe it. I could not believe it, my heart wouldn let me, I know that youd never do such a thing!" He stopped still staring at her. "Why do i even care about you, i should be angry at you, i should kill you after hearing that you stole from my mother as they claim. You are in my thoughts, in my head Ursula so whys that?" He asked her.

"Sir...Im afraid i can not answer your question..."

"Well, you have to." He coaxed yet his face seemed angry.

"Sir Xavier?" She called fearfully "I have no right to be here, its abominable to sit next to you and its also not right for you to think about me, a commoner and an illiterate..."

"You just have to do something about it! No one crosses my path let alone makes my stone heart melt, so youd fix it back to normal!" He added. What he was asking was beyond her power, amending a heart was something she couldn do.

"How can i fix it, Sir Xavier?" She asked

"Who knows! Thats a job Im giving to you as a man of valour!"

He stood up hesitantly then held her knuckles lifting her up, he pressed her unto his broad chest, she moaned in fear. She had never been this close to a man before, everything about him seemed dark and intimidating yet she appreciated his sincerity.

He cupped her face towards his then the last red candle light died off. Ursula looked at the candle then his face yet in the dark, he didn mind but instead he sniffed her like he smelled roses. He placed a kiss on her neck on both sides first then he stopped at her lips, not to make advances just yet. Their eyes were locked again for a few moments as she interrupted

"Sir? I think its time for me to go back to my quarters, i need to make tea for the lady as early as possible! May i?" She stated

"Thats perfect, youd serve my food and clean my chamber from now on..."


"My mothers not a problem, i give orders just like my father. You underestimate me every time, lady! Go now! Ill see you at dawn!" He dismissed her taking another sip from the wine again.

"Yes sir!" She left instantly.

She snuck into her room and knocked it immediately, as soon as she turned around, Tess frightened

"And where do you think you are you coming from?"

Ursula covered her mouth not to raise false alarm then calmed and exhaled, she was scared and frightened.

"Oh my! Tess, you scared me!" Ursula rolled her eyes then sat in her bed with a blush on her face.

"Hmm! Where have you been all along and why are you blushing suddenly? I did not say something hilarious, did i?"

Tess said sitting beside her with a questionable look.

"Oh i...am i blushing like you said?!"

"Where were you afterall?"

"At the fountains!" She snapped

"Fountains you say! Why? I asked around and no one seemed to know nothing until a guard told me about your meeting with the man of valour!" Tess smirked in suspicion

"Oh that! Uh! Yes! He asked me to see him for some questioning....and that...tha...thats it! Nothing else!" She was shy and she stuttered.

"Are you not telling the truth..."

"Yes of course!..."

"You shouldn stutter! Are you really sure that it was only questions? Im only saying!" Tess pointed but Ursula did not want to say anything yet or even admit her feelings just yet.

"I know! I promise, it was only questions!"

"Its really strange, you are quite lucky to speak with Sir Xavier...i mean, he doesn talk to any one of us except his family and he talks only if he has too. He keeps his chamber out of our reach..." Tess explained

"The Salvadors do!" Ursula corrected

"His chamber has more restraining orders than anyone! You are such a lucky girl, Ursula!" Tess sweetly said, they chuckled in accordance. "Are you sure that hes not in love with you already?" Tess asked again.

Ursulas eyes blinked faster covered in guilt, she turned away. It sunk into her about the request Xavier made earlier, she wondered how to mend his fallen heart, that sort of request made her fluster even more. She turned to her curious friend immediately.

"Never! He could never fall in love with a slave like me...are you even thinking straight Tess, Im from the abominable clan have you forgotten? He could never fall in love with me, Tess. Thats impossible!" She snapped

"Im only asking, Ursula! You should have seen his face the last time he came to see you! Then i asked myself why would he want to see a thief...someone whos stolen from his mother...as they think anyways!" Tess reminded. She already suspected that Sir Xavier loved Ursula undoubtedly.

"Go now, Tess! Its late and i have got to prepare tea for the lady and food for Sir Xavier as well!" Ursula blurted

"Now thats the problem! Why would he ask you to make his food? He wants to see you every morning when he rises and late before bed time! Poor Ursula!" Tess teased as they smiled, Ursula gave Tess a faint slap on Tesss arm.

Ursula had woken up to prepare tea for the lady and also Xaviers. Every slave in the house had gotten to their place of duties, not a single person remained on their beds as early as 4am. Ursula arrived at the ladys chamber hut the guards restricted her entrance.

"Please, i have come to serve the lady her tea just as she requested!" Ursula pleaded explaining further

"Im really thinking twice about letting you in, you might just steal another fortune!" A guard between the two blurted as both laughed mockingly except Ursula who tried as hard as possible not to cry, shes been ridiculed for quite some time now, she thought. They opened the door as when hurriedly walked in avoiding their gazes. The lady had just taken a warm bath assisted by some servants, she came forth in a white robe as Ursula greeted prostrating as well.

"Good morning, my lady! I have prepared your tea just as you asked."

"Hmm! It pays to learn, isn it?" Mariah laughed as she sat for her hair to get steamed. Ursula placed the tray on the stool next the lady and stood waiting to be dismissed.

"Alright Ursula, Ill see you before bed!" Mariah stated.

"Yes my lady!" Ursula turned to leave then mariah added

"And I hope not to be dismayed as well as stealing from me! You may leave!"

"Yes my lady!" Ursula ran out of the Chamber and headed to the kitchen where there was no one present, tears rolled down her cheeks. She couldn control them, she was sad about the thoughts everyone saw her with. She scolded her not to cry over anyone in the mansion, her mother was the only person who deserved a downpour of her tears, she braced up wiping off her tears. She dished Sir Xaviers food as she strode out to perform her duties.

She stopped at the door where same guards from last night face her and intense and daunting stare.

"The man of valour had asked me to bring forth his meal!" She explained before they could utter nasty word to her. They opened the door obediently, no one would wish an untimely death upon himself in the name of disobedience. She walked in unbothered but he wasn on the bed or no where close just as always, shes never been lucky afterall.

She placed the tray on the table and turned to leave but then, she bumped into him again. She was frightened while he stood still without a word, she tried to compose herself instead.

"Good morning, Sir Xavier! I brought breakfast just as you instructed." She said, her face fell to the ground instantly.

"I hope it tastes better than you do!" He snapped with a smirk. She felt insulted trying to understand what he meant

A guard interrupted to inform him against the arrival of Marie. Marie did not wait for his permission, she badged in. He turned to Marie as Ursula greeted them returned to her unshaken position.

"Morning brother!"

"Marie! You could wait until i say yes!" He said walking towards her direction.

"I just thought that seeing my brother every morning is a sign of good luck! I couldn wait to let you know about what i am about to tell you!" Marie explained pressing down her shame, she didn accept his approach towards in front of her enemy. She smiled forcefully instead

"Of course! What have you come to tell me?" He stopped

"Father has asked me to bring you along for breakfast, hes got something special to tell you!" Marie said

"Unfortunately, i have my breakfast served! I would come by as soon as im done eating!" Xavier snapped calmly


"...Marie? Id come as soon as Im done eating!"

"Did she also prepare this meal?" Marie asked, she was pissed at her brothers choice. "Did she even clean this surface before placing the dish? You know brother, i am only performing my duties as well. I have to be cautious as well as supervising every meal! May i?" She explained

"Your wish! I can not restrict such an important role, so go on, Marie!" He said with a very tight smile. He sat on the edge of the bed staring at them both, he knew that Marie would do something unforgiving. Marie beckoned at Ursula as she came forth immediately.

"Did you prepare this meal?" Marie asked sternly

"Yes Madam!"

"Why? I don remember assigning you as the mansions chef so why did you?" Marie wanted to intimidate

"Sir Xavier ordered me too, i couldn disobey him!" Ursula said boldly while Marie fumed up in anger.

"Did you ask for my suggestions? Hes my brother and the man of valour so do you not think that i should be told about it? Making meals are sensitive because you abominable don waste a moment to act upon your insensible revenge...its exasperating you know!" Marie cautioned, she couldn let her slippery without holding her responsible for something.

"Forgive me, Madam! It was late so i could not interrupt your sleep as well! Im sorry..." Ursulas apologized duly. Marie landed a slap on Ursulas face, she didn expect it.

"Are you trying to say that Id be too busy in the affairs of my brother? How dare you insult my personality this way?" Marie scolded as she tried to land another slap but Xavier interrupted

"Enough Marie! She would not dare such mistakes again!"

"But brother? She is literally saying that i can not leave everything at hand to attend to your affairs. You know clearly that everything that concerns you concerns me too!" Marie added defensively

"Id see you at the table, let father know that Id be there in a moment! Go now!" He dismissed

"Of course brother!" Marie said as she walked out after giving Ursula a disapproving look.

Xavier ignored pretending not to be concerned about his sisters unruly behavior. He stood up from where he was sitting, he reached for his red cape wearing it.

"Ursula?" He called in his usual cold tone.

"Yes Sir!" She raised her head looking into his fixed gaze.

He drew closer instead and continued.

"You should be more intelligent around here and i hope youve learned something spectacular today. Do not let your emotions over ride you, play safe not to affect you or your emotions." He cautioned while she tried to understand what he had just said. She looked confused.

"Since Marie is in charge of our intake, do you not think that it is smart enough to seek permission even if i had ordered?" He asked sternly, he wasn smiling.

"Yes Sir, i did not think about that Sir!" She realized

"For every instruction given out; there is always a corresponding authority, i hope you understand!"

"Yes Sir!" She understood finally. Theres more to learn in this mansion especially this mysterious man, she reasoned.

"You should take the meal and do what you like!" He snapped turning to leave as she asked again

"Sir, do i also prepare lunch?"

"Not at all! Ill Invite you when ever i want to see you!"

He said then he kissed her on the neck and walked out.

She felt unexplainable. He allowed her to get disciplined for being ignorant, Ursula had a long way to go learning their precepts.

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