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His Little Secret The Man of Valor Chapter ten

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Sore treatment!

On the other hand,

Xavier and Jason stopped at the border separating Lesner and Saxton province. Soldiers were already standing there when they arrived and instantly, two Soldiers ran towards their direction and prostrated.

"How did it happen?" Xavier asked coldly, they knew it was double trouble which death or life was uncertain to them. They knelt with one leg while they other hung still.

"Sir Xavier! We accept any punishment you give unto us, we have erred." A soldier said

"You have not answered my question! How did it happen?" Xavier asked as he took out his sword from its sheath, the glistering blade maintained its honor even after five generations. Everyone was terrified over his reaction, his face was half hidden under the hood.

"Assassins invaded while on duty! We assumed everything to work out well as planned. While we waited the goods were maneuvered through the woods instead, we have no idea why the route was changed suddenly!"

"Did Sir Jason not tell you about it last night?" Xavier asked

"He did, Sir! Its quite strange to know that someone must have maneuvered the goods on purpose!" The second soldier said

"I hate it when you all fall ignorant over Saxtons treasures. These goods would have gone a long way but because of the piglets weve got, Saxtons goods had been taken!" Xavier cautioned. He lifted up his sword to strike the first soldier before him, he felt a sting of pain in his chest then retracted while the soldiers yelped.

"Find them unharmed within 48 hours and return to me, if you don then my sword wouldn have to find a substitute. Go now!" Xavier instructed as they jumped on their horses and rode away. Jason stood shocked as he knelt as well.

"Man of valour, Forgive your servant! I swear to you that i had no idea these goods would be stolen. If i had known that Lesnars soldiers would be a little bizarre at this then the soldiers and i would fetch the goods instead!" Jason said bitterly

"Thats exactly what you should do when it involves goods, they are prone and likely to get snatched!" Xavier warned sternly

"My apologies!" Jason face fell to the ground as Xavier helped him up.

"Arrange for a meeting with the chief security over borders and staff unfailingly. I shall see you as early as possible, tomorrow!" Xavier gave a tight smile instead to halt Jasons racing mind.

"Of course my friend!"

"Go now!" Xavier dismissed.

Xavier and two soldiers rode back to the mansion. He was furious over the earlier incident which had not happened in years and the more he tried to think of slaughtering who ever was at fault, hed feel the sting in his chest over and over. He walked through the highway where guards and servants prostrated and scurried away. Nathan sighted him from a short distance then tried to go sideways, Xavier had seen him before Nathan noticed.

"My chamber right away!" Xavier instructed.

Nathan had no option but to obey. He followed him until they entered inside and stood, Xavier was staring intensely at Nathan while he felt uncomfortable.

"Why does your pathetic eyes tell lies even when the truth is marked on your quirkiness!" Xavier said

"I am lost brother, i do not know what you speak of. Please explain much better!" Nathan inquired politely

"Once I find out why, i hope it doesn favor me!" Xavier looked away turning to the fireplace. "Nigel came to me earlier and spoke bitterly about your contempt over the clubhouse, am i correct?"

"Ye..Yes brother! But..." Nathan admitted and tried to speak but Xavier didn let him finish.

"May i know why?"

"Hes..Hes not the only person whos interested in the clubhouse...we are!" Nathan said defensively

"We? You are interested in the clubhouse. No one except the Cunninghams or Prestons can acquire such property you know that."

"And the Salvadors!" Nathan added

"Which is the problem! We have established a relationship that you have chosen to ruin, whys that?"

"But brother...its the business world and I can..."

"...You should step down as soon as possible! You really don have to fight over an acquired property, there are a thousand ways to do that!" Xavier cautioned

"You are now supporting Nigel? How could you not even trust your flesh and blood?"

"Don lecture me about family...you are crossing boundaries. You could always work amicably. If something goes wrong Nathan, i wouldn spare you a moment to live!" Xavier warned sternly

"Of course brother, you wouldn !" Nathan said trying to hide his displease. He walked out instantly.

Xavier turned to the mirror as he gently took off the hood staring at his reflection. He was saddened over the goods that had been taken which consisted of crystals, everyone depended on his judgment. His decisions would go a long way before it gets to his father. It was part of the law that every adversary be discussed with the Lords but firstly he had his father to talk to.

He headed for Jims chamber as servants paved way except his special soldiers, Filip and Nicholas who were right behind him. He entered inside slowly while the others waited outside, his father was writing and acknowledging some letters from neighboring provinces. He cleared his throat to capture his fathers attention.

"That could only be my son, Xavier!" Jim blurted then turned to him gently tilting his brows. Xavier beamed instead.

"Father! I find it hard to tell you this but i am compelled to!"

"You should go ahead and besides, theres nothing you can not fix if broken, am i right?"

"Ill find a way around it! Ill fix every mishap!" Xavier assured "The goods that was to come this afternoon had been taken through the woods!" Jims brows furrowed in slight contempt.

"But we no longer go through the woods, thats a forbidden route! Who would dip his fingers into fire when he sees one!?" Jim asked

"I have a feeling that it might be a friend so something!" Xavier said as he sat next to his father "Once i find out, Id make such a person suffer perdition!"

"I know Its not difficult for you but in the other hand, you have suddenly become too loose Xavier. A thing like this had long been forgotten so why now?" Jim scolded calmly

"Forgive me, mlord! I had to tell you to fulfil my duties, its best you know about it!" Xavier said coldly

"Yes! The decision youd take is best too, i wouldn have to say much, would i?" Jim inquired

"Not at all! If Im given a chance, Id like you to be present at the hall meeting tomorrow." Xavier asked

"Of course, such scoundrels should pay with their lives!" Jim added

"If i have your permission again, lord Cunningham and lord Preston should also be present as well. I think it should be collective after all!"

"Theyve got no choice! Send a word to them on my account. Now, Id suggest my son lets his father work further. You may leave!" Jim dismissed

"Yes father!" Xavier bowed his head then walked out.

His soldiers followed from behind

They walked through the highway then he stopped, he turned to them.

"Filip? Inform the lord Cunningham and lord Preston about the urgent meeting tomorrow! Go now!" He instructed

"Yes Sir!" Filip acknowledged with a bow then exited


"Yes Sir!" His heart flustered hoping he was safe at the moment.

"Keep an eye on Nathan, i really don trust him at all!"

"Yes sir!" He turned to leave as Xavier stopped home again

"Why do you show so much compassion over that girl-slave? You don have to answer but Id love to think that its only a mutual feeling..its normal to do so and while on duty, remember not to get too clingy! I hope you understand?" Xavier said icily with a tight smile

"Of course Sir, forgive me!" Nicholas turned remorseful

"I demand to see that girl-slave this instant afterwards you do as i have instructed. Also clear enough?"

"Yes Sir! Right away!" Nicholas scurried instantly while Xavier headed to his chamber.


Ursula buried her face between legs while sitting on her bed, Tess knocked on the door yet there was no response, Tess forced her way inside. She kept the lamp on the wooden table and hurried to Ursulas who was soaked in tears.

"Ursula? Are you ok?" Tess asked

"Do I look okay to you?" Ursula raised her head up "The madam hates me, she hates me a lot Tess and i really can not understand why!" She wiped her tears "She hates to know that i wake up everyday as a survivor!"

"Oh poor Ursula, the Madam hates everyone around here. She hates every non Saxton to the brim..." Tess corrected

"...No Tess! She hates me so much, she told me to my face earlier!" Ursula turned away then shoved her tunic downwards and Tess yelped. She covered her mouth not to scream aloud, she was shocked at the swollen marks across her back. Tesss eyes widened as an abrupt knocked interrupted. Ursula adjusted her clothes back on.

Tess reached for the door knob and opened up.

"Greetings chief!"

"Greetings Tess, can i see Ursula?" Nicholas asked as she nodded positively "Alone? Ive got to talk to her, its urgent!"

BC "Ok! Please be careful chief..." Tess pressured a bit

"...i am fine, Tess! Thank you! I shall see you soon!"

"Of course my dear!" Tess walked out instantly closing the door behind her. Nicholas drew closer it Ursula stood still staring at him confusingly.

"Chief? Why are you here?"

"I want to know if you

e fine at all? I heard some rumors about the madam..."

"Please chief, i do not want to talk about it. Its better if we don talk about it for now! Can i do something for you?"

"Are you angry at me, Id apologize to you as soon as im told! Ursula?" He held her knuckles gently "I know that i can not help you as much as i could but i promise to protect you no matter how terrible they are to you, its a promise!" He said, she was silent. She became instead

"Nicholas, i really do not want you to be involved with me. I am putting my friends lives in danger and i don want that!"

"Its my choice to make not yours! Sir Xavier demands to see you immediately!" He stated

"Sir Xavier wants to see me?!" She said underneath her breath but he nothing was unheard of.

"Is there a problem? I don think there is, he demands to see anyone if he wants. Don worry, Sir Xavier is unpredictable which i know but wouldn hurt you for no special reason!" He kissed her forehead "Please be careful, Ursula. It matters a lot!"

He walked out too.

She was worried about what could possibly be his reaction because shes not made dinner as instructed. She made her towards his chamber while he was with his mother talking, she stood from a distance to wait patiently. Her body ached terribly but she couldn treat herself any better.

"Mother! You sent for me! Are you okay?" He asked calmly

"Yes son, but i am shocked at your negligence towards my stolen but found jewelry. You did not pass your judgement as you ought to." Mariah seemed a bit upset

"Mother, that should not be a reason for your anger! I have always served you like a son would then why should a single pronouncement hurt you?" He asked

"I am hurt of course. Do you realize that its an insult to my standards? Saxtons law has stated that a case of theft should be severely punished..." She reminded

"...Which has been done. You threw her into the dungeon for three nights without food or water which is enough torture and pain, am i right?" He asked his mother

"Are you questioning your mother right now? Its a simple task that you can carry out not a mammoth one like that of the goods! I only want the law to be fully practiced. Im confused over your attitude Xavier, why are you even hesitating?" She asked

"I am not hesitating mother, i am only under pressure and so Id pass my judgment in two days. I have got to find solutions to why Saxtons goods have been taken. I hope you understand, mother!" He kissed her knuckles swiftly, it was a tradition to show so much respect towards your mother. She smiled faintly

"Ill see you during breakfast, be guided my child!" Mariah Said

"May i?" He inquired to leave

"Of course! Rest well!" Mariah walked away with her servants

He was not happy over his mothers persistence but he had no option but to find a way instead. He walked to his chamber as Ursula followed from behind, the guards at the entrance did not restrict her which made her wonder why they cared less about it.

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