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June 22nd, night.

This was the first night after the huge event “Nightfall” ended.

Without the appearance of active monsters, the worlds nightlife quickly returned.

Countless shops that had been closed for more than ten days resumed their operations, and ordinary people who had hidden for more than ten nights dragged their families out of their houses in celebration.

They either went to restaurants for a feast, or went shopping and watched movies.

In some cities, there were even mass revengeful consumption.

Some of them had accumulated shopping lists for more than ten days, while others seemed to want to make up for the time that they had not enjoyed in the past few days.

Ling Yis group naturally didnt separate themselves from the crowd.

They followed the crowds trend and went out to eat together.

-Heavenly Star Square-

This was a super building where most of the clothing, food, and entertainment areas gathered, and it was one of Firefly Towns landmark buildings.

On the fourth floor, in a restaurant called “Delicacy”,

Ling Yi and the others were eating hotpot while listening to the conversation between the shop owner and the customers.

*Sigh* “How long has it been since Big Boss 01 came to town If it wasnt for his sudden rise in his legendary status and buying two legendary artifacts within an hour span, the event would have ended longer.

We wont resume our business so early.”

“If we dont resume our business, we wont be able to pay the rent.”

The Mediterranean boss, who was about 50 years old, said emotionally.

People could see how happy he was for surviving what couldve been a major crisis.

“At least you can still open during the day.

Im a food stall owner.

Ive been living in an abyss of suffering for the past ten days.

Ive been staying at home every day, which has caused more and more conflicts.”

“Its a good thing that 01 is awesome.

He gives me a great sense of security.

The event was supposed to end in half a month, but it was forcefully destroyed by him today.”

“I feel really, really safe!”

Sitting right across the Mediterranean boss was a middle-aged man with a face full of stubbles.

His words were firm and powerful.

Exchanging high-grade Night Stones for two divine artifacts in two hours had led to the quick end of the huge event, which was far beyond everyones expectations.

It had already been praised as a legend by countless people who relied on night income to make a living.

Of course, because it was too outrageous — outrageous to the point that it exceeded players and the worlds expectations— Both the people at the bottom, the powerhouses of the big forces and the elites of various countries were willing to call him a “legend” and “miracle”!

Ling Yis mouth twitched when he heard their discussion.

‘Actually, Im not a legend since Im technically cheating.

He thought so, but when he heard others praise him, he couldnt help but smile.

Lin Shurou, who was sitting beside him, put a piece of beef into his mouth.

seeing that he was paying attention to the people around him, she couldnt help but smile lovingly.

There were always topics to discuss during a meal.

In other parts of the dining hall, many diners were also discussing the series of events that had happened today.

At table 7, there were three middle-aged men in bright clothes.

“Im telling you, after the effects of the Eternal Spirit Guardian Monuments enhancement were announced, there was a huge reaction from foreign countries.

All of them are dying to change their nationality and join Shenxia.”

“Hahahaha! Before 01 had risen to power, everyone had wanted to join the White Eagle.

Look how the tables have turned! This is great!”

There were four young men at Table 11.

“The potential crystal is too powerful.

Not only can players use it, but we can also use it! Someone got 7 points in all attributes after using it and is now a superhuman among ordinary people.

He will have a higher chance in the player assessment next month!”

“I heard that the Divine Union has already started to organize all the major high schools to have students take the test according to their classes.

Theyll take the test one class at…”

Table 15, two old men.

“01 is the one who really brings us benefits.”

“Thats right.

I think the reason why the Divine Union doesnt dare to touch him, apart from his strength, is also because of his prestige.”

Lin Shurou and the other two also heard the conversation of the people around them.

Yunji, who was sitting opposite Ling Yi, said in a low voice, “youve become the hero that everyone is talking about.

What are your thoughts”

“Im not…”

Ling Yi smiled.

He still maintained his original heart, becoming stronger was the only way to be able to live freely.

Helping others along the way was just a ripple from his main goal.

After dinner, they went to the arcade to play for a while.

In the end, they watched a movie called “The person Im protecting is actually the Beast King”.

Then, they all turned home around 11:30.


[A new day.

You have gained 3 hours before descent]

On the morning of the 23rd,

After so many days, Ling Yi entered the Gods Path again at midnight.

This time, he wasnt going to take the main road.

Instead, he was going to the wilderness map to farm monsters.

When they returned from the movie, they naturally started talking about Support.

Everyone knew that Ling Yi could support multiple people at the same time.

However, due to their levels, they couldnt help him.

Therefore, his first goal in coming here was to kill monsters and get exp— he could transfer them by using the Ancestral Gem to them and get double the exp.

As soon as he entered the camp, a large amount of emotional information appeared in front of him.

[You have absorbed 71 excitement points from Wang Xiaobai.]

[You have absorbed 99 excitement points from Li Qiao.]

[You have absorbed 81 curiosity points from Zhang Sanniang.]


Ling Yi subconsciously wanted to hide these messages, but the notification in front of him suddenly stopped.

It was replaced by a brand new system message.

[Prompt: You have accumulated enough distress points to upgrade the system.

Do you want to upgrade the system]


Ling Yi was stunned for a moment before he quickly realized that this wasnt information about Gods Path.

It was information about his “Super Mutation System”!

“System upgrade”

His confusion only lasted for a moment before he was overwhelmed by a sudden joy.

He quickly replied in his heart,Level up, level up!

[System upgrading in progress.

Estimated time of upgrade: 10 seconds]

Ling Yi glanced at the other players around him, turned around, and ran out of the camp.

He then found a relatively open space in the Cypress Forest near the camp and sat down.

‘It is time for the system to be upgraded.

I have accumulated so many mutation points every time, but I dont even use them.

‘Im earning more and more mutant points.

Ling Yi thought to himself.

At the same time, as time passed by, the anticipation in his eyes became more and more intense.

Ten seconds later…

[System upgrades completed!]


Range of distress points absorption increased: Radius of 30 meters → radius of 50 meters.]


Maximum distress points accumulation: 100,000 → 10,000,000]


New function: Mutation Simulation]

[Mutation Simulation: Choose a target that can mutate and simulate the effects of the mutation according to your expectations.

10 mutation points are required for each simulation.]

[At the same time, consume a certain amount of mutation points to materialize the simulated mutated object into reality.]

[After materialization, this foreign object can no longer mutate]

Ling Yi didnt care about the range or the limit of his mood points.

The original one was enough anyway.

His attention was immediately drawn to the new function!

“Mutation Simulation”

Ling Yi carefully read through the new function twice and slowly understood the correct usage of this function.

He picked up a fallen leaf on the ground and thought to himself, ‘So if I use this leaf… I dont know if its better to turn it into awater leaf or afire leaf, but I can try to simulate it.

‘And then… This Materialization Function…

Ling Yis lips curled up into a smile. ‘Not bad.

Being able to retain the original item is the greatest advantage.

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