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“The first thing I want to ask you is about your identity… If you dont want to be exposed, well be happy to help you hide.”

“No need,”

Ling Yi shook his head and smiled.”Only the weak need to hide.

Theres no need to hide after Ive become strong.”


Nangong Li pursed her lips tightly and was not surprised by his response.

They had already guessed this possibility when he had made that ice master appear in public yesterday.

“However, we still suggest that you hide for a while longer.”

Seeing Ling Yis wide-open eyes and surprised expression, Nangong Li furrowed her brows and said seriously, “Think about it.

If you reveal your identity now, there will still be a large number of people in the main world looking for you,”

“It doesnt matter if youre strong or not, but the other people in Qianjiang cCity will be in more danger.”

The divine union was more concerned about the social stability.

If Ling Yis identity was exposed now, all sorts of people would definitely come to Qianjiang City.

Anything could happen when there were too many people.

It was not a good thing for the ordinary people who lived here.

“Justremain like before,its for everyones sake.

One day, when youre so strong that many people dont dare to provoke you, only then you can expose yourself.” Nangong Li concluded.

“Mm… Alright.”

Ling Yi muttered to himself for a moment and realized that he had indeed lacked consideration.

After thinking about it carefully, he realized that his previous thoughts were indeed a little stupid.

He had just obtained the two divine artifacts and attracted the attention of the whole world.

If he were to reveal his location now, wouldnt he be asking for trouble

Seeing that Ling Yi had really listened to her, Nangong Li felt happy from the bottom of her heart.

She lifted a strand of golden hair by her ear and took a cup of tea from Lin Shurou to moisten her throat.

She continued, “The second thing is about the divine artifact… I wonder where you intend to place the potential crystals”

“Ill put them with the Eternal Spirit Guardian.

Itll strengthen the Eternal Spirit Guardian monument when I go over at noon.

“At noon Alright, Ill make the arrangements.”

Immediately after, Nangong Li muttered to herself for a while and said with some apprehension, “Mm… I have a personal problem… It was about the two divine artifacts… Have you ever considered…”

“I wont consider them.

I want to keep these two for my own use.”

“Oh! Thats fine, Ill keep this information for myself too.” Nangong Li laughed lightly and quickly mediated the situation.

Seeing that Ling Yi didnt show any obvious signs of resistance, she was secretly glad. ‘Thank god, this guy has a good temper.

‘However, if he had two divine artifacts at the same time… 


Nangong Li suppressed the worry in her heart and changed the topic to the last matter.

“Then the next thing is your districts matter.

Because you have leveled up to a high-level map, many strong players have transferred to your district.

Their goal is obviously for the divine artifact you have.”

“You have to be careful from now on and dont let yourself be killed.

If you dont resurrect in time after death, youll drop the divine artifacts.”

She was afraid that Ling Yi would accidentally die, causing the two divine artifacts to be snatched away by foreign forces.

“Just in case, that would ever happen,” Nangong Li added, “Our headquarters has arranged for me to move to your district.”

“To protect me”

“Uh… Its mainly so that when you die, we can grab the divine artifact in time.” Nangong Li told the truth.

Ling Yi became silent.

He raised his eyebrows speechlessly and said helplessly, “Dont worry.

By the time I die, all of you here should have already died.”


Nangong Li chuckled and changed the topic to other small matters.

A few minutes later, she said goodbye and left.

The courtyard in the morning was quiet once more.


Ling Yi once again lay on his side on the wooden bench, his hands folded behind his head as a pillow.

He looked at the White clouds and the blue sky and sighed, “Even the Unparalleled Sword Demons [Absolute Flame Slash] couldnt kill me.

Why do some people always think they could”

At 12 oclock in the afternoon,

Ling Yi arrived at the peak of the mountain where the Eternal Spirit Monument was placed like he had told Nangong Li.

Originally, there was only a forest on this side of the mountain peak.

Now, the forest had disappeared and was replaced by new buildings.

A part of it was for the Divine Unions warriors to live in.

These people were responsible for protecting the Spirit Monument.

Of course, the Spirit Monument itself was immune to attacks from players below level 100.

The main purpose of these people was to warn and delay the enemy.

The other parts of the forest had become inns and restaurants for the pilgrims to rest and eat.

Many people would come here with the idea ofpilgrimage and look at the Spirit-protecting Monument in their spare time, even after they had shed their blood to protect their spirit.

These people were known as pilgrims.

At that moment, hundreds of pilgrims were lined up on both sides of the hall.

They sat quietly on rows of wooden chairs and stared at the ten-meter-tall Eternal Spirit Guardian Monument in the center of the hall.

A beautiful red carpet was laid from the entrance to the three-story steps leading to the monument.

The 100-meter red carpet was flanked by 10 golden pillars on both sides.

There was a long red ribbon between the Golden pillars, separating the red carpet and the seats.

In such a quiet atmosphere, Ling Yi slowly stepped onto the red carpet.

Upon seeing this,

Nangong Li, who came with them, stood at the door and did not follow.

She gestured to the assistant beside her, and the latter nodded in understanding and activated the Skill [Turbid White Halo].

[Turbid White Halo (3 Stars)]: Adds a halo that can blur the vision and perception of the outside world to a specific target.

Ling Yi wanted to use his true face to strengthen his Spirit-Protecting Monument.

After Nangong Li learned of the situation, she took the initiative to bring the player who could create a blurry halo to help.

Ling Yi walked on the red carpet step by step, and the people sitting in the back row noticed him first.

They widened their eyes and were about to berate him, but then they realized that it would be disrespectful to the Spirit Guardian Monument if they made a ruckus here.

They then turned to look at the Divine Union warriors standing on both sides of the steps.

However, to their surprise, the two tall and handsome men didnt say anything to stop them.

Instead, they opened the railings on the steps in unison for this man.


‘This… Could it be…

The pilgrims at the back immediately guessed that the person in the halo was most likely the owner of the Eternal Spirit-Protecting Monument.

None of them dared to sit any longer, and they all stood up.

They watched as the young man walked forward step by step, and the excitement in their hearts seemed to rise with his steps.

Hualala, hualala…

The pilgrims in the front row sensed the movement behind them and looked back.

They saw rows of people standing up straight, as if some important figure had come.

Following their gazes, they saw a person walking on the red carpet.

A cloud of white light floated around him, making it impossible to see his face clearly.

“The stairs were opened for him”

“Could he be…”

Hualala, hualala…

Soon, the hundreds of people sitting in the left and right rows all stood up.

They straightened their backs and watched the young man step up the steps with eager eyes.

They held their breaths and stared at him, not wanting to miss a second.

When he reached the third step, he was only three meters away from the Eternal Spirit Guardian Monument.

Everyone could clearly see the moment the monument lit up!

‘Yes, yes! Hes the owner of the Eternal Spirit Monument.

Hes the big boss 01, who shook the world with his own power!

‘The legend in the hearts of countless players is actually right in front of me!!

‘This is a godly man who has already left a wonderful page in history!

The great hall was still so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

However, the pilgrims were already in a state of shock.

Only when the monuments owner was near it would the monument light up.

This was something that couldnt be recorded on the monument, but it really existed.

The Eternal Spirit Guardian Monument that illuminated everyones faces was enough to prove that the handsome young man who had climbed the steps was 01!

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