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[Is this news real or fake!]

[Who knows But I think we can go to Qianjiang City.

The first time the mysterious voice appeared, it was also here.]

[Oh In that case, the owner of the mysterious voice that was rumored to be able to kill Sheng Futian in one hit… Could it also be 01 When he was in the great world, he also took away 40% of King Apes life force with one strike!]

[F*ck! But that sounds very reasonable!]

The players seemed to have connected all the suspicious points, and the more they talked, the more excited they became.

Many players even thought that this was the truth and that the legendary 01 must be in Qianjiang City.

The news quickly reached the ears of the guardian of Qianjiang City, Tang Yuan.

He entered the office and wanted to check the list of new players in June in Qianjiang City.

However, a pop-up window popped up as soon as he opened it.

[Please enter the password: ______]

“Password Why is there a password”

Tang Yuan, who was over 50 years old, was suddenly shocked after the initial doubts.

Only the team leader from the headquarters can secure the list of names in Qianjiang City. ‘Dont tell me…!

The headquarters abnormal encryption of the list of new players in Qianjiang City in June made Tang Yuan realize that the rumor on the forum that “01” was in Qianjiang City could be true!

Furthermore, the Divine Union headquarters must have already known about this!

“Maybe the headquarters not only knows that hes here, but they also know who he is…”

As the guardian of Qianjiang City, Tang Yuan didnt dare to say anything.

Although many of his friends came to him after he left the office, he didnt dare to discuss this topic, for fear that some people would use it as an excuse to make a fuss.

At the same time…

Nangong Li, who was still sleeping in her temporarily rented house, suddenly received a message from Tong Wei, the head of the Divine Alliances Action Department.

[Tong Wei: You told me before that Ling Yi revealed his identity when he came to find you.

Since thats the case, you can go and visit him tomorrow.]

[Vermillion Bird: What do you want to do]

Nangong Li, who was snuggling under the blanket, rubbed her sleepy eyes.

She was still a little sleepy.

[Tong Wei: On one hand, I want to discuss with him about where to put the potential crystal.

On the other hand, I want to ask him about the problem of his identity being exposed.]

[Vermilion Bird: What Potential crystal]

Nangong Li had not fully woken up yet, and her mind was in a daze for a while.

When she realized the meaning of Tong Weis words, she quickly opened the Event Store.

— Although the event has ended, the Event Store will always be open to the players.

It will only disappear from the players interface when the players Night Stones or high-grade Night Stones are all used up.

When she saw that the column where the divine artifacts were empty, Nangong Li was stunned.

When she opened the forum, she found out that Ling Yi had not only just defeated a level 80 Beast King, but he had also exchanged for the second divine weapon, the “Ultimate Crystal”.

“H-H-H-He… Where did he get so many high-grade Night Stones”

She still remembered clearly that this guy had come to borrow 3 high-level Night Stones from her yesterday.

But in the end, he exchanged for two divine artifacts

“Thats impossible.

Even if he defeated the Beast King in Nightmare Mode, he would only get 60 high-level Night Stones.

Did the rest just appear out of thin air”

The entire world was discussing this matter.

No one could understand why 01 would have so many high-grade Night Stones even though they had the same method of obtaining them.

However, she didnt have time to think about it now.

Tong Wei was still waiting for her on the other side.

She quickly replied on the chat interface.

[Vermilion Bird: No problem.]

[Tong Wei: Also, we are still in a heated discussion about the fact that he has two divine artifacts at the same time.

When you visit him tomorrow, you can test his attitude a little.]

[Tong Wei: Just test him out.

Its best if you ask from your personal point of view.]

[Vermilion Bird: I understand.

Ill be the scapegoat if anything happens.]

[Tong Wei:Also, District 66 has been upgraded to high-level map.

Just now, many foreign powerhouses have used the area transfer card to enter District 66.

Tomorrow, you…]

After a few perfunctory words, Nangong Li yawned and lay back in her warm bed.

She would leave out tomorrows matters to tomorrow.

Time quickly flew by.

While most people around the world had been excitedly discussing it the entire night, Ling Yi woke up early and ran to the courtyard to bask in the sun.

‘If nothing major happens in Gods Path and the main world, then my main enemies in the future will be the opponents in every qualification review and the level 90 Beast Kings in high-level maps.

Both of these were necessary.


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