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The question suddenly crossed Luo Yaos mind.

She had been dragged here by her father.

However, between Ling Yi and Yunji, no matter how she looked at it, Ling Yi was the absolute leader.

It doesnt seem like Yunji was the one who forced him to come.

While she was confused, she suddenly remembered the Disposable Talismans that Yunji had given them just now…

After crossing the bridge, the group stopped at a junction with ten forks.

“This is the last checkpoint.

After this, well reach the treasure chamber.”

Luo Yuan looked back at them.

“Theres a small maze in each of the 10 paths.

Only one of them leads to the treasure chamber.”

“The Sword Saint and I will take a path each.

The rest of you can follow if you want to.

If you have different opinions, you can try other paths.”

With that, Luo Yuan walked into the third tunnel with Luo Yao and quickly disappeared from everyones sight.

The Gale Sword Saint, Ling Yi, and Yunji walked into the first and the sixth path respectively.

Only Liu Sheng, Bluepool, and the Shadow King, who was disguised as an old man, were left.

“Liu Sheng, where are we going” Bluepool asked Liu Sheng.

Liu Sheng pondered for a while, then shook his head, “Lets wait here first.

The three groups of people have taken three different paths, and at least two of them probably took the wrong turn.

They will definitely return.”

“As long as we wait for a while, the right path will naturally appear.”

The cave was filled with a black fog that could block perception and sound Skill, making them unable to use perception-type items.

The only way to find the right path was to go in themselves.

The Shadow King also thought the same.

He sat on the side with his eyes half-closed and began to rest.

He wasnt in a hurry at all, because there were three locks in the treasure chamber, and one of them was with him.

If those people wanted to enter the treasure chamber, they would have to come back for him.


What the three of them didnt know was that the few people who had walked into different forks ended up gathered together!

Ling Yi, Yunji, Luo Yuan, Luo Yao, and Nangong Han were walking together on the ninth path!

“Yunji, did you secretly give us the talismans in the third checkpoint just to teleport us here through the same path together”

Luo Yuan looked puzzled and asked, “This tunnel leads to the treasure chamber And why did you abandon those three”

Nangong Han also looked at her in confusion.

Yunji looked at the two of them and nodded with a serious expression.

“This tunnel does lead to the treasure chamber.

As for why we had abandoned the three of them… Hmph, I dont like them following me.”

“I can understand Liu Sheng, Bluepool, but what about that old man”

“That old man shouldnt follow us.

Hes the leader of the worlds number two underground organization, Shadow World, Shadow King,”


Luo Yuan and Nangong Han suddenly stopped and looked at each other.

Their first thought was that Yunji was joking.

“Are you talking about the Shadow King who threatened to enter our Shenxia Qianjiang to steal the mysterious voice” Luo Yuan asked with uncertainty.

“Thats right.”

“How can you be so sure” Nangong Hans eyes narrowed as he quickly recalled the old mans actions.

However, because the old man had always been standing at the back of the crowd, he paid little attention to him, and there was almost no scene related to him in his memory.

Yunji shook her head.

“Ive determined it with my special Skill.

I cant prove it to you.”

Actually, she didnt have any special Skills at all.

This was what Ling Yi told her.

After he entered, Ling Yi found out about the contents of the five checkpoints from their conversation.

He then looked for Yunji to come up with the plan to abandon Shadow King.

He secretly gave Luo Yuan and the others teleportation talismans, then went into the tunnel separately and finally teleported to the same place.

“Lets not talk about whether that old man is the Shadow King or not, but he still has a key! Without him, we cant get in!” Luo Yuan frowned.

There were three locks to the door of the treasure room, and they needed three corresponding keys, red, blue, and yellow, to open.

“Dont worry.”

At this moment,

Ling Yi took out a yellow key from his pocket and smiled.

“I have this yellow one.”


Luo Yuan and Nangong Han looked at each other and saw the shock and confusion in each others eyes.

The three keys were in the three treasure chests in the first checkpoint.

Ling Yi and Luo Yao each took one.

The third yellow key had obviously been taken by the old man.


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