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As Ling Yi walked towards the Divine Unions temporary camp, he was thinking about how he should inform them.

When he was outside, he suddenly saw a gentle-looking middle-aged man with black-rimmed glasses sleeping against a big tree.

‘The Black Tortoise envoy!

The appearance of the four messengers of the Divine Union was posted on the Divine Unions official website, so Ling Yi recognized them.

The handsome middle-aged man sleeping under the tree was one of the four messengers of the Divine Union, the Black Tortoises messenger, Zhou Ziwen!

It was said that he was a lazy and sleepy person.

He was the opposite of the Vermillion Bird envoy, who was always active in battle.

Ling Yi didnt get close.

Instead, he activated [Prying Fate] to check the others fate.

[June 20th: To capture Sheng Futian, they entered the great dungeonTemple of the Earth God.

They would then engage in a fierce battle in the center of the arcane realm and provide assistance.

[After the Shadow King, who followed the Gale Sword Saint, killed him, he joined forces with Sheng Futian to deal with him.

They successfully delayed the two of them and Luo Yuan arrived.]

[Luo Yuan has used the space domain to isolate the inner and outer space.]

[Both parties will work together to fight against the Shadow King and Sheng Futian.

This will last until the time limit of the secret realm is up.]

‘Mm… It seems like I dont need to worry about it.

Ling Yi heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the fate of the Black Tortoise emissary.

If he let nature take its course and left it alone, these powerhouses would end up in a deadlock by themselves.

As long as he didnt get close, it was as if these people werent present and nothing would happen.

When it was 12 oclock in the afternoon, the players immediately rushed into the entrance of the secret plane.

There was no order to speak of.

Ling Yi and Yunji didnt separate themselves from the crowd either.

After a while–

Standing on a rugged rocky ground, Yunji seemed to have thought of something and suddenly said happily, “Ah, right! I remember now!”

She quickly scanned her surroundings and saw that everyone was scurrying away and no one was paying attention to them.

She moved closer to Ling Yis ear and whispered, “A few years ago, someone obtained the A-grade material, [Universe Origin Qi], in this dungeon.

At that time, it was said that it was in a cave.”

“A cave”

“Thats right.

I heard that there are many mechanisms in this cave, and you can get a lot of good things after clearing it…However, I heard that this location was sold to a certain power, and then there was no more news about it.”

Ling Yi immediately recalled the Gale Sword Saints fate.

If he was not mistaken, it mentioned a mysterious cave too.

It was located at the bottom of the cliff in the southeast.

“If there are no other caves in this dungeon, then I know where it is.”


Yunjis small mouth was wide open in shock.

Although she didnt know where Ling Yi got the information from, she didnt ask further.

Instead, she said happily, “Then lets go!”


The two of them, one in front and one behind, flew towards the southeast.

With his powerful perception, Ling Yi quickly found a cliff and found a relatively hidden cave in the middle of the cliff.

“I found it! Follow me closely!”

After a few breaths.

And after passing through a small hole that was only the width of two people, the two of them entered the cave in the rock wall.

It was a small space with an area of about 20 square meters and a height of about two meters.

Yunji, who was tall and had long legs, was standing there.

Her hair was only a Palms length away from the ceiling.

There was a stone door in front of them, which was obviously the entrance to the cave.

“Sh*t… Its actually sealed”

There was also a stone lock on the stone door, and the two of them looked at the stone lock with a dumbfounded expression.

“This… Ive never heard of anyone needing a key… Could it be that the key is somewhere hidden in the dungeon” Yunji made a hypothesis.

“Its most likely so.”

“Then, we…”

“Maybe I have a way!”

In Ling Yis field of vision, there was a line of system information.

[Indestructible Stone Lock — Mutation Potential: Low]

‘Locks need a special key to open.

If I can mutate it and make its internal structure simple enough, I can just use a wire to open it.

He had never tried to mutate an item with alow mutation potential, but he could try it now.

“System, mutate this stone lock!”

The stone locket in front of him gradually blurred.

At this moment, Yunji, who had been staring at the stone locket, was stunned for a moment before she blinked and rubbed her eyes.

‘Looks like the items blurriness is only applied to the item itself, so others can see it too. Ling Yi noted.

This was the first time he had mutated something in front of others.

“Eh Did you see that I cant see the stone locket clearly, but its back to normal now!” Yunji saw that the stone lock in her eyes had recovered and quickly pointed at it as she spoke to Ling Yi.

“What just happened”

Ling Yi smiled and turned his head to ask her, “Do you have any needles on you”

“Oh… Needles I think I have them, let me look for them.”

Yunji nodded and didnt think much about it.

She opened her backpack and started looking for it.

However, at that moment, Ling Yi could sense several figures flying down from the cliff and heading straight for the cave entrance.

‘Looks like the Gale Sword Saint and the others are here… 

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