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For this reason, jadeite of such a rare color as red jadeite was very popular in the market and a bright red jadeite of the same water and color was 1.2-1.5 times brighter than a green jadeite.

Zhuo Qin was equally excited by the appearance of the red fog, but she didn’t let it affect the movements of her hands and this, was what was expected of a professional Stone Gambler.

She rubbed the machine more carefully along the line of the red fog, trying not to hurt the flesh of the jadeite inside.

As the red fog was rubbed away, the bright red gradually emerged.

“It’s really red jadeite, what a beautiful color!”

“And it’s of the glutinous variety, what a great gain…”

As Zhuo Qin produced a great gain with the red jadeite, many people looked at the handsome young man on the other side of the room.

He hadn’t even unraveled a jadeite yet.

Was Gu Yun, who had never lost a bet, about to lose

Judging from the opening of the No.

8 rough stone which had revealed red jadeite, it showed that it was a great color and of great quality, one that would be hard to beat!

Many of the guests who had placed their bets had ugly expressions.

Because of Gu Yun’s previous winning streak, they were used to betting on Gu Yun’s rough stones and while they didn’t win every time, they did win once in five or six times, which was a much better chance than before.

Sigh, afraid their starcoins would be going down the drain this time…

After the rough stone he had been working on was solved, Bai Jing moved to the rough stone he had chosen, rough stone number 2.

It was a dark ebony skin rough stone, black as lacquer, covered with an oily black wax crust which one could tell at a glance had come from an old pit from Planet Pulte’s No.1 field opening.

The entire rough stone was only fifteen centimeters in diameter and was as round as a toy ball that little children often held.

The surface was covered with dark green, densely dotted pine flowers which look inconspicuous but had a certain, albeit modest, chance of producing a high quality jadeite.

Bai Jing had solved dark ebony skin rough stones several times before and nothing was ever found in it, but this one was different.

Taking the abrasive wheel, he rubbed it directly along the pine flowers on the crust, but even though he was very fast, he was still a little behind Zhuo Qin because of the crust’s thickness.

After about five or six minutes, as the rubble fell one after another into powder, an opening about two fingers wide was finally revealed above the rough stone.

When water was sprinkled on the surface, one could see the extremely transparent and clear texture, without a trace of impurities inside, clean as a mirror.

The green color that emerged from it was so bright and well-distributed, so full of color, so clear and translucent and fully green that it was unspeakably beautiful.

“My goodness, it’s, it’s glass!”

“This green, it’s imperial green, the purest of all imperial greens!”

“Imperial green glass, the finest glass…”

On the magnified screen, one could clearly see the pure and flawless texture, the vivid, unadulterated full green.

It was like sunlight shining onto a green leaf.

From the inside to the outside, the green was bright but not dense.

It truly had everything in the four criteria- ‘positivity, density, sunniness and uniformity’!

A good jadeite color was based on the four criteria: ‘positivity, sunniness, density and uniformity’.

Positivity: It referred to the range of shades.

Depending on the ratio of primary to secondary colors, the color should be absolutely pure and not mixed with other colors.

Density: It referred to the shade of color.

In the case of jadeite color, a concentration of between 70% and 80% was desirable, whereas 90% was too strong.

Sunniness: It referred to the brightness of the jadeite color.

The brightness of jadeite was mainly determined by the ratio of green to black or grey in the jadeite.

If it contained more green, the color would be brighter and if it contained more black or grey, the color would be greyer.

Uniformity: This referred to the uniformity of the color distribution in the jadeite.

The color of jadeite was generally unevenly distributed; it wasn’t easy to obtain a jadeite with a uniform color distribution.


The crowd was overwhelmed with excitement at the sight of this imperial green glass jadeite of excellent quality and color.

This was the finest texture of jadeite, the most beautiful of the greens.

It was seriously so exciting to see it in person as it was liberated from the raw rough stone!

Imperial green, the finest of greens, whether it be yellow sunny green, onion green, parrot green, apple green, sunny green, emerald green, or even full green, there was no comparison.

It was the most noble color, hence the name ‘Imperial’.

And glass imperial green was a notch above ordinary glass, the finest of the finest!

With the exception of a few guests who grumbled that they had missed placing their bets on it, everyone held their breath as they watched the birth of this glass jadeite.

The heads of the families were also staring at the large screen, their minds racing with thoughts.

If previously they had been trying hard to make friends with ‘Gu Yun’ in order to bring him into the family if there was ever a chance—

Now that they were seeing this fine glass imperial green jadeite, they immediately decided to raise the stakes.

No matter what the price was, they definitely had to pull Gu Yun to join them!

This was the rarest top jadeite.

It didn’t matter if he had used luck or his own strength, they definitely couldn’t afford to miss out on this youth called Gu Yun, otherwise it would be a great loss!

And this jadeite most definitely also had to be purchased!

Under the burning eyes of the crowd, the expression on Bai Jing’s face didn’t change at all, his mind focused on the rough stone, the angle of the grinding wheel in his hand remaining steady.

The dark ebony skin rough stone wasn’t large, hence after a while the jadeite inside was rubbed out to reveal a fist-sized opening.

With a strong light shone onto it, one could see that the green color had penetrated deeply into the rough stone and that it had filled it completely!

But at this exciting moment, instead of continuing with the rubbing of the rough stone, Bai Jing switched to the laser knife.

The cold blue light shone like a blade and his white fingers gripping the handle, he made a crisp cut along the bottom third, cutting the rough stone into two to the shock of the crowd!

‘D*mn, that’s too cruel, cutting a glass rough stone just like that!’

‘As expected of Gu Yun, his state of mind is too good!’

This was the common thought that ran through the minds of the people in the crowd.

They were really sweating for Gu Yun and if it wasn’t because they were afraid that it would affect his movements, they would have screamed.

However the crowd on Starnet couldn’t be bothered to hold in their emotions as it wouldn’t affect the happenings on the scene.

[Ah ah ah ah ah—]

[Dmn, dmn, it’s imperial green glass jadeite and he just cut it like that]

[This is so exciting, I’m, I’m, I’m shaking all over!]

[My breath stopped when the laser blade fell!!]

[Little brother Gu Yun, you scared me–]

[F*ck, Gu Yun is so fierce, such an alpha, I love it!]

Everyone was frightened by his move, but beyond that was the excitement, the unparalleled excitement that sent their adrenaline soaring and they couldn’t wait to look at the big screen.

Had the cut produced a great gain or not

Half of the rough stone that had been cut in half was flocculent white cotton and the other side was normal green.

Although many people thought it was a pity that the other half wasn’t jadeite, the cut had uncovered the outline of the glass jadeite, so there was no doubt that it was a great gain!

At this point, someone glanced at the screen on Zhuo Qin’s side.

“Look, it’s green, number 10 is also green!”

“Heavens, this is Zhuo Qin’s second one–”

This was another rough stone from Zhuo Qin.

In addition to the glutinous red jadeite she had, this one had also produced jadeite.

Superficially, the rough stone was a greyish-white stone with weathering marks and a few fine cracks which were very shallow and that didn’t appear to have penetrated deeply into the interior.

By all accounts, this was an ordinary stone with a very ordinary appearance.

However on the large screen, the Stone Solver operated the cutter and made several cuts along the crust, which revealed a distinct green color with a greasy tinge to the cut surface.


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