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With his S-grade genes, Ning Yuchen was confident that he would be able to progress to officer status within a year.

The most important thing now was to buy more energy boxes to meet the needs of mech training in the coming year.

His mech was an advanced mech, and so he needed at least a grade 5 box to meet his needs.

Taking a hover car, Ning Yuchen went to the most frequented auction house– Lanka Auction House.

Director Liu invited him into the VIP room, but when he explained his intentions, Director Liu stiffened and said with embarrassment,

“Young Master Ning, I’m sorry, but your father has already informed us in advance to cancel your permission to purchase medium and high energy boxes.”

Ning Yuchen glanced at him coldly, then his silver hover car disappeared like a stream of light.

Director Liu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

There was nothing he could do.

The Ning family was still headed by Ning Qiuchen, and he couldn’t afford to offend him.

Ning Yuchen went to several auction houses in a row, but they all stated the same thing.

He understood his father’s intention to use this tactic to make him compromise, but there was no way he was going to give in!

Using his light brain, he searched for online auction houses.

The first few energy fluids were mostly grade 4, but all below 45% purity, much to the displeasure of Young Master Ning.

It wasn’t until he went to the fourth auction house that he came across the 48.75% purity box that he stopped in his tracks.

Would such an energy fluid of high purity be found in a fourth-ranked online auction house

But on second thought, one could touch the real thing in person on the virtual network.

What’s more there was no need for this shop to fake it, because it could be detected with a single test.

Stopping in front of the silver metal box, Ning Yuchen took a closer look at the liquid inside from above.

The color of the liquid was bright green and crystal clear, like the water of a shimmering lake.

It was so clear that there was hardly any impurity to be seen, and it was so clean that it was a delight.

Ning Yuchen practiced a lot with his mech, and was exposed to numerous types of energy fluids which were crucial to the stability and longevity of his mech, so he couldn’t afford to take it lightly.

According to his judgement of purity, this energy fluid was of the highest quality in class of grade 4 energy fluids, not even weaker than a grade 5 energy fluid and was just at the grade he needed.

Unfortunately, the energy box only contained about a third of the fluid, which could only last for two months for an advanced mecha.

Ning Yuchen thought about it.

Two months would be enough to sustain his training for the time being.

After that, it wouldn’t be too late to go to another planet to buy it.

So, Young Master Ning, who wasn’t short of money, offered 100,000 starcoins to make up the whole amount, got the energy fluid and left.

When Bai Jing received the transfer of 95,000 starcoins from Star Ocean Auction House, his beautiful eyes widened slightly, his expression a little incredulous.

That piece of thin layer of green skin jadeite had been unearthed from Mr.

Yu’s half-bet rough stone, which wasn’t even asked for at the time and was worth two to three thousand starcoins at most, but the extracted energy fluid was sold for 100,000 starcoins.

Hmm Over thirty times the profit

That was a huge profit!

What he didn’t realize was that while energy fluids didn’t give bad profits, it wasn’t so exaggerated as to be tens of times more profitable.

At most, it was just three or four times more profitable.

And this was only the case for Senior Energy Masters.

For Junior Energy Masters, there was little profit to be made.

As was known to all, energy fluid was graded according to its purity, which corresponded to the grade of the jadeite.

The grade of jadeite was made up of seed water color.

For example:

From an average jadeite with poor seed water and very average color, such as dry green, floribunda and white underglaze, only grade 1 energy fluids could be extracted from it, sold for 2000 starcoins each, had very low margins and were mostly sold in bulk.

For a second grade jadeite of coarse pea grade but of average color, or a dry green jadeite of very good color but poor seed water, a grade 2 energy fluid could be extracted it and sold individually for 10,000 starcoins.

The overall profit wasn’t more than 50%, and after costs such as handling fees, the profit was only about 20% at most.

So, a low-level Energy Master could only work hard to gain experience, exercise his/her mental power and work his/her way up the ladder, otherwise there was no way out.

For Mid-level and Senior level Energy Masters who wanted to extract energy fluids of higher purity level, in addition to having stronger mental power, they also needed a higher level of jadeite.

For example, grade 5 energy fluids could only be extracted from jadeite of icy or glutinous varieties with a uniform and bright color, and although it could be sold for a million starcoins individually, the price of the corresponding jadeite was equally high.

A kilogram of ice jadeite normally sold for 1-1.5 million starcoins, and apart from losses, approximately 3-4 standard energy fluids of 555cm could be extracted, with a total selling price of around 3-4 million starcoins, making a profit of up to 2-3 times.

But Bai Jing was a different story.

He was able to remove impurities from the energy fluid and increase the purity by almost a grade, something that even a Senior Energy Master couldn’t do!

Since the birth of mental power, no one had ever been able to increase the purity of an energy fluid.

This was a feat impossible to achieve in the entire empire…

Even if it were possible to increase the purity, only a Senior level Energy Master would be able to maintain it.

This was a miracle among Energy Masters!

The seed water of that thin layer of green skin jadeite was only at the glutinous level, and if the energy fluid had been extracted from it by other Energy Masters, even if they were Senior Energy Masters, they would have only been able to extract a small amount of medium grade 4 energy fluid at most; if it had been a Mid-level Energy Master, afraid they would have only been able to extract a small amount of grade 3 energy fluid!

Most importantly, no one would waste mental power extracting such a small amount from a ‘thin layer of green skin waste’ that no one wanted.

Every Energy Master had a limited amount of mental power and a Senior Energy Master could only extract 3-4 grade 5 energy fluids per month, so no one would waste mental power on this little bit of jadeite.

So this time, it was because Bai Jing had exploited a loophole, what’s more if this ‘thin layer of green skin’ hadn’t been so small, the cost would have never been so cheap.

However for Bai Jing, being an Energy Master was indeed a profitable business.

Looking at the starcoins he had received in his account, his pretty teal eyes flashed.

He seemed to have discovered a way to make money other than gambling on rough stones.

As he was thinking, a message popped up again on Starnet.

[Appraiser Lu Meng: Master, have you received the starcoins Your energy fluid made 100,000 starcoins!!!]

Looking at the large exclamation marks, Bai Jing laughed out loud.

Even through the light screen, he could feel the excitement of the other party.

[Bai: Thank you, I have received it.]

Lu Meng’s eyes widened abruptly.

The Master had replied to him!

After a whole day of waiting anxiously, he was flattered.

[Head of Star Ocean: Master Bai, I wonder if Star Ocean Auction House would have the pleasure of working with you

In addition to the minimum 5% commission, we can also give you a 10% discount on all items, including all kinds of low to medium grade jadeite, mech parts ……]

When Bai Jing saw the ‘low and medium grade jadeite’, his mind moved.

Now he had to keep his rate of betting increase up to a level where he wasn’t too obvious, and the jadeite he bet down could only be a maximum of one piece at a time and all of them had to be of low grade.

With so many inclusions, he also struggled to extract energy fluid.

Now, with this online auction house, he could buy some medium grade jadeites to extract energy fluid!

[Bai: I agree to a cooperation, but only if my identity is kept an absolute secret].

Bai Jing didn’t know how other Energy Masters used mental power, but he knew that he had used not only mental power, but also sense perception ability, a combination of both when he had extracted the energy fluid.

And his sense perception ability was a power brought from the end times that had to be kept hidden.

Huang Jiu and Lu Meng looked at each other, something becoming clear to them: they had guessed correctly.

This had to be one of those masters who didn’t want to reveal their identity in order to experience life!

Perhaps he had run into trouble in Proxima Star That was why he was forced into anonymity

Lu Meng had already made up a scene in his mind of the master in trouble, who helpless, had no other choice but to make money online.

[Head of Star Ocean: Of course.

I can assure you on the reputation of Star Ocean Auction House that we won’t reveal a single word about you.]

[Bai: Deal.]


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